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Shunji Sugaya is a 43-year-old Japanese, who is the CEO & Founder of the software company, Optim. Speculations are rife that he is going to become a billionaire.


He was born in Hyogo prefecture in 1977. Sugaya got fascinated with computers and programming at an early age. During his school days, he would build gaming programs and sell them to his peers. To give wings to his dreams, he graduated from the Saga University of Japan in 2000, where he learnt more about computer programming.

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At the age of 23, he got an offer to sell his business idea to SoftBank for $2.8 million, which he turned down. Instead, he focused on his idea and started a software company, Optim, in 2000. At 43, his resolution bore fruits. Surprisingly, Optim’s shares gained 79 percent in 2020 after rising by 7.9 percent on 10 June 2020. Post this, the net worth of Sugaya escalated as he has 64% stakes in Optim. Almost two decades ago, Masayoshi Son, the founder of SoftBank Corp, had approached Sugaya to buy his idea after the latter won an award at a business contest being judged by him. Along with this, Sugaya was also offered a lucrative job at SoftBank. However, he did not budge an inch.

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Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 5″

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black

Shunji Sugaya Optim

Family & Ethnicity

He is born into a Japanese family.


Not much has been discovered about his parents and siblings.


There is no online record of his marital status and relationship status.

Shunji & Optim Corporation

Optim Corp is the company due to which he attained the limelight. Started in 2000 headed by Sugaya, the company provides business management platforms comprising AI and IoT technologies. It currently has its headquarters in Japan with 208 employees working in it. Additionally, Optim has also gained expertise in remote operations. After ruling the Japanese market, Optim is also intending to expand itself in North America and Europe. Currently, It has a market value of about $1.6 billion.



  • In 2000, Shunji Sugaya won an award at a business contest where SoftBank founder Masayoshi Son was a judge.
  • He stood at the number one position in the “Patent Asset Scale among Japanese in the Information Communication Industry between 1993 and 2015″.

Net Worth

His estimated wealth stands at a ballpark figure of $990 million dollars (as in 2020).


  • He is known to be very generous.
  • He cares more about innovation than money. “I really don’t care” about the money- he said in an interview to Bloomberg.
  • Shunji is also the Co-Founder of Newelse Inc, creator of  Wishfeed, a smartphone application that allows users to find and purchase clothes.

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