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Julien Blanc

Julien Blanc is a Swiss motivational speaker and transformation coach. He is a dating coach and a “pick-up artist”. He worked at Real Social Dynamics as a dating coach and runs the YouTube channel JulienHimself.


Julien Blanc was born on Monday, 24 October 1988 (age 35 years old; as of 2024) in Morges, Switzerland. His zodiac sign is Scorpio. Blanc attended the Beausobre College in Morges, Switzerland. Blanc worked at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Los Angeles as a barista. He then worked at the clothing store Lucky Brand in Los Angeles. Blanc also worked at Honda where he sold new and used cars. He then worked an internet marketing job where he made advertisements for a website for Plenty of Fish (POF), an online dating service.

A young Julien Blanc

A young Julien Blanc

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 11″

Weight (approx.): 75 kg

Hair Colour: Light Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Julien Blanc, transformation coach; JulienHimself

Physical Transformation

In 2016, Julien Blanc lost about 16 kg in five months. In a video, he stated that the four things that helped him lose weight were: going to the gym consistently, being aware of his calorie intake, ensuring he consumed the required amount of macronutrients, and following intermittent fasting. [1]YouTube – Brandon Carter

Julien Blanc's weight transformation

Julien Blanc’s weight transformation


Parents & Siblings

Blanc’s father’s name is Theirry Blanc. His mother’s name is Lauren. His parents got married in August 1986. He has an elder sister named Marielle.

Julien Blanc's parents (faces circled) singing in a choir

Julien Blanc’s parents (faces circled) singing in a choir

Wife & Children

Blanc’s wife’s name is Chelsea Blanc. The two got married on 25 May 2019 and have two daughters.

Julien Blanc with his daughters

Julien Blanc with his daughters

Chelsea Blanc with hers and Julien Blanc's second daughter

Chelsea Blanc with hers and Julien Blanc’s second daughter


Julien Blanc, known as an “international leader in dating advice,” travels globally teaching men how to meet and attract women, identifying himself as a pickup artist (PUA).

Real Social Dynamics

Blanc used to work as an instructor in Real Social Dynamics (RSD), a dating coaching company. As an instructor in RSD, he conducted seminars and workshops for men looking for advice on how to talk to women and “pick up” women. Blanc is friends with Owen Cooks (who also goes by the alias Tyler Durden) who is the co-founder of RSD.

Julien Blanc (right) with the co-founder of Real Social Dynamics, Owen Cooks

Julien Blanc (right) with the co-founder of Real Social Dynamics, Owen Cooks

Tim Samuels, a British documentary maker, featured Blanc’s classes in his documentary “The Hunt for Real Men”. In the documentary, he explained Blanc’s seminars as,

in a classroom, in a hotel, with a hundred, two hundred guys who start making notes, with Blanc at the front as the kind of rock star guru, people hanging on every word, and generally getting fairly practical pop psychology tips on how to approach women, what sort of conversation to make, how to project your alpha male, and a sense of self confidence.” [2]BBC

Blanc, representing RSD, went on a tour to conduct seminars and faced widespread criticism for his actions, posts and videos.


After facing controversy while working with Real Social Dynamics, Blanc’s YouTube videos, tweets and social media accounts were taken down. In 2015, he then started posting videos on his new channel, JulienHimself. In an interview, he stated that he was going to move past teaching men how they can “have success with women” and start making content on his travel and teaching experiences. He has 473K subscribers as of 2024. He also posts videos on his Instagram account where he has 647K followers as of 2024. He posts dating advice, advice on how to become a better version of yourself, marriage advice, tips on fatherhood etc. He has 20.6K followers on Twitter (currently known as X). Blanc still travels around the world conducting classes and seminars.

Julien Blanc (standing) conducting a private mentoring session in 2020

Julien Blanc (standing) conducting a private mentoring session in 2020

Transformation Mastery Academy

Transformation Mastery Academy (TMA) was founded by Julien Blanc in 2023. Blanc offers a 12-month programme to get more “love and success than before”. Blanc states that the programme works at the subconscious level and promises external and internal change. Blanc states that he used to be very depressed and introverted but he was able to overcome these feelings, something that he offers to teach in TMA.

The logo of Julien Blanc's Transformation Mastery Academy

The logo of Julien Blanc’s Transformation Mastery Academy



In November 2014, activist Jennifer Li launched a campaign named #TakeDownJulienBlanc. She aimed to keep Blanc from spreading his opinions which were considered to be racist and misogynistic, especially since he was the host of seminars and workshops. Blanc faced backlash after he uploaded a video to his YouTube in September 2014 about his trip to Tokyo, which he removed after the criticism he faced. The co-founder of RSD, Owen Cook commented that the video Of Blanc’s trip was taken “out of context” and was posted for its shock value. The comments he made that brought him the most backlash was,

Just grab her… To take the pressure off, yell Pikachu or Pokemon or Tamagotchi or something. At least in Tokyo, if you’re a white man, you can do what you want.” [3]IBT

Blanc also posted pictures of him assaulting women and used the hashtag #ChokingGirlsAroundTheWorld. Jennifer Li’s hashtag went viral on Twitter and got over 50,000 mentions within the first week. Blanc started receiving backlash for charging a high fee for his seminar and promoting emotional abuse and physical violence against women. He was criticised for promoting domestic violence as a form of seduction. After the hashtag got famous, the famous hacktivist (activist hackers) collective, Anonymous called for a ban on pick-up seminars like the ones hosted by Blanc. This brought more backlash against Blanc. Anonymous made a post asking people to protest against Blanc, report his videos, and call on authorities to ban his visas and seminars. Due to the #TakeDownJulienBlanc campaign, Blanc was denied visas in Australia, Brazil, the UK, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea. Ten venues and online platforms also refused to host him or his company, Real Social Dynamics. He started being referred to as “the most hated man in the world”.

Online Petitions Against Blanc

The first petition on Change.org, created in 2014, accused Julien Blanc of promoting “violence and emotional abuse against women”. Thousands of people signed the petition, which led to Australia revoking Blanc’s visa that he applied for to host a seminar in Melbourne. Petitions to stop Blanc from conducting seminars were made in Japan, Canada, the UK, and Brazil as well and the signatures from all the petitions totalled over 3 lakhs. His remarks, seen as promoting sexual harassment and assault, were criticised by organisations like the End Violence Against Women Coalition. Blanc apologised for his behaviour during an interview with CNN (Cable News Network) in November 2014. He said,

I just want to apologise to anyone I’ve offended in any way. This was never my intention and I just want to put it out there…I’m extremely sorry. Like, I feel horrible. I’m not going to be happy to feel like I’m the most hated man in the world. I’m overwhelmed by the way people are responding.” [4]The Guardian

In his apology, he also disagreed with the allegations of him promoting emotional and physical violence against women. He stated that his videos and comments were a “horrible, horrible attempt at humour”.

Julien Blanc (right) during an interview on CNN, apologising for his controversial opinions, posts, and videos

Julien Blanc (right) during an interview on CNN, apologising for his controversial opinions, posts, and videos

When asked about a post made by Blanc in which there was a picture explaining the ways to abuse a woman, he stated that the post does not represent what he teaches in his classes and seminars and that he posted the picture to mock it. In response to the criticism of his post with the hashtag #ChokingGirlsAroundTheWorld, Blanc stated that he didn’t hurt any of the women and that the post was his attempt at a joke.


Blanc has a tattoo below his chest on the right side.

Julien Blanc's tattoo

Julien Blanc’s tattoo


  • Julien Blanc’s favourite books are “Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender”, “The Disease to Please: Curing the People-Pleasing Syndrome”, “The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment”, “The Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece”, “Meditations”, “On the Shortness of Life”, and “The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem”.

    A thumbnail of Julien Blanc's YouTube video of him reviewing one of his favourite books, The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem

    A thumbnail of Julien Blanc’s YouTube video of him reviewing one of his favourite books, The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem

  • Blanc used to drink and smoke but has quit and is against the same. He makes videos about their drawbacks and helps his clients get over their alcohol and smoking addictions.

    A still from Julien Blanc's Instagram video on how to quit smoking

    A still from Julien Blanc’s Instagram video on how to quit smoking

  • When Blanc was in Switzerland, he worked his summer job in a garbage truck. When he moved to Los Angeles, he worked as a salesperson who sold car warranties through cold calling. He described the job as the “sketchiest thing” he had done and stated that doing the job was “killing him inside”. He quit the job in two months. [5]YouTube – JulienHimself Clips
  • Blanc enjoys travelling and conducts classes in different cities across the world.

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