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Bharti Shri Ji

Bhartishee aka Bharti Devi [1]The Financial Express is an Indian spiritual leader who recites Kathas and Pravachans at various spiritual events. She is famous for being the daughter of the controversial spiritual leader Asaram Bapu.


Bharti Shri Ji was born on Sunday, 15 December 1974 (age 46 years; as of 2020) in Ahmedabad. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. She holds an M.Com. degree. [2]Patrika

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 4″

Eye Colour: Black

Hair Colour: Black

Bharti Shri Ji

Family & Caste

She was born in a Hindu Baniya family. [3]Wikipedia

Parents & Siblings

Her father, Asaram Bapu, is a controversial Indian spiritual leader who was sentenced to a life long imprisonment after being held guilty in the rape-murder case in 2013. Her mother, Lakshmi Devi, is a spiritual leader too. Her brother, Narayan Prem Sai, a self-proclaimed Saadhu, was sentenced to life imprisonment along with his father in the same case.

Bharti Shri Ji's brother and father

Bharti Shri Ji’s brother and father

Bharti Shri Ji with her mother

Bharti Shri Ji with her mother

Husband & Children

In 1997, she got married to Hemant, a doctor by profession and devotee of Asaram. After three years of their marriage, the couple got divorced, and Bharti Shri Ji returned to her father’s home. As per some sources, the main reason behind her divorce was Asaram’s over interference in her married life. [4]Patrika

Spiritual Journey

As per her official website, she is a scholar, scientist, poet, musician, and spiritualist. She started her spiritual training at the age of 12. After her divorce, she worked at her father’s ashram, and later, started her ashram where she used to preach Kathas and Pravachans.


According to her devotees, she has divine power, and her melodious voice attracts the people.

Bharti Shri Ji on the eve of Holi

Bharti Shri Ji on the eve of Holi

In 2008, she started the ‘Prerna Divine Foundation’ which works for the welfare of humanity. She has also started an NGO called ‘Laksh Prerna Divine Foundation.’ Some of her popular NGO campaigns are Divya Shishu Ratna (Vedic Garbh Vigyan), De-addiction campaigns, and Gau Seva.

Bharti Shri Ji distributing food among needy people

Bharti Shri Ji distributing food among needy people

Apart from her ashrams and NGO, she also takes care of her father’s ashrams.

Bharti Shri Ji in Lord Shiva's temple

Bharti Shri Ji in Lord Shiva’s temple


In 2013, she was arrested in the rape case of Surat-based two sisters, and Bharti accepted it in the investigation that Bharti and her mother used to supply girls to her father and brother. A few days later, Bharti and her mother were granted bail. [5]The Deccan Herald [6]The Financial Express


2 Ishwar Kripa Part 2, Opp. Parimal Hospital, Near Motera Stadium, Ahmedabad 380005

Assets & Properties

  • She owns land at 45 places in Gujarat and 33 places across Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh.


  • Bharti Shri Ji is an avid animal lover and plants lover.

    Bharti Shri Ji with a calf

    Bharti Shri Ji with a calf

  • In one of her Pravachans, she said,

When you move ahead to do selfless service work, then all powers of the universe come together to support you. So even if you start alone to help others, you will see that thousands of hands will come to support you. Therefore, never think yourself to be weak, hopeless and helpless. That Divine Power is always with you.”

Thought by Bharti Shri Ji

Thought by Bharti Shri Ji

  • Various spirituals magazines and e-magazines are published on her spiritual thoughts and Kathas.

    A magazine on Bharti Shri Ji

    A magazine on Bharti Shri Ji

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