Rajat Khare Entrepreneur, Investor and Venture Capitalist

Rajat Khare

Entrepreneur Rajat Khare, founder of Boundary Holding, a next-generation technology fund based in Luxembourg that makes investments in sectors related to deep technology and artificial intelligence.


Rajat Khare started his entrepreneurial path by founding an education firm after earning his Computer Science degree from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. He has worked as an intern in the mathematics department at RUCA, University of Antwerp. Over 20 important conferences and events have featured him as a keynote speaker. He has written numerous research papers that have appeared in publications like Data Mining V by WIT press and at conferences throughout the world. In addition, he has mentored numerous entrepreneurs and penned the book “Make the Move” – Demystifying Entrepreneurship. Rajat is a co-author of the business books Make the Move and Science of Achievement. Both volumes showcase Rajat’s preference for supporting entrepreneurship and the global incubation of creative solutions.

Physical appearance

Hair Color: Black


At the President’s residence in 2006, he earned accolades from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam for his efforts to encourage entrepreneurship.


Rajat Khare actively supports and encourages entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial projects all over the world as a member of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE), the IIT Delhi alumni organisation, and the Indian angel network. His work as an investor has also been cited as a case study in the course of Entrepreneurship run by Professor Patrick Turner at INSEAD Business School. Rajat Khare’s firm based in Luxembourg, Boundary Holding, has invested in which has completely changed the recycling story of India. Boundary Holding led by Rajat Khare has also invested in Neo Medical. This company on the back of its innovative solutions has come up with revolutionary one-time use sterile kits which include a pedicle screw system and cage for spine surgery, saving a lot of costs for hospitals as well as patients. Through his deep-tech investment firm, Rajat Khare has also invested in Scewo Bro which is the only power wheelchair in the world that combines driving on two wheels with climbing stairs. Rajat Khare has also invested in a French-based Technofounders startup, Cerbair, aspiring for the growth of automatic protection of vulnerable facilities, and critical infrastructure which includes monitoring of UAVs.

Investments and Impact

Rajat Khare’s venture capital firm, Boundary Holding, is at the forefront of driving transformative change through strategic investments. With a strong focus on impactful advancements, the firm has led revolutionary initiatives across various sectors. Notably, their investments have ignited a recycling revolution in India, contributing to a more sustainable future for the country. Moreover, their support for Neo Medical’s sterile kits has opened new avenues for groundbreaking advancements in spine surgery.

Boundary Holding is committed to fostering cutting-edge technologies, exemplified by their backing of Scewo’s innovative power wheelchair and Cerbair’s critical infrastructure protection from UAVs. Each investment made by Khare’s firm plays a pivotal role in boosting innovation, shaping industries, and propelling meaningful progress. Boundary Holding leaves an indelible mark on the global landscape, continuously driving positive change and shaping a better future.

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