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Abhyuday Jindal

Abhyuday Jindal is an Indian businessman and philanthropist. He is the managing director of JSL Limited.


Abhyuday Jindal was born in 1991 (age 32 years; as of 2023). Abhyuday graduated with a B. A in Economics and a Minor in Business Management from Boston University in Massachusetts, United States.

Abhyuday Jindal when he was young

Abhyuday Jindal when he was young

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 11″

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Light brown

Abhyuday Jindal, businessman


Parents & Siblings

Abhyuday’s father’s name is Ratan Jindal. Ratan is an Indian businessman and philanthropist. He is the chairman and co-managing Director at Jindal Stainless Ltd. Abhyuday’s mother, Deepika Jindal, is the founder of Arttd’inox, which is a brand that deals with luxury stainless steel gifting. Abhyuday has a sister, Urvi Jindal, who is an entrepreneur.

Abhyuday Jindal's father, Ratan Jindal, and his mother, Deepika Jindal

Abhyuday Jindal’s father, Ratan Jindal, and his mother, Deepika Jindal

Abhyuday Jindal's sister, Urvi Jindal

Abhyuday Jindal’s sister, Urvi Jindal

Wife & Children

Abhyuday Jindal is married to Srishti Jindal. They met at a party when they were in college and were in a relationship before getting married. Srishti is an entrepreneur and writer. She is the co-founder of Swift Media International which is a travel media, research, branding and events company. The couple have a daughter together.

Abhyuday Jindal with Srishti Jindal

Abhyuday Jindal with Srishti Jindal

Other Relatives

Abhyuday’s grandfather, Om Prakash Jindal, was the founder of the Jindal Group and its ventures. He was the Minister of Power in the Government of Haryana. Om Prakash passed away in a plane crash in 2005. Abhyuday’s grandmother, Savitri Jindal is a businesswoman who took over the Jindal Group on the death of her husband. She was a politician for the Indian National Congress. Forbes names Savitri Jindal the richest woman in India as of 2023.

Savitri Jindal sitting next to a picture of her late husband Om Prakash Jindal

Savitri Jindal sitting next to a picture of her late husband Om Prakash Jindal

Abhyuday’s uncles (brothers of his father, Ratan Jindal) are famous businesspeople. His uncle Naveen Jindal is an industrialist, philanthropist, sportsperson, and politician of the Indian National Congress. He is also the chairman of Jindal Steel and Power Limited (formerly known as Jindal Strips Limited). Sajjan Jindal is the chairman and managing director of the JSW Group. Prithviraj Jindal is the non-executive chairman of Jindal SAW Limited.

Om Prakash Jindal (centre, sitting) with his four sons who run the Jindal Group

Om Prakash Jindal (centre, sitting) with his four sons who run the Jindal Group



Abhyuday Jindal is the managing director at Jindal Stainless. He started working in the steel business as a management trainee for the JSW group under his uncle, Sajjan Jindal‘s leadership. Abhyuday played an important role in combining JSW and Ispat after the acquisition of the latter by JSW. Later, he worked as an associate at Boston Consulting Group, focusing on projects in various industries like cement, steel, wind turbines, and auto components. Since then, he held many roles in the company, such as in operations, IT, HR and finance. Abhyuday managed the supply chain and operations at Jindal Stainless Group of Companies, where his job was to provide strategic vision and direction. He played a crucial role in diversifying the JSL Group, which has a turnover exceeding USD 6 billion. Abhyuday creates new strategies to strengthen the company’s brand and explore new growth opportunities for market leadership. He became the Vice President of the Infrastructure Industry and Logistics Federation of India (ILFI), where he works on building partnerships between the public and private sectors. Abhyuday then became managing director (MD) of Jindal Stainless Limited and was reappointed as MD on 1 May 2023 for a term of five years.


Abhyuday is dedicated to improving the communities near Jindal factories. He is a part of JSL Foundation’s, Project Krishi Unnati, which educates farmers on effective farming methods. He is also involved in teaching new skills to inmates in prisons, to support them upon their release. As part of the Jindal company’s social responsibility, he runs a hospital in Hisar, Haryana with 580 beds, and supervises a healthcare program that organizes regular health camps in Hisar and Jajpur, Odisha.


Paradise Paper: Financial Data Leak

The Paradise Papers revealed that rich and powerful people worldwide, including some in India, hid their money in secret accounts across 19 “tax havens.” The investigation, led by The Indian Express and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, focused on big companies and their suspected misuse of offshore locations. In Abhyuday Jindal’s case, leaked documents show that in 2013, a law firm asked Appleby (the firm under investigation) to appoint Abhyuday as a director in two Mauritius-based companies of Jindal Stainless Group—Jargo Investments and Vavasa Investments. However, Appleby had concerns because, being an Indian, Abhyuday Jindal posed a risk of ’round tripping’ (evading taxes or laundering money). This was linked to a $35 million loan given to the two Jindal Group companies. In response, Abhyuday Jindal clarified that Jargo Investments and Vavasa Investments, once part of the Jindal Stainless Limited promoter group, no longer held shares in the company since 2014. These firms raised funds for their use, not for Jindal Stainless Limited, and haven’t invested in India with those funds. Abhyuday also mentioned that he was a non-resident when these firms raised funds.

Awards, Honours, Achievements

  • Abhyuday Jindal won the Top Rankers Excellence Award for Young Innovative Business Entrepreneur from FORE – Top Rankers Excellence Awards at the 18th National Management Summit.

    Abhyuday Jindal (extreme left) receiving the Top Rankers Excellence Award

    Abhyuday Jindal (extreme left) receiving the Top Rankers Excellence Award


As per the Jindal Stainless’ 2022-23 Annual Report, Abhyuday Jindal, as the Managing Director, receives a payment that consists of a salary of Rs. 600 lakhs, a commission of Rs. 575 lakhs, and other components, making a total of Rs. 1,175 lakhs. [1]Jindal Stainless


  • Superhero: Superman
  • Restaurant: Trishna in Mumbai
  • Sport: Tennis


  • Abhyuday is a fan of the football team Bayern Munich.
  • Abhyuday has stated that his alternate career option would be to work in the Army or the Armed Forces.
  • Abhyuday enjoys travelling with his wife and takes three vacations a year. In every vacation, he tries to do at least one extreme sport (for example, bungee jumping, sky-diving or scuba diving).
  • Abhyuday exercises every day by playing tennis or basketball. He also goes to the gym four times a week.

    Abhyuday Jindal playing tennis, his favourite sport

    Abhyuday Jindal playing tennis, his favourite sport

  • He enjoys reading. In an interview, he stated that reading helped him become an empathetic person.
  • Abhyuday also enjoys singing and stated in an interview that he sings to his wife a lot.
  • Abhyuday and his wife enjoy staying away from the limelight. In an interview, he said,

    We like being in our own world. We are both very private, and that’s why we get along very well. Neither of us feels the need to be seen everywhere. We know we’re comfortable with each other and enjoy that comfort.” [3]Hello! India Magazine

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