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Anandha Kannan

Anandha Kannan was an Indian actor and television host who worked in the Tamil film industry. He is best known as the host of the Tamil version of the gaming show “We Are Singaporeans.”


Anandha Kannan was born on Thursday, 22 March 1973 (age 48 years; at the time of death). His zodiac sign is Aries. He started his career as an actor and a host for television shows. Most of his friends and family would refer to him with the nickname AK. After completing his schooling at Beatty Secondary School, Singapore; Anandha went to Ngee Ann Poly School of Film and Media Studies, Singapore to complete his degree in a media course. [1]Facebook

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 10″

Eye Colour: Black

Hair Colour: Black

Anandha Kannan


Parents & Siblings

Anandha Kannan has two siblings- a brother and a sister.

Anandha Kannan's father and mother

Anandha Kannan’s father and mother

Anandha Kannan with his brother and sister

Anandha Kannan with his brother and sister

Wife & Children

Anandha Kannan got married to Rani Kanna (storyteller, educator, actor), and together they have two children- Abrahaam Nithya Pandian (son), and Ava Kannan (daughter.)

Anandha Kannan with his wife Rani, and his kids, Abrahaam and Ava

Anandha Kannan with his wife Rani, and his kids, Abrahaam and Ava

Religious Views

While Anandha Kannan never followed any particular religion, he always signed his autograph as ‘Anbae Sivam’ which means love is divine. In an interview, he talked about his family and said-

My dad is a free thinker and my mother is a religious person. I was never forced to do anything I did not like. The earliest prayer I remember seeking god for a long time was “let everybody be well, I must excel in studies!” I guess that was all it mattered to me then. Growing up in Singapore, Thaipusam (kavadi carrying festival) and Theemidhi (fire-walking ceremony) were part of all Hindus and even many Chinese families. I have taken part in these ceremonies seeking a newer and better me.” [2]The New Indian Express


Anandha started his career in Singapore as a host and actor for the Mediacorp-owned television channel, Vasantham TV. This channel focused on the Indians who were living in Singapore. Anandhan Kannan worked in several shows and movies, and he bagged the lead role of Vikram Raj. The thirteen-part series ‘Kadhal Channel’ aired on the Singapore Tamil channel, Vasantham TV in 2012. Later, he moved to Chennai to work in Sun Music as their video jockey, and soon, he became one of the most popular VJs of his time. Anandha also got the opportunity to act in the Tamil science fantasy movie, Adhisaya Ulagam. He got the lead role in the movies ‘Mullum Malarum’ and ‘Ithanai Naalai Engirunthai,’ but unfortunately, both movies were never released for the audience. He played a cameo role in Venkat Prabhu’s movie ‘Saroja’ (2008). Anandha hosted five seasons of the Tamil game show ‘Savaal Singapore’ from 2013 to 2018.

Poster of Kadhal Channel (2012)

Poster of Kadhal Channel (2012)

Awards & Honours

  • He was awarded the ‘International Youth Icon’ award at the World Universities Tamil Conference in 2013.
  • He received the Television Actors Guild Award (South India) in the ‘Best Actor’ category.
  • He also got the Pradhana Vizha award for Best Host (Info-Ed) in 2011.


At the beginning of 2021, Anandha Kannan was diagnosed with a rare bile-duct cancer, and he began his treatment for the same since then. However, things got serious a few days back and he was hospitalized, and unfortunately, he passed away on 16 August 2021 as the infection had spread throughout his body. The sudden death of Anandha left the whole Tamil film industry shocked and condolences for the family started pouring in. The Tamil actor, director, and filmmaker, Venkat Prabhu, made a tweet on his Twitter account and offered his condolences to the family.


  • Anandha was a part of the social media campaign of the Singapore Government which started to spread awareness regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, and how people can stay safe during these trying times.
  • In May 2021, IBC Tamil released a documentary about the festival of Thudumbattam on their YouTube channel. This documentary was hosted and narrated by Anandha Kannan. The documentary was shot in Tamil Nadu and before the COVID-19 pandemic struck India.
  • Anandha posted a picture of him from his childhood days and talked about how he was introduced to theatre and acting. He talked about how over the years his love for acting has just got deeper and how he formed a company with his brother and his friends. The caption read-

    I surly did not understand Marlon’s words when I spoke about when I said I wanted to lead a troop to perform around the world. I understand performance because I was brought to a theatre performance when I was 5. No, not to watch but to be part of it. I was an actor at the age of five where I did not mean know the significance of the stage. I delivered a fabulous job; any child would have. I was supposed to be lost prince who needs to cry the heart out for similar face in the battlefield. Then the commander runs in to save the heir to the throne. My dad was the commander. He saved me. Claps. Henceforth, my dad had brought me to many rehearsals and performances. It was quite natural to say that is what I liked at the age of 7 and half. But what I have not still figured out is the ‘around the world part’. I am still wondering where it came from. At this point, I understood I was always interested to be on stage or the side of stage or the back of the stage somewhere near the stage! My appa did not stop with just stage, he brought me and my brother to the radio and television shows during our young days. I was selected for tv acting in school. Then went on to form a theatre company with friends. My dad helped us to make it legal and my mother gave us food during the rehearsals, which was held my house. That was happy childhood!!”

    Anandha Kannan (in star) during a school play

    Anandha Kannan (in star) during a school play

  • Anandha Kanna had a tattoo on his wrist that read ‘narcissist.’

    Anandha Kannan's wrist tattoo

    Anandha Kannan’s wrist tattoo


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