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Moloya Goswami

Moloya Goswami is an Indian actress and a professor who is best known for her work in Assamese movies. She has been working in Assamese films since 1985 and has played many leading roles. She has gained massive popularity for her admirable work in films like Agnisnaan (1985), Maa (1986), Sarbajan (1985), Uttarkaal (1990), and Calendar (2017). Let’s find out more about her.


Moloya Goswami was born on Tuesday, 9 February 1954 (age 68 years; as of 2022) in Dibrugarh, Assam and was brought up in Nagaon.  Moloya’s father had a transferable job, so he used to move from city to city, but Moloya and her sister had to stay in Nagaon because of their studies. She did her schooling at Nagaon Basic School and graduated from Handique Girls College. She did her postgraduation at Guwahati University. During her undergraduate years, Moloya was a very active student. In an interview, she said,

Though I was a mediocre student, I was loved by my teachers. Recently, I went to Nagaon to attend a meeting there, when my teachers noticed me there, they hugged me with great affection. Such incidents prove that the teachers are not partial to brilliant students only, they also love those who are sincere and toil to uphold their principles.

She was also chosen to play on Assam’s first women’s hockey team. She decided to become a teacher after completing her master’s degree and joins Sonari College. In 1983, she started teaching at Jagiroad College.

Moloya initiated her acting career in the year 1985. Moloya’s spouse, Pradip Goswami, is said to have encouraged her to pursue a career in Assamese films.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 5″

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Eye Colour: Black


She belongs to the famous Rajkhowa family of Sivasagar.

Parents & Siblings

Moloya Goswami is the daughter of Kailash Rajkhowa and Putali Sarma. Kailash Rajkhowa is an executive engineer at the Assam State Electricity Board and her mother was a homemaker. Moloya’s sister Dipti Buzarbaruah is a teacher by profession and owns a school.

Husband & Children

She married in 1981 to Pradip Goswami, an executive engineer of Assam state Electricity board. Moloya and Pradip have two daughters named Nishita Goswami and Nimisha Goswami. Elder daughter Nishita Goswami has also started her career in Assamese cinema.


Moloya Goswami

Moloya Goswami along with her husband, Pradeep Goswami, and daughters Nimisha and Nishita

Moloya Goswami

Moloya Goswami along with her daughter Nishita Goswami


Moloya was fond of acting since childhood. While remembering one of the incidents from her childhood, she mentioned in an interview

At the school level, I could show my performance in the first play of my life. That was a play by Aarati Das Boiragi which was performed for the silver jubilee celebration of the school. In Handique College, during the college week, the girls from the department of Philosophy decided to perform a play and I also expressed my willingness to act in it but they were philosophy students and I was from the education stream and you know what kind of sentiments play during college weeks. They asked me not to mind if I was not taken in

Moloya Goswami

Moloya Goswami is highly acknowledged in the Assam film industry

Pradip Goswami, his husband, was her biggest supporter. She was the one who began her career as an actor after her marriage, while other Bollywood actresses had to break their ties with the camera and films after their marriage. Moloya Goswami made her acting debut in the film Agnisnaan (1985). Rabindranath Saikia, a novelist, and director from Assam approached Moloya’s husband with the proposal that Moloya should play the role of Menaka. Pradip quickly agreed to his suggestion, and Moloya eventually agreed to be in the film as well. Thereafter, Bhabendranath trained her to act in the role

Moloya’s filmography includes Sarbajan (1985), Siraj (1988), Uttarkaal (1990), and Firingoti (The Spark) (1992). Moloya Goswami was also awarded for her excellent acting in the movie Firingoti (1992). Apart from films, she has also enacted in some serials like Ritu Ahe Ritu Jay and Jibanar Batat.

Moloya Goswami

Moloya Goswami in the movie Firingoti

Moloya Goswami continues to teach at Jagiroad University in addition to acting.


  • Moloya Goswami was awarded the prestigious National ‘Rajat Kamal’ award for Best Actress in the year 1992.
  • She won the “Joymoti Award” and also the “Best TV Actress” for the TV serial ‘Writu Ahe Writu Jai’.


  • Food: Konkani
  • Music: Old Film songs
  • Sport(s): Yoga and Meditation


  • Moloya is the first Assamese actress to win the national film award for best actress.
Moloya Goswami

Picture of Moloya Goswami receiving her award

  • Apart from working in movies, Moloya’s strong voice attracted All India Radio to cast her in more than 40 radio plays produced by ‘Yuva Vani’.
Moloya Goswami

Moloya Goswami was cast in 40 radio plays

  • Moloya Goswami likes doing volunteer work. She is the founder and secretary of Arpita, a Delhi-based non-governmental organization that assists mothers and children in need. She is also a member of the Literacy and Development Media Management Group. This Delhi-based NGO promotes human resource development, social progress, and environmental concerns. She is a trustee for the late Bhabendra Nath Saikia’s children’s trust and a board member of the Montessori Training Academy. She has also joined the TeachAids team as the voice of a female doctor in the Axomiya language version.  In an interview, while explaining her work for the society, she said

It’s a great opportunity for me to be a part of this project because, as we all know, this is a very sensitive issue and there is a lot of stigma about HIV and AIDS in our society. As a teacher and as an artist, I think I have an obligation toward the society, especially the younger generation. It’s my duty to educate them in a proper way, to provide them with the information they need. I’m very honored to be part of this project.

Moloya Goswami

Moloya Goswami at a hospital

  • Moloya’s father Kailash Rajkhowa wasn’t in the support of seeing his daughter entering the acting career. She said that neither he was keen on her acting career nor he had time for the extracurricular aspirations of his daughter.

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