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Kaushik Ganguly

Kaushik Ganguly is an Indian film director, screenwriter, and actor. He is primarily known for his work in the Bengali film industry. In 2023, he played the role of Rathin Banerjee in the Bengali web series ‘Rajneeti,’ which premiered on the OTT platform Hoichoi.


Kaushik Ganguly was born on Sunday, 4 August 1968 (age 55 years; as of 2023) in Kolkata, West Bengal. He did his schooling at Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya, Narendrapur. He pursued his master’s degree in Bengali literature and B. Ed. at Jadavpur University, Kolkata, West Bengal. [1]Hindustan Times While pursuing his bachelor’s degree, he started a theatre troupe with Suman Mukhopadhyay (who later became a film director) and Churni Ganguly (whom Kaushik later married).

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 9″

Hair Colour: Salt & Pepper

Eye Colour: Black

Kaushik Ganguly


Parents & Siblings

His father, Sunil Ganguly, was a renowned guitarist.

Kaushik Ganguly's father, Sunil Ganguly

Kaushik Ganguly’s father, Sunil Ganguly

Wife & Children

On 16 January 1993, he got married to Churni Ganguly, who is an actress and film director.

A wedding picture of Kaushik Ganguly

A wedding picture of Kaushik Ganguly

He has a son named Ujaan Ganguly, who is a popular Bengali actor.

Kaushik Ganguly with his wife and son

Kaushik Ganguly with his wife and son


Kaushik Ganguly and Churni met each other at Jadavpur University, where Churni was pursuing a master’s degree while Kaushik was studying for his B.Ed. While studying there, they began working together in a theatre troupe and soon fell in love. They dated for a few years and later decided to marry after completing their degrees.



Kaushik Ganguly started his career in the Bengali film industry in 1987 by working as a screenwriter for Telugu films. However, he later moved to the Bengali film industry and wrote the screenplay for various Bengali films. Some of the most notable films written by Ganguly include ‘Shunyo E Buke’ (2005), ‘Jackpot’ (2009), ‘Arekti Premer Golpo’ (2010), ‘Rang Milanti’ (2011), and ‘Laptop’ (2012).

Poster of the film 'Rang Milanti'

Poster of the film ‘Rang Milanti’



In 1995, Kaushik Ganguly started working for ETV Bangla as a director and directed various TV series and telefilms. His telefilms ‘Ushnatar Janye,’ ‘Ulka,’ and ‘Aatithi’ are based on lesbianism and sex determination. He later directed various TV shows and telefilms including ‘Hariharan,’ ‘Shesh Kritya,’ ‘De-Ray,’ ‘Bandhobi,’ and ‘Bagh Nokh.’


He made his directorial debut in the film industry with the Bengali film ‘Waarish’ in 2004.

Poster of the film 'Waarish'

Poster of the film ‘Waarish’

He rose to fame after directing his second film ‘Shunyo E Buke’ (2005). In 2010, he directed the film ‘Arekti Premer Golpo,’ which was the first film based on queer after the Delhi High Court declared certain parts of Section 377 (regarding gay sex) of the Indian Penal Code invalid in July 2009. His film ‘Cinemawala’ (2016) is a tribute to the single-screen cinema halls that have become rare in India. In 2017, he directed the film ‘Nagarkirtan’ which portrays the real-life struggles faced by LGBTQ communities as they confront long-standing prejudice and societal taboos that have existed for hundreds of years.

Poster of the film 'Nagarkirtan'

Poster of the film ‘Nagarkirtan’

Some other notable films directed by Ganguly include ‘Jackpot’ (2009), ‘Laptop’ (2012), ‘Bishorjan’ (2017), ‘Lokkhi Chele’ (2022), and  ‘Ardhangini’ (2023).



In 2008, Ganguly appeared in the Bengali film ‘Chalo Let’s Go’ in which he played the role of Anando. He played the role of Partha in the film ‘Laptop’ (2012). His performance as Ganesh Mandal in the film ‘Bishorjan’ (2017) received a huge acclamation from the audience. In 2019, he played the titular role in the film ‘Shankar Mudi.’

Poster of the film 'Shankar Mudi'

Poster of the film ‘Shankar Mudi’

He played the role of Rashid Ali in the film ‘Bismillah’ starring Riddhi Sen. He has acted in many more films such as ‘Notobor Notout’ (2010), ‘Nirbashito’ (2014), ‘Drishtikone’ (2018), ‘Tarikh’ (2019) and ‘Kaberi Antardhan’ (2023).

Web Series

Apart from films, Ganguly has also appeared in a few web series. In 2022, he played the lead role of Soumendrakrishna Deb in the Bengali web series ‘Tiktiki,’ which premiered on the OTT platform Hoichoi. In the same year, he appeared in the web series ‘Prankenstein,’ released on Klikk. He played the role of Dindayal Biswas in the web series ‘Shikarpur’ (2023), on ZEE5. His performance in the web series ‘Rajneeti’ (2023), on Hoichoi, received huge appraisal from the audience.

Poster of the web series 'Rajneeti'

Poster of the web series ‘Rajneeti’

Awards, Honours, Achievements

  • In 2012, he received an award for Best Feature Film in Bengali for his film ‘Shabdo’ at the 60th National Film Awards.
  • In 2013, he won the IFFI Best Director Award for the film ‘Apur Panchali’ at the 44th International Film Festival of India.
  • He was nominated for Best Director for the film ‘Shabdo’ at Filmfare Awards East in 2014.
  • In 2014, he won the Best Film Critic’s Choice award for ‘Shabdo’ at Filmfare Awards East.
  • He was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor award for the film ‘Kangal Malsat’ at Filmfare Awards East in 2014.
  • In 2015, he received the National Film Award for Best Film on Other Social Issues for the film ‘Chotoder Chobi.’
  • He won the IFFI ICFT UNESCO Gandhi Medal in 2015 at the 46th International Film Festival of India for the film ‘Cinemawala.’

    Kaushik Ganguly with his IFFI ICFT UNESCO Gandhi Medal

    Kaushik Ganguly with his IFFI ICFT UNESCO Gandhi Medal

  • In 2017, he won an award for Best Feature Film in Bengali for the film ‘Bishorjan’ at the 64th National Film Awards.
  • He won the Special Jury Award (feature film) at the National Film Awards in 2018 for the film ‘Nagarkirtan.’
  • He received an award for Best Original Screenplay at the 67th National Film Awards in 2021 for the film ‘Jyeshthoputro.’
  • He won the Best Director award at the 4th Filmfare Awards Bangla for the film ‘Jyeshthoputro’ in 2021.


  • Kaushik Ganguly wanted to pursue a career in the film industry since he was a child. In an interview, he revealed that he wrote his first script when he was in 9th class.
  • Before stepping into the film and television industry, Ganguly worked as a school teacher. In an interview, he revealed this and said,

    I started my career as a teacher. For five years, I was with St James and for the next three years, I taught at St Xavier’s.”

  • He was the first to depict the problems faced by the LGBTQA community in Bengali television production by directing telefilms like ‘Ushnatar Janye,’ ‘Ulka,’ and ‘Aatithi.
  • Ganguly’s wife has appeared in a majority of his films. In the film ‘Lokkhi Chele,’ he collaborated with both his wife and son. However, he later clarified in an interview that he never specifically made a film with the intention of featuring his family in the cast. He further mentioned that the Bengali film industry has numerous filmmakers who create films solely to showcase their own families.

    I can never make a film keeping in mind the family members. Yes, there are directors and producers who are making bad films only to cast their family. I believe the casting has to come naturally.” [2]The Times of India

  • In 2017, a Calcutta High Court advocate sent a complaint letter to the CBFC chairperson Prasoon Joshi in which he threatened that he would file a case against the CBFC in court if they certified Kaushik’s film ‘Nagarkirtan’ to be showcased in theatres. In an interview, the advocate asserted that the content of the film is against the framework of the Constitution. He said,

    If this film is certified, it will be exhibited in the theatres. But the content of the film is against the very frame work of the Constitution and the protection given by it. “

  • In response to the complaint issued against the CBFC regarding his film ‘Nagarkirtan,’ the filmmaker said in an interview that the certificate for the film will be issued as soon as the film has been watched and appreciated by the advisory panel members. While talking about this in an interview, Kaushik said,

    People should not disrespect the CBFC by issuing such tweets and letter. This is a serious and sensitive film. It is a love story that is meant not to harm any community or religion. People should have enough faith in me, keeping my filmography in mind. The advisory panel members have watched the film and have loved it. Certificate will be issued soon.” [3]The Times of India

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