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Sharbari Dutta

Sharbari Dutta was a popular Indian fashion designer. She was found dead in her bathroom at her home in Kolkata on 18 September 2020.


Sharbari was born on Tuesday, 7 May 1957 (age 63 years; at the time of death) in Kolkata. [1]Facebook Her zodiac sign is Taurus. She did her graduation in Philosophy (Honours) at the Presidency College, Kolkata. After her marriage, she attended Calcutta University in Kolkata to pursue a master’s degree in Philosophy. [2]Sharbari Datta

Sharbari Dutta's Childhood Picture

Sharbari Dutta’s Childhood Picture

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 3″

Eye Colour: Black

Hair Colour: Brown

Sharbari Dutta

Family & Caste

She was born in a Bengali Hindu family.

Parents & Siblings

 father, Ajit Dutta, was a renowned Indian poet.

Relationship, Husband & Children

She was married at an early age. husband, Late Alo Datta, had his own label of printed silks and was into sculpting business. The couple was blessed with a son, Amalin who is a fashion designer. 

Amalin Datta Painting a Sculptour

Amalin Datta Painting a Sculptour


After her marriage and giving birth to a son, she decided to organise an exhibition of her clothing in 1991. The exhibition was a success, and almost all her clothes were sold. In 1992, she invited media people and asked the Indian actor, Dipankar De to inaugurate her collection in her second exhibition. The exhibition was a success, and soon, she gained immense popularity for her unique fashion style.

An Old Picture of Sharbari Dutta

An Old Picture of Sharbari Dutta

Her clothing line is mainly focused on men’s wear, and the fabric used in her collection is mainly silk and khadi. In an interview, when she was asked why she preferred men’s wear, she replied,

I pitied men their dull wardrobes. The west has enslaved us to notions of masculine dress codes which, we forget, have only a short history, dating after the Industrial Revolution. It has done something else, too. It had tutored Indian men to turn away from their own rich dress heritage. Indian’s, both men and women, were fond of dressing up, from Mohenjodaro to the Mughals and never tires of pointing out that sartorial flair wasn’t confined to aristocratic finery, Sherwani, Angrakha, Piran, Bandhgala, Kurtas.”


Initially, she made a unique style for every lot of her collection, and only on the customer’s demand, she repeated the design. Later, she set up her own fashion label, ‘Shunyaa.’ She had also launched women’s collection, which was also successful. Apart from men’s clothing, she had launched men’s diamond jewellery collection.

Sharbari Dutta and Her Son in a Fashion Show

Sharbari Dutta and Her Son in a Fashion Show


Office Address: 39, Golpark, Hindustan Park, Gariahat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700029


On 18 September 2020 (Friday), at 12:25 am, she was found dead in her bathroom at her residence in South Kolkata’s Broad Street. As per the sources, she had a stroke due to which she died. [3]The Indian Express

On her demise, her son said,

I didn’t see her throughout Thursday. I thought she was busy and had gone out for work. It is nothing unusual. Both of us remain so busy that we don’t get to meet every day.” [4]Hindustan Times

On Shabari’s demise, her daughter-in-law, Kanaklata, said,

She lived alone on the ground floor of their Broad Street residence while me and my husband Amalin lived on the first floor. We generally met during breakfast on the ground floor and then everyone left for their work. Since it was Vishwakarma Puja yesterday, we were busy with it on the first floor. My mother-in-law would often leave for work and we thought she must have gone out. But when she did not respond to our calls and message till evening, we got worried. Late in the night, we entered her room, switched on the lights and found her lying in the bathroom.”

On her demise, many popular Bengali celebrities shared their grief, including Parama Banerjee, Ujjaini Mukherjee, Srabonty Chatterjee, Rukmini Moitra, Pujarini Ghosh, and Debesh.


  • While she was studying in school and college, she used to participate in singing and dancing competitions.

    Sharbari Dutta's Old Picture

    Sharbari Dutta’s Old Picture

  • She received many awards for her contribution to the Indian fashion industry.

    Sharbari Dutta Receiving an Award

    Sharbari Dutta Receiving an Award

  • While talking about her sister-in-law, Rita, in an interview, she said,

I would do it only once, just for fun. People around me were more excited than me… my relatives, particularly my sister-in-law Rita. She encouraged me a lot and the invitation cards were also printed in her name. I would say she had a big role to play in my beginning.”

  • In an interview, she shared that, the famous Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai bought clothes for her family and Abhishek Bachchan’s family for Aishwarya and Abhishek’s wedding in 2007.
  • In an interview, she talked about one of her achievements, she said,

Some things that I think are my achievements are how MF Husain bought my stuff when my label wasn’t even established and no one knew my name; so he bought my work because it appealed to him aesthetically.”

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