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Sampda Sharma (Samsaya) is a Norwegian singer and actress born in India. She is better known by her stage name “Samsaya.”


Sampda Sharma was born on Saturday, 3 November 1979 (age 42 years; as of 2022) in Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, India. Samsaya shifted to Norway when she was eleven months old. While growing up in Ellingsrud in Oslo, she started playing football at Ellingsrudåsen skole. Samsaya did her schooling at Ellingsrudåsen skole which is situated nearby to Joker Ellingsrudåsen.

Samsaya at a summer festival

Samsaya at a summer festival


Sampda Sharma belongs to an Indian family.

Parents & Siblings

Samsaya’s mother’s name is Aruna Sharma.


In 2004, Samsaya released her debut album named ‘Shedding Skin’ which consists of 17 songs. Her hit song ‘Ever Been Had?’ was released in video format. In 2006, she launched her first hot single ‘Special Blend’ released with Levi’s Norway. In 2011, Samsaya released the album, ‘Care For Haiti.’ Her song ‘Dodge It’ was featured in the movie “The Wrestler.” Samsaya released two singles, ‘Money’ and ‘ADHD’ in 2009. In 2014, she released an English language song, ‘Stereotype’ from the album “Samsaya – EP.” After that, she signed a deal with BMG Chrysalis. Samsaya released a video song ‘Electric Feet’ in collaboration with a Norwegian pop singer Bertine Exiling Robberstad Zetlitz.

Samsaya singing a song

Samsaya singing a song


Samsaya had played many roles in Norwegian movies and television shows. She performed as a VJ in the program Topp 10 on a Norwegian language television channel named “The Voice TV” in 2008. Samsaya also acted in some other TV shows like The Clash of the Choirs, TV Norge, and Zebra Grand Prix on a terrestrial TV channel.

Samsaya with kids

Samsaya with kids


Film Industry

Samsaya took an interest in HipHop music from the beginning of her career. She formed her solo career as a hip-hop artist and released her first album “Shedding Skin” in 2004. She kick-started her acting career by portraying a small role in the film “Folk flest bor i Kina” in 2002. This film has shown different Norwegian political parties. Samsaya played a lead role in a Norwegian horror movie named “Dark Woods” in 2003. In 2004, she played a minor role in the movie “Hawaii, Oslo.

Net Worth

Samsaya’s net worth is $1M – $5M.


  • Outfit: Flow Pants and the Wrap Dress


  • Samsaya once stated that,

    My parents were like a generation behind because they had 70’s India in their mind when they came to Norway.”

  • In an interview, Samsaya recalled her childhood memory during which she became fascinated by the song of a Levi’s commercial titled “Mad About the Boy” sung by Dinah Washington. According to Samsaya, this was the song that instilled in her optimistic vibrations as she had become frustrated in childhood, and the song came to her as a savior. She quoted,

    I had all these emotions, almost fits in a way. I needed to put that into something. I think that’s how music became a very important part of myself.”

  • According to Samsaya, her parents wanted her to pursue Indian Classical music.
  • Being born in India but brought up in Norway, Samsaya quoted,

    Growing up looking not Norwegian, being Indian, not feeling Indian, kind of gives you awareness about that situation. You are very aware of the feeling that you don’t necessarily look like what you are supposed to be in other people’s eyes.”

  • According to Samsaya, the thing which she likes most about the music is the way her body feels lighter by inhaling and exhaling in a natural flow. ((

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