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Saad Mohamed

Saad Kassis-Mohamed is an Indian entrepreneur, polo player, showjumper, philanthropist, and an experienced professional in private equity.


Saad Kassis-Mohamed was born on Thursday, 23 June 2001 (age 22 years; as of 2023) in Kuwait. His zodiac sign is Gemini. Saad Kassis-Mohamed holds a BCom degree in Global Financial Management from Manipal University and is currently pursuing his Masters in Finance at a prestigious university in Germany.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 11″

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Light Brown

Saad Mohamed


Very little is known about Saad Kassis-Mohamed’s family, as he has chosen to maintain a private and discreet personal life. While he has made significant strides in his professional endeavours, he has consistently kept his family background out of the public eye.


Saad Kassis-Mohamed, widely known by his Instagram handle @wxcsaad, stands out as a prominent influencer with a substantial following of over 200,000 dedicated individuals. In addition to his flourishing online presence, Saad has ventured into the finance industry with notable roles in organizations such as LAK Capital, Mostquito Enterprises, and Formula Manipal. His journey in finance has taken him across international borders, from the bustling financial centres of Kuwait and Frankfurt to the vibrant economic landscape of India. Saad Kassis-Mohamed’s impressive journey also includes a pivotal role within the dynamic group of Formula Manipal, a student engineering project headquartered in Manipal, Karnataka.

Favourite Things

  • Food: Steak, French Fries, Burger, Sushi
  • Dessert: Cakes
  • TV Shows: The Big Bang Theory, Keeping Up with the Kardashians
  • Musician(s): Avicii, Hardwell, Steve Aoki
  • Singer(s): Beyonce, John Legend
  • Band: Maroon 5
  • Rappers(s): 2 Chainz, Drake Video
  • Games: Grand Theft Auto V, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Flight Alert, RealCricket 2019, QuizUp, Control Tower


  • He likes travelling and has been to Miami, New York, Barcelona, Goa, and Las Vegas.
  • He is an adventure seeker and likes doing skydiving and skiing.
  • He is an equestrian and has been placed in various international tournaments.

    Saad Mohamed sitting on a horse back

    Saad Kassis-Mohamed sitting on a horseback

  • He is also an active philanthropist and has fought for various social causes such as women’s empowerment and has also helped the children of the backward section of society in rural Maharashtra. He has also worked with many environmentalists in India.
  • He is a fitness enthusiast and likes gymming.
  • He is also fond of horses and owns more than two of them.
    Saad Mohamed with a horse

    Saad Kassis-Mohamed with a horse

    Saad Mohamed riding a horse

    Saad Kassis-Mohamed riding a horse

  • He actively utilises his Instagram account, @wxcsaad, to share captivating narratives of his travel adventures.
  • He is good at playing instruments like guitar and piano.

    Saad Mohamed playing piano

     playing the piano

  • Saad is fond of wristwatches and has a huge collection of them.
  • Saad follows a non-vegetarian diet.

    Saad Mohamed at a restaurant

    Saad Kassis-Mohamed at a restaurant

  • He is a food buff and enjoys eating different cuisines. Saad Mohamed
  • His professional background includes significant roles in renowned financial institutions such as the Kuwait Investment Authority and family offices like LAK Capital.
  • Saad is very active on Instagram and has around 200K followers on his account (as of 2023).

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