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Gowtam Tinnanuri

Gowtam Tinnanuri is an Indian film writer and director who is known for his work in Telugu film industry. His most popular films includes Malli Raava and Jersey.


Gowtam Tinnanuri was born on Monday, 21 March 1983 (age 38 years; as of 2022) in Rajahmundry village of Andhra Pradesh, India. His zodiac sign is Aries. After completing his primary and secondary education, he studied engineering, and later pursued MBA. [1]Idlebrain.com Before entering the film industry, the Jersey director worked in the IT department of Deloitte, one of the Big Four accounting organizations in India, for around eight years.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 10″

Eye Colour: Black

Hair Colour: Black

Gowtam Tinnanuri


Not much information is available about his family.


Gowtam Tinnanuri made his debut in 2017, with the film “Malli Rava.” He, without any prior experience in the industry, approached the film producer Rahul through a friend. It took him a lot of time in writing the script of Malli Raava. The film showcased the romantic story of Karthik and Anjali, who crossed paths in their lives to be with each other. The film was a huge success, and Gowtam Tinnanuri earned recognition for his work. Talking about getting a huge success with his first film, he said,

I was totally clueless about what was going to happen because I had no prior experience. I felt I had a good story, I narrated, the producer liked it and decided to make it. It all happened pretty quickly. Even days before the films’ release I was totally blank; I didn’t know what to expect. If you say something in a gathering of 20 people maybe five won’t like it. Imagine going to lakhs of people and expecting them to unanimously like something. It is an enormous task. And on the first day the market was slow so I thought I had to learn a lot more to reach a larger audience. But by the end of the first day it picked up. Then I felt confident that there is some section of audience that I can communicate to.”

Next in 2019, he  wrote and directed the Telugu-language sports drama film “Jersey,” which featured Nani, Shradha Srinath, and Sathyaraj in the lead roles. The plot of the film follows Arjun (Nani), a gifted but unsuccessful cricketer who chooses to return to the sport in his mid-30s, motivated by a desire to represent India and satisfy his son’s yearning for a shirt as a gift. The film was released on 19 April 2019 under Zee Studios productions. The film Jersey came out as a commercially successful film and became one of the highest grossing Telugu film of the year. According to the director, he did enough study before penning Jersey, and he took a little break before embarking the adventure, which allowed him to spend time with his family and friends. Gowtam Tinnanuri received huge critical acclaims for his work as a writer as well as a director in the film. Revealing about preparations before writing Jersey, in a media interaction, he narrated,

I wanted to tell an underdog story. You must’ve heard of the child prodigy concept. These are people born with extraordinary abilities and they succeed at a very young age. There’s another concept called late bloomers; these are people who pursue their dreams at a later age and succeed. I wanted to concentrate on the later of those concepts. Jersey is a story of someone who’s been ruled out by the entire world but still has a dream. Cricket is just the platform for this story. I chose sport because in other fields like a business it’s the skills matter, age is not a barrier. In sport age is definitely a barrier because it is highly dependent on physical fitness, agility etc. In Jersey people around Arjun saw him play when he was younger and knew he loved cricket but later it is not so.”

Gowtam Tinnanuri on the sets of Jersy

Gowtam Tinnanuri on the sets of Jersy

Many people compared his film, Majili with Jersey and claimed that the later film was quite similar to the former. People also raised doubts on his directing ability. Initially, he did not react to it, but later, during a media interaction he suggested people to watch Jersey before making such claims. He said the two films were definitely based on sports but the story lines of both the films were completely different. Gowtam Tinnanuri received several awards and nominations for the film Jersey. After the huge success of the Tamil film “Jersey,” Gowtam was offered to work in Bollywood for the remake of Jersey in Hindi. Shahid Kapoor, Mrunal Thakur, and Pankaj Kapoor starrer Hindi-language sports drama film was announced to be released theatrically on 14 April 2022. Jersey is a film about a 36-year-old cricketer named Arjun who aspires to play for the Indian national cricket team in order to fulfil his son’s dream of owning a jersey. The Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor took to his Instagram account to announce the packup of the film. The post read,

It’s a film wrap on #jersey …. 47 days of shoot during covid. Just unbelievable. I am so proud of the entire team. It’s nothing short of a miracle. I want to thank each and every one from the unit for coming to set every day, putting themselves at risk and doing what we all love doing. Telling stories that touch hearts and make a difference. Jersey is a story that speaks of a Phoenix rising from the ashes. The triumph of an indomitable spirit. If there was ever a time I could connect with the underlying spirit of a film this was it. As we all fight through this pandemic. Let’s always remember. This shall pass too. Here’s to my best filmmaking experience yet. Here’s to Jersey … we shall overcome !!!! @gowtamnaidu @mrunalofficial2016 @geethaarts @amanthegill @srivenkateshwaracreations.”

Awards, Honours & Achievements

  • Critics Choice Film Awards Best Director for the film Jersey
  • National Film Awards Best Feature Film – Telugu for the film Jersey
  • South Indian International Movie Awards Best Director – Telugu for the film Jersey


  • Gowtam Tinnanuri spent six years of his life in  Chennai. During this time, he learnt about editing, mixinging, and DI etc. He was very much exposed to the technicalities of filmmaking during that time.
  • He has worked with various famous Telugu actor. In the film Malli Raava he got the opportunity to work with the south Indian superstar Nani. Sharing his experience of working with Nani, he said,

    It was a fantastic experience to work with everyone in the film. I never even met Nani before Malli Raava. Once I saw him shooting as I drove past. The second time I saw him was when I narrated a script to him. For me the most important thing is to be in sync with someone, they should be able to understand the ideas I’m trying to communicate. I found that in the first meeting itself with Nani. But I couldn’t decipher whether he liked the story based on his expressions; he looked totally blank during the narration. When I stopped the narration after the first half, he asked me if the second half would be equally good. That’s when I realised he actually liked the story.”

  • His hobbies includes watching television and playing cricket.


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