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Ayesha Shroff

Ayesha Shroff also known as Ayesha Dutt [1]Pinterest is an Indian film producer and former model & actor. She is known for being the wife of the Indian actor Jackie Shroff. The Indian actor Tiger Shroff is her son.


Ayesha was born on Sunday, 5 June 1960 (age 63 years; as of 2023) in Turkmenistan. [2]Hindustan Times Her zodiac sign is Gemini. She studied at the University of Mumbai, Mumbai. [3]Facebook – Ayesha Shroff

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 7″

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Hazel Green

Ayesha Shroff


She was born to a Bengali father and a Belgian mother. [4]Hindustan Times

Parents & Siblings

Her father, Ranjan Dutt, served as an Air Vice Marshal in Royal Indian Air Force (1940-1947) and Indian Air Force (1947-1968). Her mother, Claude Marie Dutt De Cavey, was a French national of Belgian descent.

Ayesha Shroff's father

Ayesha Shroff’s father

Ayesha Shroff's mother

Ayesha Shroff’s mother

Wife & Children

When Ayesha was just about 13 years old, she was hanging from the school bus when she saw Jackie Shroff, a famous Indian actor, for the first time. He approached her and introduced himself casually. He mentioned that he likes to play with his friends nearby. The next time Ayesha and Jackie met was at a record store.

An old picture of Ayesha Shroff and Jackie Shroff

An old picture of Ayesha Shroff and Jackie Shroff

Ayesha wanted to buy some records, and when Jackie offered to help her, Ayesha realized how attractive he was. Ayesha then decided that she wanted to marry Jackie. They soon became friends and started dating. On Ayesha’s birthday, they got married on 5 June 1987.

Ayesha Shroff's wedding picture

Ayesha Shroff’s wedding picture

However, Ayesha’s mother wasn’t happy with her choice to marry a boy who lived in a small housing complex and had no steady job. In an interview, while talking about it, she said,

When I started dating my husband, my mother had completely banned it because he was like ‘Jaggu dada’. And then of course there are people who fill your ears and say ‘he is such a bad boy.’ So I used to sneak out and meet him. And finally one day, I just told my mother ‘you know mom, he may not be the richest guy in the world, but he is the best hearted guy and he will keep me happy.’ And she said, ‘how you’re going to live there,’ because at that time we were living in Teen Batti Chawl.”

On 2 March 1990, the couple had a son named Tiger Shroff, who is an actor. On 21 January 1993, the couple had a girl named Krishna Shroff, who is a famous social media personality.

Ayesha Shroff with her husband and son

Ayesha Shroff with her husband and son

Ayesha Shroff's children

Ayesha Shroff’s children


Reportedly, in 2014, he was in a relationship with the Indian actor and fitness trainer Sahil Khan. [5]Koimoi

Ayesha Shroff with Sahil Khan

Ayesha Shroff with Sahil Khan



While she was a teenager, she won the beauty pageant, Miss Teen India. She then participated in the Miss Young World contest in Manila. However, she was eliminated before the final round. In the sub-contest of the Miss Young World contest, she won the Most Popular Girl title. Ayesha then did a few modelling assignments and TV commercials.



In 2000, she made her debut as a film producer with the Hindi film ‘Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hain.’ She has produced a few other Hindi films like ‘Grahan’ (2001), ‘Boom’ (2003), and ‘Sandhya’ (2003). In 2007, she worked as a producer in the English film ‘Bombil and Beatrice.’


In 1984, she appeared in the Hindi film ‘Teri Baahon Mein’ as Kanchi.

Teri Baahon Mein

Teri Baahon Mein

In 1983, she was featured in a TV commercial for Campa Cola.


On 11 July 1996, Ayesha, along with her husband Jackie Shroff, started a film production company Jackie Shroff Entertainment Limited. She also had stakes in Sony TV which she has sold.


Row with Sahil Khan

In 2009, there were rumours that she was in a relationship with the Indian actor and fitness entrepreneur Sahil Khan, who is 17 years younger than her. Initially, Sahil Khan denied the rumours of their relationship. Later, while talking to the reporters, he said that Ayesha was asking him to return all the gifts she had gifted him earlier. In November 2014, Ayesha filed a cheating case against Sahil for not returning her Rs 8 crore. She also filed a defamation case against Sahil for maligning her image. In February 2015, during the hearings in the court, Sahil Khan’s lawyer submitted intimate photographs of him and Ayesha as proof of their relationship. In the court, Sahil said that Ayesha asked him to quit a job with Rs 60,000 salary, and when her son Tiger did a hit film, she dumped Sahil. His lawyer said,

Sahil did not give back the gifts, which Ayesha had asked him to buy with the money given by her for an expensive car for her husband, an expensive watch and a pair of diamond earrings. If she is saying that theirs was a business relationship, why did she ask Sahil to buy all this for her?”

In the court, when Ayesha was asked about it, she claimed that Sahil was a gay man, and it was not possible for her to have a relationship with him. Her lawyer said,

The court should not entertain the photographs as they do not concern the matter at hand. Also, if you (the defence) are showing such photos, we need the source as they could be morphed. We need Sahil’s custody so that we can investigate about the cheating, the gifts that he has not given back and about the phone from which the pictures were taken.”

In March 2015, the matter was settled between both parties. The court asked Sahil to apologise to Ayesha Shroff and her family for defaming her image in public. Later, Ayesha withdrew the case she had filed against Sahil. In 2018, the matter came into the media again when Ayesha Shroff was accused of sourcing the call record details of Sahil Khan. [6]Mid-Day According to a leading newspaper,

The two were involved in a dispute and she allegedly sourced the CDR of the actor, and handed it to her counsel Rizwan Siddiqui.”


  • On her right hand

    Ayesha Shroff's tattoo on her right hand

    Ayesha Shroff’s tattoo on her right hand

  • On her right forearm

    Ayesha Shroff's tattoo

    Ayesha Shroff’s tattoo


  • As per her Instagram account, she is a Matrix Fight Night Promoter.
  • In her leisure time, she loves to write poetries.
  • She is fluent in various languages like French, German, English, and Hindi.
  • During one of the talk shows, Ayesha Shroff shared that after her film ‘Boom’ (2002) failed to do well due to piracy, her family went bankrupt. Her husband Jackie Shroff then decided to pay back the debt, even leasing his house in the process. They lost the house eventually as the film flopped. She further said that when her son Tiger Shroff made his debut in Hindi films, he promised Ayesha that he would rebuy the house for her. [7]The Indian Express In an interview, while talking about those days, her husband Jackie Shroff said,

    I knew that we tried something and we lost something. If I had to pay for it, I’d pay. I had worked as much as I could and we repaid everybody so that my family’s name gets clear. Business mein up down hota hi hai, yeh zaroori nahi hai ki hum hamesha upar hi rahenge. Kabhi upar niche hota hai, but you need to know how to keep your sanity and ethics.”

  • In 2023, Ayesha filed a case of cheating at Santacruz Police station in Mumbai against accused Alan Fernandes, under IPC sections 420, 408, 465, 467, and 468 for duping Ayesha for Rs 58 lakh. As per various sources, Fernandes was appointed as Director of Operations at MMA Matrix Company, which is owned by Tiger Shroff.  The company gives training in mixed martial arts. Ayesha oversees the daily activities of the gym. The accused took a lot of money for organising a total of 11 tournaments in India and outside India through the company and the total amount of fees collected from December 2018 to January 2023 was more than Rs 58 lakhs in the company’s bank account. [8]Business Today
  • She is an avid animal lover and has a pet cat named JD.

    Ayesha Shroff with her pet cat

    Ayesha Shroff with her pet cat

  • To maintain her fitness, she regularly workouts at a gym.

    Ayesha Shroff at a gym

    Ayesha Shroff at a gym

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