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Akash Ahuja

Akash Ahuja is a Hip-Hop artist of Indian descent born in New York City. He got immense popularity after releasing the song, “Come Closer” in January 2020.


Akash was born on 10 March in New York City. He was brought up in New Jersey.

Akash Ahuja

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 11″

Weight (approx.): 70 Kg

Eye Colour: Hazel

Hair Colour: Black

Akash Ahuja

Family, Caste & Girlfriend

His parents are from India. Akash’s mother, Kiran Ahuja is a very talented painter and does all the artwork for Akash’s music. Little is known about his father, but Akash often says his father is his role model.

Akash Ahuja With His Mother

Akash Ahuja With His Mother

Akash has an older brother, Amit Ahuja, and an older sister named Anchal Ahuja. His cousin is Anand Ahuja, husband of Sonam Kapoor. His uncle is Harish Ahuja, owner of Shahi Exports. Little is known about Akash’s love life but he does give hints in his music. There are rumours of him dating a girl by the nickname “Nini” all though, other than one line in a song, there is nothing else to confirm this.


His musical journey started at the age of three when he received a set of tablas. He started taking lessons on the tablas at the age of six, and by nine years he was proclaimed a child prodigy and played for thousands of people in New York City’s Town Hall. When he was eleven years old, he started taking interest in hip-hop music. Akash has released multiple songs, toured India, been on Times Square billboards, made the iTunes Pop Charts, and amassed tons of raving fans. Akash has released a few songs which had some buzz, such as “See You Lookin” and “Soldier” but 2020 was when his career really took off.


Favourite Things

  • Food: Paneer
  • Emoji: Red Heart
  • Beverage: Coffee


  • His fans refer to him as “Aki”.
  • In January 2020, he released a song titled “Come Closer” which landed him on a billboard in Times Square, New York. Weeks later, his single “Can’t Let You Go” peaked at #60 on the iTunes Pop charts.

    Akash Ahuja Performing in an Event

    Akash Ahuja Performing in an Event

  • He mainly wears Polo Ralph Lauren.
  • He wears a lot of jewellery and occasionally sports eyeliner and nail polish very confidently which gives him his seductive style.

    Akash Ahuja in His Cool Look

    Akash Ahuja in His Cool Look

  • Akash is an animal lover.
  • He follows a vegetarian diet.


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  2. Sneha
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