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Yash Rathi

Yash Rathi is an Indian comedian who is known for performing in standup comedy shows. He caused controversy in April 2023 by taking the name of the Hindu God Sri Ram in a joke.


Yash Rathi wanted to become a rapper or a comedian since his childhood when he was studying in 7th or 8th standard and often requested his friends to put up a tent in front of his school to perform. He studied the science stream during the 11th and 12th standards but was not interested in studies.

A childhood photo of Yash Rathi

A childhood photo of Yash Rathi

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 10″

Weight (approx.): 70 kg

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black

Yash Rathi physical appearance



Yash has got many tattoos inked on his body.

  • On Left Hand: A card depicting a skull with the words ‘Initium Novum’ which means a new beginning.

    Yash Rathi's Initium Novum tattoo

    Yash Rathi’s Initium Novum tattoo

  • On Right Hand: Still I Rise;

    Yash Rathi's Still I Rise tattoo

    Yash Rathi’s Still I Rise tattoo

  • On Right Hand: a pair of flowers
  • Behind his ear: A rose
  • A heartbeat on the right wrist


He has got his nose pierced.

Yash Rathi's nose piercing

Yash Rathi’s nose piercing


He was born into a middle-class Hindu family.

Parents & Siblings

His father is an electrical engineer and an Electricity Board employee, and his mother is a homemaker. He has two elder sisters named Twinkle Rathi and Muskaan Rathi.

A childhood photo of Yash Rathi with his two elder sisters, Twinkle Rathi and Muskaan Rathi

A childhood photo of Yash Rathi with his two elder sisters, Twinkle Rathi and Muskaan Rathi

Wife & Children

He is unmarried.


He is single.


He started performing comedy shows in front of an audience in 2018. He became famous after opening his YouTube channel Yash Rathi and posted videos titled ‘Parents’, ‘Chemistry’, and ‘Gentleman’. He performed various comedy shows as a standup comedian in different towns across India.



FIR for allegedly insulting Hindu God Sri Ram

Yash Rathi did a comedy show organised by the ‘Youth For You’ organisation at Sheela Farm in the Nanda Ki Chowki area of Dehradun, Uttarakhand on 8 April 2023. During the show, he made a joke and said that Christian God Jesus drowned when he tried to walk on water for the first time; his friends saved him, and after thinking about it, Jesus said that he drowned as he had not written the name of Hindu God Sri Ram on the slippers he was wearing while trying to walk on water, making a reference to the building of Ram Setu mentioned in Hindu epic Ramayana in which the stones were engraved with the name Ram on it. His comments did not go well with some people, and one of them, Sagar Jaiswal, state president of Uttarakhand Bhairav Sena organisation, registered an FIR at Pram Nagar police station in Dehradun against Rathi for hurting religious groups and promoting enmity between different groups. [1]Jansatta Jaiswal said,

We came across a video of the comedy event organised at a farmhouse in the city’s Prem Nagar area in which he (Rathi) could be seen cracking a joke in bad taste about Lord Ram’s crossing of the sea. Nobody has a right to hurt the sentiments of Hindus.” [2]The Times of India

Sub-Inspector Sanjay Rawat gave a statement to the press and said that they had registered a complaint under 153(A) and are probing the cases. He said,

Acting on the complaint, a case was registered against Rathi Rathi for promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion under section 153(a) of IPC. A probe is underway in the case and the eyewitnesses are being questioned.”

Bike Collection

He owns a Yamaha bike.

Yash Rathi's Yamaha bike

Yash Rathi’s Yamaha bike

Car Collection

He owns a Honda City car.

Yash Rathi's Honda City car

Yash Rathi’s Honda City car


  • He was a mischievous child during his childhood, and he was once caught bursting a cracker in his school.
  • He likes photography and owns a DSLR.

    Yash Rathi holding his DSLR camera

    Yash Rathi holding his DSLR camera

  • He smokes cigarettes and consumes alcoholic beverages.
    Yash Rathi smoking a cigarette

    Yash Rathi smoking a cigarette

    Yash Rathi drinking a beer

    Yash Rathi drinking a beer

  • As of April 2023, he has more than 600 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel Yash Rathi.

    Yash Rathi holding YouTube award after 100 thousand people subscribed to his channel

    Yash Rathi holding YouTube award after 100 thousand people subscribed to his channel


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