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Jashodaben Narendrabhai Modi

Jashodaben is an Indian teacher and the wife of Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.


Jashodaben Narendrabhai Modi was born as ‘Jashodaben Chimanlal Modi (maiden name)’ in the year 1952 (age 67 years; as in 2019) in Brahmanwada, Bombay State (presently Gujarat).

Family, Caste & Husband

Jashodaben belongs to the Modh Ghanchi (OBC) caste of Gujarat. Her father’s name is Chimanlal Modi (deceased). Her mother died when she was two years old. She has two brothers.

Joshodaben With Her Brothers

Joshodaben With Her Brothers

Jashodaben got married to Narendra Modi in 1968.

Jashodaben's Husband, Narendra Modi

Jashodaben’s Husband, Narendra Modi

Her Marriage With Modi

Jashodaben got engaged to Modi a year before their marriage. Jashodaben got married Modi when she turned 11, in 1963. Modi and Jashodaben started living together (Gauna) when she turned 16, and Modi turned 18 in 1968. According to her, Modi, who wanted to travel the world, left home after three years of marriage. Modi separated from Jashodaben and wandered in the Himalayas; practicing Sannyasa. Jashodaben, on the other hand, returned to her father’s house and dedicated herself to her studies. She came into the eyes of the media only after Modi acknowledged Jashodaben as his wife in his affidavit that he had submitted to contest for the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections from the Vadodara Constituency.


Jashodaben did her SSC in 1974 and completed her teachers’ training in 1976. She then worked as a teacher in a primary school from 1978 to 1990 in the Banaskantha District of Gujarat. In 1991, she moved to the Rajosana village and retired from her job.


Most of the time her marriage with Modi is mentioned in a controversial manner as she was never acknowledged as Modi’s wife officially before he filed the nomination for the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections.


  • After her marriage, she came to live with Modi leaving her studies. Though, in an interview, she stated that Modi had always wanted her to join school again and complete her education.
  • After Modi went to practice sannyasa, she focused on her studies and completed her Secondary School Examination in 1972.
  • After two years of separation from Modi, she was struck with grief again because of her father’s death.
  • Three years later, after Modi had completed his sannyasa, he returned home. He made plans to go Ahmedabad to work with his uncle, leaving Jashodaben behind.
  • In an interview, she said that she was not in contact with Modi, but she wishes all the success for him.
  • Jashodaben lives with her brother and his wife in Unjha, Gujarat.
  • Before the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections, she pledged that she would not eat rice or anything made with it until Modi becomes the Prime Minister of India.
  • She is not interested in politics, and even after Modi became the Prime Minister of India, she kept herself out of it and indulged herself in social works. After Modi’s win in the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections, she said,

    Since it was made compulsory, he admitted to it. After so many years I felt good that he remembered me. I felt very happy on hearing this, why won’t I feel happy… He has never publicly said he was unmarried…. I am his wife and will always remain his wife. I am proud he is my husband. I have experienced the greatest joy that he is PM now. I will go and meet him when the time comes.”

    Jashodaben's After Modi's Win In 2014 Lok Sabha Elections

    Jashodaben’s After Modi’s Win In 2014 Lok Sabha Elections

  • She was not invited to the swearing-in ceremony of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India.
  • She is a huge supporter of BJP. Jashoshaben is a devoted social worker and was a part of the protest at Azad Maidan against the demolition of the slums.

    Jashoben Protesting Against Slum Demolition

    Jashoben Protesting Against Slum Demolition

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