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Sandeep Singh Kekda

Sandeep Singh, alias Kekda, is an Indian criminal. In 2022, he was accused in the Sidhu Moosewala murder case. On 1 June 2022, Kekda was arrested and produced in the district court of Mansa from where Sandeep was sent into police remand till 11 June 2022.

Wiki/Biography & Career

Sandeep Singh hails from Kalanwali village in the Sirsa district of Haryana. His father had shifted to the village a few years before his birth. According to his neighbours, Sandeep’s family did not interact with the villagers much. As a teenager, Sandeep was very active in sports and used to play Kabbadi. He had won several medals and trophies in the game. Initially, he used to work as a labourer along with his father.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 8″

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black


Sandeep Singh belongs to a financially weak family. [1]Dainik Bhaskar

Parents & Siblings

Sandeep’s father, Baldev Singh, is a daily wager. His mother has passed away. He has a younger brother and two sisters. One of his sisters is married, and she lives in Ram Dittawala village in the Mansa district of Punjab. Reportedly, his brother is also facing a criminal case. [2]The Tribune

Sandeep Singh Kekda's father

Sandeep Singh Kekda’s father

Sandeep Singh Kekda's father and brother

Sandeep Singh Kekda’s father and brother


Sandeep is unmarried.

Drug Addiction

Sandeep Singh is a drug addict and has been involved in drug peddling for a few years (according to his family members and villagers). During a media conversation, Sandeep’s father, Baldev, shared that after consuming drugs Sandeep often used to beat his father up. He further shared that once he had even evicted his father from his house. His father said that he persuaded him to leave the addiction of drugs. However, Sandeep didn’t bother and continued to carry on his activities. His neighbour, Gurpreet Singh, revealed in a media conversation that Sandeep used to consume ‘Chitta’ (a drug like Heroin and Cocaine).

Involvement in Moosewala Murder Case

The Punjabi singer and Congress leader Sidhu Moosewala was shot dead in the Mansa district of Punjab on 29 May 2022 by some unknown assailants. Following his murder, a few Indian gangsters like Goldy Brar, Sachin Bishnoi, and Lawrence Bishnoi took the responsibility for his murder by announcing it through their respective Facebook accounts.

A snip of Goldy Brar's Facebook Post

A snip of Goldy Brar’s Facebook Post

Later, during the investigation, the Mansa police came across a CCTV footage in which Sidhu Moosewala was seen taking selfies with a group of people, a few minutes before his murder. After further investigation, the police learned that it was Kekda, who disguised as a fan, clicked a few selfies with Moosewala, and then passed on the information about Sidhu’s whereabouts to the shooters.

Police nabbed Kekda from Sirsa in June 2022 and presented him in the Mansa district court. Reportedly, the court sent him into police remand for 11 days. During the interrogation, Sandeep revealed that he, along with his friend Nikku of adjoining Takhatmal village in Sirsa, had gone to Moosewala’s home, where they took a selfie with him. They stayed there for around 40 minutes. Thereafter, they rode the motorcycle and went ahead, and after covering a small distance, his friend got into a car, whereas Kekda left on the motorcycle. Soon, he passed on the information to the shooters. He informed them about Sidhu’s movements and the absence of his security guards. He further told the police that he had been doing Moosewala’s recce for a long time on the orders of the shooters.

Sandeep Singh Kekda in police custody

Sandeep Singh Kekda in police custody

After the interrogation, a police official, while talking to a media person said,

Kekra took some friends along with him to Moosewala’s house on May 29 evening. He waited outside his home for almost an hour, and when Moosewala came out of his house, he clicked selfies with him. He was also seen moving around the Thar (Moosewala’s vehicle) possibly to see who was accompanying the singer. And when Moosewala left, Kekda is said to have informed the shooters that he is driving the car, and has no security guards with him, minutes before his murder.”

Later, during a media conversation, Sandeep’s father revealed that Sandeep’s maternal aunt resides in the Musa village of Mansa, and Kekda used to visit her home very often. Baldev further said that Sandeep used to stay away from his home most of the time and had last left the house around two weeks ago.

Sandeep Singh Kekda's house in Kalanwali village of Sirsa

Sandeep Singh Kekda’s house in Kalanwali village of Sirsa

According to the police, the gangsters had consciously picked up Kekda for the job as he was very familiar with the surroundings and also had a safe place to stay nearby. In a media conversation, ADGP Pramod Ban who heads the anti-gangster task force in Punjab, said,

Kekda, on the directions of Goldy Brar and Sachin Thapan had kept tabs on the singer’s movements by impersonating himself as his fan. Kekda also clicked selfies with the singer when the latter was leaving his home minutes before his murder.”

He added,

Kekda has shared all inputs like the singer was not accompanied by his security personnel, number of occupants, vehicle details and he is travelling in non-bullet-proof vehicle, with the shooters and handlers operating from abroad.”



  • After the arrest of Sandeep Singh, alias Kekda, his father, in an interview, expressed his worry about the marriage of his younger daughter after receiving so much notoriety for Kekda’s deeds.
  • Reportedly, he had no criminal record previously. However, due to his addiction to drugs, he was associated with the youth who were involved in the world of crime for a long time. [3]Dainik Bhaskar


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