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Shyamoli Varma for Vogue India 2003

Shyamoli Varma is a famed Indian supermodel and actress. Shyamoli is also remembered as the first Lakmé girl since she was the first face of the brand in India, she started her career in 1979 and has worked for many Indian and International fashion brands till date. Even though she was just 24 when she started she left a mark on everyone and that’s why a brand offered her a job is Paris. She worked with brands and designers like Vogue, Maxim, Pierre Cardin etc. She has also worked in movies like Kamasutra: A Tale Of Love (1996), Everybody says I’m fine (2001) and Rog (2005)


Shyamoli was born on 11 December, 1957 (Age: 64, as of March 2022) in Pune. She is of Bengali, Punjabi and English descendant.

She studied Educational psychology at Sophia College for Women. The model after passing out of college took a job as a telephone operator in Pune and later took a job in Taj Hotel as a receptionist. After that she worked in a jeans retail shop in Mumbai where she was spotted by Jeannie Naoroji.

Physical Appearance

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown


Varma belongs to a Bengali-Punjabi household.

Parents & Siblings

Her Father was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Indian Army, her mother on the other hand was a homemaker while her brother worked as a financial advisor in Melbourne. Later, her father moved to Australia and her mother, owner of the biggest bauxite mine in Niwan, Madhya Pradesh was now in major debt.

Husband & Children

Shyamoli got married in 1981 to  Jeannie Naoroji’s son but it did’t work out due to the long distance between Paris and Mumbai. After a few years she met Abhijeet Chatterjee and fell in love again, they got married and had a daughter together and they named her Akiksha but as in every happy love story, there was trouble in paradise and the two got divorced. Shyamoli became a single mother after that and bought a new house in Pune.


Varma belongs to the Kshatriya group of castes.


Undri, Pune



While Shyamoli she was working as a salesgirl in a jeans shop in Mumbai, she was spotted by Jeannie Naoroji, a famous fashion choreographer. Later, she signed a contract for 3 years with Lakmé as the face the brand. Lakmé needed a beautiful face to make a name in the Indian market of cosmetics and fight the taboo that it consisted of. A year later she started in advertisements for NESCAFÉ and Doordarshan. 

She was offered a job in Paris by Pierre Cardin in 1980. After getting rejected by many agencies, Clit chose her, this was a agency that took in girls from all over the world. She worked with major brand and designers like YSL, Chanel, Vogue, Maxim, Karl Lagerfield,  Max Mara, Comme des Garçons etc. Shaymoli made friends with fellow Indian model, Anjali Mendes, photographer Rohit Khosla and Azzedine Alai who was from Tunisia.

She came back to Pune in 1989 and started her career as a fashion choreographer, she traveled all over India, France and Germany over the next 5 years for her job until her daughter was born.


The beautiful model starred in 3 movies, one of them was  ‘Rog’ which was released in 2005, In this movie Shyamoli’s character was called Shyamoli and she starred beside Ilene Hamann and Irrfan Khan, it was directed by Himanshu Bhrambhatt.  The two other movies were Kamasutra: A Tale Of Love that was released in 1996 and she played the character of Rasa Devi’s Courtesan and Everybody says I’m fine which was released in 2001 and she played the character of Mrs. Mittal.


  • Shyamoli is the first supermodel of India
  • Shyamoli is called the Lakmé girl because she bagged the role of the first face of Lakmé in India


  • Designer: Martine Sitbon
  • Place to live: Pune


  • Shyamoli is fondly called Shy by her fans
  • Despite her glamorous life she checked herself into a nursing home when she was 49 because she was feeling very depressed

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