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Robert Lovell

Robert Lovell is the owner and CEO of HMS, Inc.

Early Life

When he was 11 years old, his father met with a major accident after which his father became permanently disabled. To support the family financially, Bob started a job after school for 6 days a week. His mother started a job of washing clothes at the convent whereas his father remained hospitalised for around 3 more years. A few months later, his mother fell off the stairs in the convent as she was carrying a heavy load of clothes.

Bok then took over all the financial responsibilities on his shoulders. He sold door-to-door magazines for around six years. When he was 17 years old, he enlisted in the army. In 1968, after completing high school, he served in the army from 1968 to 1971. However, after two years, he was granted a hardship discharge to look after his disabled parents. By that time, his mother’s feet were amputated due to diabetes.

Bob then went into an insurance business. He was successful in the same. He was then offered a job in Europe to check the insurance needs of American soldiers serving overseas. With his income, he bought a house in Florida and shifted his parents to the house. In 1992, his mother died, and in 1994, his father also passed away. He then moved to Dallas, TX and started a real estate business.

Home Marketing Services

In January 1997, he started a real estate company named HMS (Home Marketing Services, Inc.) to help people buy their own homes rather than being tenants. Within 20 years, HMS helped around 10,000 families buy their own homes.

His brother who was living in Minnesota was facing severe financial difficulties and was selling his furniture to get the insulin dosage. Bob then decided to bring his brother and brother’s wife Jan to Florida and bought them a small home. He helped his brother to have a stable income. However, due to diabetes, his brother passed away.

Without even attending college, Bob ran his business successfully. He made sure that his only daughter completed her education, and she did a double masters. His daughter even served in the military just like her father Bob.

The journey of HMS was not easy in 28 years. Some of the problems faced by HMS are the recession of 2008, the rise of interest rates, a shortage of inventory (housing) during COVID-19, a large theft of funds by an employee, and two frivolous lawsuits looking for free money.

Bob successfully tackled all the difficulties and helped people in achieving the American dream of homeownership.

For his work, he is known as the “Bless your Heart guy.”


He has provided financial assistance to veterans and homeless shelters such as The Wounded Warrior Foundation as well as charities benefiting the homeless shelters. Bob and HMS donated over $10,000 to the Gospel Union Mission. He has also supported Toys for Tots, delivering U-Haul trucks full of bikes and sporting equipment to children in need of toys for the Holidays. He has donated to various other charities in the DFW area. He has worked with world-famous artist and friend, Michael Godard to support various charities like St Jude’s and the Ronald McDonald House.

His ties to the DFW area:

  • Years on TV, as one of the largest regional advertisers
  • Years on Radio with prominent shows (Jagger, Pugs and Kelly, etc…)
  • Years on TV with Inside the Huddle (TV show with the Dallas Cowboys)
  • Years in publications, like the Dallas Observer (Best Hair, lol)


  • Food: Italian
  • Actor: Denzel Washington
  • Actress: Jennifer Aniston
  • Places: Frisco, Texas

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