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Sourav Joshi

Sourav Joshi is an Indian YouTuber who is known for the vlogs on his channel ‘Sourav Joshi Vlogs.’


Sourav Joshi was born on Friday, 8 September 2000 (age 22 years; as of 2022) in Haldwani, Uttarakhand. His zodiac sign is Virgo.

Sourav Joshi as a child

Sourav Joshi as a child

His hometown is Almora, Uttarakhand. He pursued a bachelor’s degree in fine arts at a college in Hansi, Haryana.

Sourav Joshi's YouTube video about his education qualification

Sourav Joshi’s YouTube video about his education qualification

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 5″

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black

Sourav Joshi


Parents & Siblings

Sourav’s father’s name is Harish Joshi, who works as a carpenter. His mother’s name is Hema Joshi, who is a homemaker.

Sourav Joshi with his parents

Sourav Joshi with his parents

He has a younger brother, Sahil Joshi.

Sourav Joshi with his brother

Sourav Joshi with his brother


He follows Hinduism.

Sourav Joshi blowing a shank

Sourav Joshi blowing a shank



Sourav started his YouTube journey when he was in class 12. He started the channel Sourav Joshi Arts on which he posted videos of his sketch-making. In 2018, he received the YouTube Silver Play Button for his channel ‘Sourav Joshi Arts.’

Sourav Joshi with his silver button from YouTube for his channel 'Sourav Joshi Arts'

Sourav Joshi with his silver button from YouTube for his channel ‘Sourav Joshi Arts’

In 2019, he started another YouTube channel ‘Sourav Joshi Vlogs.’ His first video on the channel was a sketching tutorial titled ‘How I draw Ms Dhoni.’ He gained a lot of popularity for the vlogs he posted during the first wave of Covid-19. He uploads various videos showcasing his hometown Uttrakhand to promote its beauty and culture. During the lockdown, he made 365 videos for 365 days. In an interview, he talked about these vlogs and said,

It all still seems unreal and a miracle to me. I was extremely disappointed when initially my vlogs channel didn’t live up to my expectations. However, it was interesting to learn that people loved and appreciated my 365 days challenge vlogs which merely highlighted what my day looked like. Living in the hills all of my life, I started this campaign to provide a sneak peek into the Pahari life. This particular idea/campaign changed my life. I am really grateful to my audiences for accepting my true self. YouTube is a platform for me to be truly myself show my family, my town, and my candid life.”

Music Videos

In 2021, he appeared in the music video Mauja.

Poster of the song 'Mauja'

He has appeared in various music videos like ‘Fati Jeans’ (2021), ‘Pakki Wali Dosti’ (2022), ‘Tera Ho Raha Hoon’ (2022), ‘Pyaari Teri Yaari’ (2022), and ‘Manzoore Nazar’ (2022).

Poster of the song 'Pyaari Teri Yaari'


In 2022, Sourav attracted controversy when the YouTube ‘Neon Man’ posted a video on his channel in which he accused Sourav of behaving rudely with his followers. Neon Man posted the video on his channel after watching a video by a vlogger named ‘Gora Vlogger’ in which Gora said that he went to meet Sourav outside his house, but Sourav did not greet him well. Sourav commented on the video posted by Neon and said that he did not tell the whole story and tried to defame him. Apparently, Sourav claimed that he was taking his mother to the dentist when he walked over to Gora Vlogger. Neon replied to Sourav and said that he was just doing his work. Later, Sourav deleted the comment on Neon’s video. After some time, another vlogger named Manoj Dey commented on Neon Man’s video saying that Sourav had been very rude to him as well. Manoj said that Sourav straight away blocked him for using a controversial thumbnail for a video about Piyush, Sourav’s brother, instead of asking to remove it. [1]Neuz Boy – YouTube

Bike Collection

He owns a KTM bike.

Sourav Joshi posing on his KTM

Sourav Joshi posing on his KTM

Car Collection

  • Fortuner

    Sourav Joshi posing with his fortuner

    Sourav Joshi posing with his fortuner

  • Innova
  • Thar

    Sourav Joshi posing with his thar

    Sourav Joshi posing with his thar


  • When Sourav was a kid, his father went to Haryana and started working as a carpenter. In an interview, his father said that he used to earn very less and could only fulfil the basic needs of his family. He further added that the financial condition of his family changed after Sourav started earning money from his channel.
  • Sourav worked really hard and was about to get a golden play button from YouTube in 2020, but in November 2020, in a vlog, he said that he did not receive the button because he posted videos that were against community guidelines.
  • In 2021, he received an offer from a Delhi-based influencer marketing and talent management firm, Opraahfx, to direct and manage his brand building, brand partnerships, content strategy, digital presence, and PR activities. In an interview, he talked about accepting the offer and said,

    OpraahFx being one of the pioneering influencer management and marketing firms in India, I am confident that the team would help me elevate my brand value by many folds. OpraahFx coming with experience in representing India’s leading YouTube talents and creating effective branded campaigns, I am extremely positive that the team under Pranav’s leadership will only help me boost my chanrnel, content, and revenue. Eagerly looking forward to working with this young team of king-makers.”

  • In an interview, he said that he was angry and sad because of the way his fans behaved around him. He further added that once his eleven-year-old cousin was pushed away because some fans wanted to click pictures with Sourav. He also said that his fans gather around his house, due to which he receives notices and complaints from the complex authorities. In the interview, he further added,

    I think these wild fan interactions are more common in the smaller towns. Maybe the community gets too excited seeing someone succeeding from their region. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there should be control.”

  • In September 2022, he was part of the event ‘Unacademy One’ organized by Unacademy.
  • He has a tattoo inked on his right hand.

    Sourav Joshi's tattoo

    Sourav Joshi’s tattoo


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