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Pooja Luthra

Pooja Luthra is an Indian YouTuber. She created her channel and started posting videos on 6 June, 2012. She makes her videos in Hindi language since most of her subscribers are Hindi speaking residents of India. She has 7.23 Million followers on YouTube. On the channel she posts solutions for issues like PCOD, PCOS, acne etc and also tips and tricks for skincare, hair-care etc.


Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 4″

Weight (approx.): 50 kg

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown


Pooja Luthra belongs to the broad Kshatriya caste.

Husband & Children

Pooja has been married for a long time and has 1 son.

Pooja Luthra with her son

Pooja Luthra with her son


Pooja follows Hinduism.


Pooja is a part of the broad Kshatriya caste group.



Pooja started her YouTube channel on 6 June 844.7 million views and gained 5.5 Million subscribers by the year 2020, her total number of videos (As of 25th March) is 4650, her latest video is ‘My 45 year cousin apply *Tomato Facial* every week & has clean skin-glass skin skin whitening facial’.

The total number of views on her channel are 844.7M (as of 25 March 2022)


  •  Recently in February 2022 schoopwhoop came with and article counting down 12 female YouTubers who have a good number of subscribers. [1]scoopwhoop
  • YourStory also mentioned Pooja Luthra in article from 2019, titled From Prajakta Koli to Rickshawali – meet the women who are making money from YouTube when her channel had 1.2 million followers. [2]YourStory
  • Pooja achieved the feat of 4.5 million followers by 2019.

Salary (Approx)

5,48,629.20 Rupees

Net Worth (Approx)

9,14,44,800.00 Rupees


  • Pooja has a rank of 212th rank all over India.
  • Pooja has had 6.224M veiws on her channel alone in the last 30 days!


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