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Narendra Bedi

Narendra Bedi is an Indian filmmaker who predominantly worked in the Hindi film industry. Some of his popular films are Jawani Diwani (1972), Maha Chor (1976), and Adalat (1976).


Narendra Bedi was born in 1937 (age 45 years; at the time of death) in Bombay (now Mumbai), Maharashtra, British India. He completed a degree in Arts from the University of Mumbai, Maharashtra. Thereafter, he joined the film production team of G.P. Sippy who was a film director and producer in the Hindi film industry.


Narendra Bedi belongs to a Punjabi family.

Parents & Siblings

Narendra Bedi’s father’s name is Rajinder Singh Bedi. He was an Indian writer and filmmaker. Narendra Bedi’s brother’s name is Rajkumar Bedi. He was a filmmaker in the Hindi film industry.

Rajinder Singh Bedi

Narendra Bedi’s father Rajinder Singh Bedi

Wife & Children

Narendra Bedi married Veena Devi. She was a costume designer and story writer by profession.

Narendra Bedi with Veena Devi

Narendra Bedi with Veena Devi

They have a daughter named Ila Bedi Dutta (eldest) and two sons Manek Bedi (elder) and Rajat Bedi (younger). Rajat Bedi and Manek Bedi are Indian actors and film producers in the Indian entertainment industry. Ila Bedi Dutta is a writer and film producer in the Hindi entertainment industry.

Rajat Bedi

Rajat Bedi

Manek Bedi

Manek Bedi

Ila Bedi Dutta

Ila Bedi Dutta



Narendra Bedi’s first film as a film director was the film Bandhan (1969). The film was produced by G.P. Sippy.

Some of his other films were Jawani Diwani (1972), Khotey Sikkay (1974), Rafoo Chakkar -The Runaways (1975), Maha Chor (1976), and Aakhri Sanghursh (1997).


Narendra Bedi died on 21 October 1982.

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