Ivor McCray (Alanna Panday’s Husband) Wiki, Age, Biography & More

Ivor McCray

Ivor McCray is an American film director and photographer who got into the news for being the husband of Alanna Panday.


Ivor McCray, whose full name is Edward Ivor McCray V [1]Ivor McCray – LinkedIn, was born on Tuesday, November 26, 1991 (age 32 years; as of 2023) in Mount Vernon in the United States. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius. He is an Aeronautical Management Technology graduate from Arizona State University. [2]Ivor McCray – LinkedIn

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 10″

Weight (approx.): 75 kg

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Ivor McCray


Parents & Siblings

The name of Ivor’s father and mother is not known. Ivor has three brothers (all younger) and a sister named Brie.

A picture of Ivor's brothers

A picture of Ivor’s brothers

Ivor showing the face of her sister

Ivor showing the face of her sister

Wife & Children

Ivor and Alanna got engaged on November 3rd, 2021 when she posted a picture of them kissing on a white sand beach.

Ivor proposing his girlfriend Alanna in Maldives

Ivor proposing to his girlfriend Alanna in the Maldives

Ivor married the social media influencer and model Alanna Panday on March 16 2023 over a two-day elaborate ceremony.

Ivor and Alanna during their wedding ceremony

Ivor and Alanna during their wedding ceremony


Ivor has been dating Alanna Panday since 2019 when he first met Alanna Panday at a Halloween party. The couple moved in together three months after they got to know each other.

Religion/Religious Views

Ivor is a Christian and believes in God, however, he does not believe that religion should control people. [3]Alanna & Ivor – YouTube


Ivor McCray started off as an assistant tour manager at The Revels Group and then worked as a Communication intern at Arizona State University. He also worked as merchandising manager and tour assistant at Party Next Door before he charted out a career in photography and videography. Currently, he is the CEO of his production company Kill Shot Motion Pictures.


Ivor and his wife also started a YouTube channel in May 2020 named Alanna & Ivor, which has more than 162K subscribers. They post about their day-to-day life as mini-vlogs on their YouTube channel.

Alanna and Ivor's YouTube Channel

Alanna and Ivor’s YouTube Channel


A tussle between Ananya Panday and the couple

There was a controversy around why the Bollywood actress and Alanna’s cousin, Ananya Panday, was not in the engagement ceremony and the internet made several predictions. However, the couple cleared it later in a Vlog that Ananya was shooting for a movie at that time and couldn’t find a feasible plan. [4]Alanna & Ivor – YouTube


Ivor and Alanna have an apartment in Reedley, California. [5]Alanna & Ivor – YouTube


Actress: Ananya Panday

Actor: Salman Khan

Indian Dish: Chole Bhature, Goan Prawn Curry

Travel Destination: Hawaii and Mexico

Beverage: Black Coffee

Movie: Step Brothers (2008)


  • Ivor loves to cook food and can make Indian food. Alanna revealed that he made Indian food for her whenever she felt homesick.
  • Ivor once revealed that he does not have a sweet tooth.
  • Ivor and Alanna watched the Korean movie Parasite on the night when they first met. Ivor was dressed as a rockstar for the Halloween party. [6]Alanna & Ivor – YouTube
  • In a video, Ivor revealed that he is very enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies and frequently invests in them.
  • When he gets nervous, he sweats excessively.
  • Ivor has previously done visuals for many concerts; his most prominent one being Coachella.
  • The couple’s first official date was at The Pumpkin Patch.

    A picture of Alanna and Ivor on their first official date

    A picture of Alanna and Ivor on their first official date

  • Ivor and Alanna matched their outfits for their wedding; Alanna wore an ivory lehenga while Ivor wore an ivory sherwani designed by the famous Indian Designer Manish Malhotra.

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