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Yasra Rizvi

Yasra Rizvi is a Pakistani actress and scriptwriter who predominantly works in the Urdu television industry. She is best known for performing very challenging and extraordinary roles. Some of her best performances include ‘Mann Ke Moti,’ ‘Woh Dobara,’ ‘Churails,’ and ‘Manto.’


Yasra Rizvi was born on Monday, 15 November 1982 (age 39 years; as of 2021) in Islamabad, Pakistan. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio. She did her schooling at a local school in Islamabad. After completing her primary and secondary education, Yasra got herself enrolled at the Western Michigan University, London and moved there to pursue a bachelors degree in business administration (Human Resource Management). After completing her formal education in London, Yasra moved back to her country Pakistan.

Yasra Rizvi's childhood picture with her aunt

Yasra Rizvi’s childhood picture with her aunt

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 4″

Weight (approx.): 60 Kg

Figure Measurements (approx.): 36-30-37

Eye Colour: Black

Hair Colour: Black

Yasra Rizvi


Yasra Rizvi belongs to a Muslim family in Islamabad, Pakistan. [1]YouTube-Something Haute

Husband & Children

Yasra Rizvi got married to Abdul Hadi, a businessman and drama producer by profession, in 2016. Abdul Hadi is the younger brother of one of the most popular actresses and best friend of Yasra Rizvi, Jinaan Hussain.

Yasra Rizvi with her husband

Yasra Rizvi with her husband

Yasra Rizvi and Abdul Hadi’s marriage grabbed huge controversies because of the fact that Yasra is more than 10 years elder than her husband. The couple received huge criticism and was badly trolled all over social media. Yasra responded to haters by posting a short video clip, in which she said,

I believe it is imperative to post this video since my marriage has sparked a debate. This, I highly appreciate. There were people who appreciated the age gap between my husband and I, others were not so supportive. I have plenty of fame. My five-year television career is free of blemish. Also, my husband is finishing his MBA and does not work so he can’t afford to pay me a dime as mehr.”

She added,

If I decided to set a precedent by having a simple wedding, asking my husband to regularly offer Fajr prayers as mehr, how does it affect anyone else? Criticism on this account has left me dumbfounded.”

On 22 May 2021, Yasra Rizvi and Abdul Hadi were blessed with a baby boy. Yasra shared the good news by posting a picture of herself with her son on Instagram with the caption,

Ibn e Adam 🖤 you my love are the son of Adam .. being human is your only introduction and serving fellow beings is your only purpose .. rest is just detail .. have a great life!”

Yasra Rizvi's Instagram post sharing the good news with her fans

Yasra Rizvi’s Instagram post sharing the good news with her fans




Yasra Rizvi made her acting debut with the television serial ‘Daagh’ opposite Fahad Mustafa and Mehar Bano. She played the character Rehana, a 45-year lady and a mother, in Sarmad Khoosat drama serial aired in 2012 on ARY Television Network. In 2013, Yasra appeared on screens in a supporting role in ARY Digital’s television series ‘Kaash Aisa Ho.’ In the same year, Yasra got the opportunity to play a lead role in the Pakistani family drama ‘Mann Ke Moti,’ in which she played the character of Fariha opposite Faysal Qureshi, Asma Abbas, Waseem Abbas, and Arjumand Rahim. Her performance in the show was highly appreciated by the audience and received huge critical acclaim.

Next, Yasra Rizvi came into the limelight after appearing on screen in the character of Khatija, opposite Maria Wasti, Anoushay Abbasi, Sohail Asghar, and Shahzad Raza, for Nadia Akhtar’s drama serial ‘Malika-e-Aliya’ aired on Geo TV in 2014. Yasra became a household name after playing the iconic character of Khatija and thereafter worked in several popular drama serials including ‘Woh Dobara,’ ‘Choti,’ ‘Bhabhi Sambhal Chabi,’ ‘Sawaab,’ and ‘Baji Irshad.’

Yasra Rizvi's still from the television serial 'Malika-e-Aliya'

Yasra Rizvi’s still from the television serial ‘Malika-e-Aliya’

The year 2016 proved to be a commercially successful year for Yasra Rizvi. She appeared in more than 6 television serials in the year which includes ‘Main Kamli,’ ‘Iss Khamoshi Ka Matlab,’ ‘Thoda Sa Aasman,’ ‘Iftar Mulaqaat,’ Kitni Girhain Baaki Hain 2,’ ‘Faltu Larki, ‘and ‘Manchahi.’

In 2020, Yasra Rizvi made her on-screen appearance in ARY Digital’s drama serial ‘Dunk,’ opposite Bilal Abbas Khan, Sana Javed, Azekah Daniel, and Noman Ijaz. The Badar Mehmood directed show features Yasra in the character of Saira who is the troubled wife of an alleged harasser and mother to a disturbed kid. The show attracted huge controversies soon after it went on air. Many of the cast members including Yasra received condemnation from the public, to which Yasra replied,

I am feminist AF. I have been a feminist since I was six, seven years old, even before I knew what the word meant. I was a feminist even before Churails; you can see it in the work I’ve done, or in my decision to marry a man ten years younger than me. Do you think I need a license? I believe men and women should have equality. Nobody’s civil rights should be violated. Old, young, trans – everyone has the right to live. So I am a feminist and I’m also a woman and a Muslim and a Pakistani.”


In 2015, Yasra Rizvi made her acting debut in a film with Pakistani adventure comedy film ‘Jawani Phir Nahi Ani,’ directed by Nadeem Baig and starring Humayun Saeed, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Ahmad Ali Butt, Vasay Chaudhry, Mehwish Hayat, and Sohai Ali Abro. Yasra portrayed the character of a mother in the superhit film released on 25 September 2015. In the same year, Yasra Rizvi was featured as Balwant Kaur in Sarmad Khoosat directed biographical drama film ‘Manto,’ opposite Sarmad Khoosat, Sania Saeed, Saba Qamar, Danyal Adam Khan, and many more.

Yasra Rizvi's still from film 'Manto'

Yasra Rizvi’s still from film ‘Manto’

Web Series

Yasra Rizvi made her acting debut in a web series in 2020 with Asim Abbasi written and directed drama series ‘Churails.’ Yasra played the character of a wedding planner with an alcohol addiction problem with Sarwat Gilani, Mehar Bano, and Nimra Bucha in the lead roles also playing some strong empowered women. All the four leading ladies started facing huge criticism soon after Churails’ teaser was released. Later, The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority also banned streaming of the web series in Pakistan after which Shailja Kejriwal and Asim Abbasi, producers of the web series, decided to partner with ZEE5, an Indian streaming platform, and the series was released wold wide on 11th August 2020. ‘Churails’ received huge appreciation from the audience around the world but some sections of the society criticised the cast of the web series for presenting women in a way that seems inappropriate to them. Talking about the criticism faced after the release of ‘Churails,’ Yasra said,

Something or the other will always be controversial or scandalous for someone or the other. I see why the television has limitations due to its placement in the households and its communal viewing pattern.”

Writer & Director

Yasra Rizvi made her debut as a television drama director with Express Media Group’s drama series ‘Baji Irshad,’ which featured Firdous Jamal, Shehnaz Pervaiz, and Yasra Rizvi in lead roles.

Yasra Rizvi was all set to make her debut as a film writer and director with the comedy film ‘Senti Aur Mental’ featuring Zain Afzal, Yasra Rizvi, Faryal Mehmood, Irfan Khoosat, Jinaan Hussain, Nimra Bucha, and Saifee Hassan in the lead cast. The film was announced on a YouTube channel named ‘Lollywood Films Official’ on 5 December 2018, but it went unreleased amid the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Yasra Rizvi, she faced financial crises after the movie was shelved. She said,

I’m the writer, director and actor in a film I call Senti and Mental. We completed some of the shoots in 2018 and then the economy dived and corona hit. People really appreciated the first look. Senti and Mental is an ensemble cast, with 18 people. Ab how do I shoot a mehndi function in corona times? I now have debts to pay off. I put some of my own money and then some deferred payments. I’m actually also doing drama serials like Dunk and becoming a sell-out to pay off my debts (jokes). I need to change my tariff.”


  • Food: Burger, Parantha


  • Yasra Rizvi before making her onscreen acting debut worked as a stage performer. She participated in several stage shows and theatre plays.
  • Yasra enjoys a fan following of more than 250k followers on her Instagram account.
  • Yasra Rizvi hobbies include signing and writing poetry. She often shares her piece of writing with her fans on her social media accounts.

    Yasra Rizvi's sharing her poetry with her fans on her Instagram post

    Yasra Rizvi’s sharing her poetry with her fans on her Instagram post

  • In 2019, Yasra Rizvi attended Mushaira & Kavi Sammelan held in Dubai and delivered some of her poetry(Shayari) at the event. She was presented with a memento for her participation at the Mushaira & Kavi Sammelan.

    Yasra Rizvi honoured with a participation certificate from Mushaira & Kavi Sammelan

    Yasra Rizvi honoured with a participation certificate from Mushaira & Kavi Sammelan

  • Yasra during an interview with a media house revealed that she has faced molestation, harassment, and was attempted to be raped while living in Pakistan. She said,

    I’m a woman of this age, living in Pakistan. Molestation, harassment, attempted rape – I’ve gone through all of these things. It’s not that I’m such a privileged ignorant woman that I don’t know what I’m doing. A huge part of my work isn’t to give answers but to also raise questions, and that’s how I prefer to work. Tomorrow if I do another show in which I’m Phoolan Devi, will I become a ‘feminist’ again? I don’t need to prove my feminism to anyone.”

  • Yasra Rizvi is often criticised for her choices of role like the character of a woman who kills her husband in cold blood, with his own weapon, in the film ‘Manto,’ an alcohol addict in ‘Churails,’ and a sexually harassed woman in ‘Dunk.’ When asked about dealing with the bullies, she said,

    No one really knows who I am and what I do every day, how I work, what I truly believe in. Many haven’t watched Churails or will not watch all the 20 something episodes of Dunk, many don’t know anything about my body of work and its detail to really understand what is it that I even stand for.”She added, Many saw Jugnu as a drunkard druggie who was selling behayai in the name of women empowerment and many think Saira [from Dunk] will cause serious negative repercussions for harassment victims because she is a character in a story about false allegations. But everyone gets to talk because I am out there doing my thing, so talk away! Cheers to that!”

  • Yasra Rizvi runs a YouTube channel named Yasra Rizvi with more than 76k followers. She shares her Urdu poetry on her channel.

  • Yasra Rizvi, in one of her interviews, revealed that she enjoys watching Bollywood movies and since childhood wished to have a boyfriend like Shah Rukh Khan. She said,

    Growing up, we were greatly influenced by Bollywood. There were very limited Pakistani films, so Bollywood had a huge role to play, especially in the way we perceive romance. Even the way we perform our wedding shenanigans or the music we dance to. I am a 1990s kid. I am so fond of Shah Rukh Khan, always longed for a boyfriend like him.”


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