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Ritu Rathee Taneja

Ritu Rathee Taneja is an Indian pilot and social media content creator. She is known for being the wife of Indian Social media sensation Gaurav Taneja, popularly known as Flying Beast.


Ritu Rathee Taneja was born on Tuesday, 20 November 1990 (age 31 years; as of 2021) in Gurugram, Haryana, India. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio. She attended Blue Bells Model School,Gurugram for her primary and secondary education. Later, she got herself enrolled at the St Stephen’s College, Delhi, India to pursue a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. [1]LinkedIn-Ritu Rathee Taneja

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 5″

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Brown

Ritu Rathee Taneja


Ritu Rathee Taneja belongs to a Haryanvi Jatt family. [2]YouTube- Shiv Life

Parents & Siblings

Her father is a businessman. She has three siblings, two sisters and one brother. Her brother, Prateek Rathee, is a real-estate property builder and also a YouTuber. Her sister’s name are Nisha Rathee and Seema Rathee. Nisha is a flight attendant.

Ritu Rathee Taneja with her father

Ritu Rathee Taneja with her father

Ritu Rathee Taneja with her brother

Ritu Rathee Taneja with her brother

Ritu Rathee Taneja with her sister Nisha

Ritu Rathee Taneja with her sister Nisha

Ritu Rathee Taneja with her sister Seema Rathee

Husband & Children

Ritu Rathee Taneja is married to Gaurav Taneja, a Pilot, YouTuber, and social media influencer. Ritu Rathee married Gaurav Taneja on 5 February 2015 in a hindu style wedding ceremony. The couple was blessed with their first daughter in May 2018 and named her Kairavi Taneja, popularly known as Rashi or Rashbhari. They welcomed their second child on 22 October 2021. Their younger daughter’s name is  Chaitravi Taneja (Pihu). She shares a great bond with her parents in law.

Ritu Rathee Taneja's wedding picture

Ritu Rathee Taneja’s wedding picture

Gaurav has three YouTube channels where he posts videos about his life, fitness, and gaming. His most popular YouTube channel is ‘Flying Beast,’ which is daily vlog channel and has more than 7 subscribers.  His second YouTube channel is ‘FitMuscle TV,’ which has almost 2 million subscribers and third channel ‘Rasbhari Ke Papa’ has 1.2 million subscribers. FitMuscle TV is a fitness chaneelwher as ‘Rasbhari Ke Papa’ is for travel vlogging and gaming videos.

Ritu Rathee Taneja with her husband Gaurav Taneja

Ritu Rathee Taneja with her husband Gaurav Taneja

Ritu Rathee Taneja with her elder daughter and parents-in-law

Ritu Rathee Taneja with her elder daughter and parents-in-law

Ritu Rathee Taneja with her younger daughter

Ritu Rathee Taneja with her younger daughter


Ritu has been brought up in a middle class Jatt family in Haryana, India. Becoming a pilot was a dream for her since childhood but it was not an easy ride for her. She struggled to come out of stereotypes of society she was living in and work towards building her dream. She grew up in a society where her relatives thought that she should get married before she got too educated but her parents played the role of her biggest supports who worked hard to send her to school. Talking about her passion, she said

I was never a desk person and was very good with Maths and Science. I never wanted to get into engineering, but a friend’s suggestion to become a pilot got me thinking. I went to Arizona in the US for pilot training. It was not that I dreamt of becoming a pilot, but once I started flying, it turned into a passion.”

The Haryanvi Jatt girl broke all the stereotypes and applied for the pilot training programs in an institution in the US. After applying for the training, she waited for eight months to get admission in a flying school in aboard. Belonging to a conservative family, her parents were not comfortable in sending their daughter alone halfway across the world. Arranging money for her course was one another major difficulty for her family. Considering the situation, Ritu asked her father to spend the money he had saved for her wedding on her education instead, promising to make them proud one day.

I was good in studies as well as in motor skills. The main thing was the society pressure. I had to convince my father a lot for my training. It was the first time in my family that a girl alone from my family traveled abroad. It was a tough decision for my parents to take. “

The pilot mother, after completing her training retuned back to India and started applying for a job. At this time the aviation industry in India was going through a recession phase and she was not able to find a job for the next two years. She also lost her mother due to a brain haemorrhage during this period of her life and her family was surviving on loans. In order to financially support her family, she started doing a parttime job in Gurgaon which paid her almost Rs 12000. Later, she went to Ahmedabad for a full time job which paid her Rs 25000. While doing a full time job, she also uded to study for almost 6 hours a day to earn the job of a pilot in an aviation company. During an interview, she narrated her struggles, and said,

I  decided to do a job for Rs 12k and used to ride my karizma bike from Gurgaon to Delhi everyday. I was always a tomboy kind of personality. Later, I went to Ahmedabad for another job which was paying me around 25k. The scenario of aviation got better and there were some vacancies. My daily routine was very hectic. After doing all the work I used to study from 9 pm to 3am. Then sleep and wake up in between studying and then going to my work. I could never hangout with my colleagues.”

After going through a stressful and a life full of struggles for almost a year, she finally got an offer to join as a co-pilot from a well established airline in India. The life changing moment of her life was that she was the only individual from her training bach who was offered a job in three different airlines. She choose to join the Indigo and was appointed as a co-pilot for Boeing 373 Airbus. She flew about 60 flights a month for almost four years and was eventually promoted to the position of the Captain. Talking about her passion for flying, she said,

I love to fly aircraft, flying in the sky, landing the aircraft, having a watch on the weather. Every flight has different challenges and I love to take up those challenges, and I love my profession”, she says ecstatically while talking about her profession. “I love the randomness of flying. Flying challenges you; you’re thinking of your procedures, your way of doing things, and pushes you to bring out the best of yourself.”

Ritu Rathee came under the limelight after she started appearing in her husband, Gaurav Taneja’s, daily vlogs on his YouTube channel ‘Flying Beast.’ It is one of the most popular vlogging channel in India with more than 7 million subscribers. Gaurav runs three YouTube channels ‘FitMuscle TV,’ for content related to fitness and health, ‘Flying Beast,’ a daily vlog channel, and ‘Rasbhari Ke Papa’ for travel vlogging.

I used to be present in his video where I was shown doing normal household chores, and with feedback they realised that people were enjoying our conversations and chemistry. This led to Flying Beast.”

Ritu Rathee Taneja made her first television appearance with her husband Gaurav in 2022 with StarPlus’ reality television show ‘Smart Jodi.’ The show feature ten real life celebrity couples who will compete against each other in this fun game show to win the title of ‘Smart Jodi.’ Other celebrity couples on the show are Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma Bhatt, Arjun Bijlani and Neha, Ankit Tiwari and Pallavi, Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain, Krishnamachari Srikkanth and Vidya Srikanth, and few others. During a media interaction, when asked about the show, she said,

This is a true test for us to evaluate how well we know one another at an intrinsic level and how consistent is our compatibility meter really is. We are quite excited with our television foray as this will be a brand-new experimental inning for us beyond the online and content space.”


  • Food: Cheesecake, Aloo paratha
  • TV Shows: Siya Ke Ram (2015)
  • Colour: Black


  • She had the opportunity to meet former US President Barack Obama in Singapore through Google in 2019.

    Ritu Rathee Taneja along with her husband, Gaurav Taneja, posing with the former US President Barack Obama

    Ritu Rathee Taneja along with her husband, Gaurav Taneja, posing with the former US President Barack Obama

  • Ritu Rathee is a popular social media influencer. She is followed by more than 1.4 million followers on her Instagram account.
  • She is often seen promoting various brands on her Instagram account.

    Ritu Rathee Taneja's Instagram post promoting the brand Clinique

    Ritu Rathee Taneja’s Instagram post promoting the brand Clinique

  • Taneja is an animal lover and she also has a pet dog at her home named ‘Mau.’
  • Ritu Rathee Taneja is a follower of Sadhguru, an Indian yoga guru and a prominent spiritual leader.
  • Apart from being a social media star, she also makes sure to spend some of her time doing tasks for the betterment of her society. She is associated with a number of NGO’s to her girl child across the country. In 2019, she along with her husband took initiative to help a chaiwala  in getting her daughter married by providing them a sum of Rs 51 Thousand. Talking about it, she said,

    We searched for a chaiwala who has a daughter, and then we held a meet up with our fans and requested them to donate whatever they liked in exchange of a selfie and a cup of chai. We multiplied that amount and opened a fixed deposit for Rs 51,000 in the girl’s name with her mother as nominee. We want to take this initiative across India and help as many girls as possible.”

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