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Akshay Ramesh

Akshay Ramesh is the topper of the CA Final exam in May 2023. He secured the All India Rank (AIR 1) in the Chartered Accountants (CA) Final Exam with 616 marks out of 800 marks.


Akshay Ramesh Jain was born in Ahmedabad, India. While speaking about his career, in an interview, Akshay revealed that his motivation to pursue a career in CA was inspired by his father’s cousin, an uncle who had achieved success in the field. He added that, at first, he wanted to pursue an integrated MBA. However, upon encountering certain challenges, he decided to redirect his focus towards CA and notably, a significant part of his CA journey took place in Hyderabad.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 7″

Weight (approx.): 60 kg

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black


Parents & Siblings

His father, Ramesh Jain, is a businessman and his mother, Mamta Jain, is a homemaker.

Wife & Children

Akshay Ramesh’s marital status is not known.


Not known

Chartered Accountants (CA) Exam

After concluding his higher secondary examinations, he dedicated his time solely to preparing for the CA. In 2019, Akshay secured AIR 1 in CA Inter Exam. Later, in May 2023, he attempted the CA final exam and became the topper and secured the all-India rank by scoring 616 marks out of 800 marks. The total percentage achieved by him stands at 77 per cent. During an interview, he openly acknowledged encountering personal challenges with the law subject during the examination while acknowledging that he could have handled it more effectively. Engaging in self-reflection, he offered valuable advice to prospective candidates, urging them to prioritize extensive practice of a diverse range of questions, rather than solely fixating on studying the legal provisions.

A snippet of the news article about the CA final examination results

A snippet of the news article about the CA final examination results

Preparation Strategy & Timetable

During an interview, Akshay shared insights about his daily routine, where he disclosed adhering to a study schedule of 12 to 13 hours. This routine encompassed studying new chapters, reviewing previous ones, solving sample papers, and undertaking mock tests. Although some reports indicated that Akshay did not enrol in any coaching institute for his CA preparation, he did have tutors for certain CA papers, while managing the rest himself. For his studies, Akshay exclusively relied on ICAI materials and also sought inspiration from successful toppers of previous years by watching their strategies on YouTube. Emphasizing the significance of consistency in tackling the CA examination, Akshay underscored the necessity for a disciplined approach, commencing three to four months ahead of the study leave period. He further emphasized the paramount importance of investing ample time in comprehending and internalizing the concepts, cautioning against hasty last-minute memorization. According to his insightful perspective, the comprehensive nature of the CA examination precludes the notion of grasping its entirety through eleventh-hour cramming; rather, it demands diligent long-term preparation. Akshay astutely noted that for the mastery of practical subjects, CA aspirants should actively engage in problem-solving instead of passively perusing solutions. In his view, a mere superficial understanding of the solutions without putting one’s knowledge into practice falls short of the desired outcome. He encouraged individuals to tackle problems independently, urging them to unleash their problem-solving prowess, as a passive approach won’t suffice. Despite his unwavering commitment to his studies, he underscores the vital significance of occasional breaks, referring to them as essential “breathers” within the rigorous process of CA preparation. He astutely highlighted the importance of dedicating quality time with friends after completing tests, recognizing the need to unwind and rejuvenate. Akshay diligently adhered to this practice until approximately six weeks before the exams, understanding the value of maintaining a well-rounded lifestyle even during periods of intense preparation. According to him, these breathers play a pivotal role when one is undergoing such an arduous journey.


  • Reflecting upon his remarkable CA journey, Akshay, in an interview, revealed that his days as an intern were the most memorable phase of the entire process. The internship not only presented him with opportunities to forge new friendships but also enabled him to gain invaluable practical knowledge, which profoundly shaped him both personally and professionally.
  • Jain Akshay Ramesh (Ahmedabad), Kalpesh Jain G (Chennai), and Prakhar Varshney (New Delhi) emerged as the top achievers in the prestigious CA Final examination held in May 2023, securing the coveted first, second, and third positions nationwide.
  • According to certain reports, despite his initial inclination towards pursuing an MBA and apparent lack of seriousness towards CA, the topper’s aspirations took a significant turn after successfully clearing the examinations. It is now suggested that he harbours a strong desire to establish a career in CA consultancy, displaying a remarkable shift in his professional goals.

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