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Anuj Sharma is an Indian playback singer from Himachal Pradesh. He mainly sings Himachali folk songs and works in Bollywood films. He took part in the Indian Idol TV show and was the runner-up of the second season of Indian Idol. Anuj was fond of singing songs from his childhood. His first music album was ‘Khwaab’, which was released on January 1st, 2010. It comprises 8 tracks.

Anuj Sharma Singer

Anuj Sharma Singer


Anuj Sharma is born on Saturday, 6 March 1976 (age 46 years; as of 2022) in a small town namely Rehan, in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. This town lies on the border of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. Anuj completed his primary and secondary level education from the Government Senior Secondary School at Rehan. He graduated from Wazir Ram Singh Government Post Graduate College, Dehri from Himachal Pradesh. Anuj has also done a Diploma in Music Recording. After that, he completed his Master’s degree in Music at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. He also learned sound mixing from an academy after completing his post-graduation.

Anuj Sharma singing

Anuj Sharma singing


Anuj Sharma belongs to a Hindu family from Himachal Pradesh.

Anuj Sharma wearing Himachali cap

Anuj Sharma wearing a Himachali cap

Parents & Siblings

Anuj Sharma’s father, Yograj Sharma, is a retired teacher. His mother’s name is Payari Devi. Anuj has two siblings namely Manoj Sharma (brother) and Anupam Sharma (sister).

Wife & Children

Anuj Sharma got married to Vanita on May 5, 2006.


Anuj Sharma was fond of singing songs from his childhood days. After completing his Bachelor’s degree, he started singing with some professional singers. In 1996, his first folk album ‘Rat Payee Gume De Naale’ released with T-series. He got involved with All India Radio, Shimla, and sang many songs. Anuj was appointed as a lecturer in music at Guru Nanak Dev University. He has worked there for almost three years. He did a diploma in music recording at Media Mates, New Delhi. After earning a diploma in music recording, he opened his own music studio, where he started composing music for Himachali folk songs. After he opened his own studio, the first song that he sang was for the Himachali feature film, Fulmu Ranju.

Anuj Sharma with Raja Veer Bhadra Ji

Anuj Sharma with Raja Veer Bhadra Ji

Journey To Indian Idol

Anuj Sharma holding Indian Idol Runners Up Trophy

Anuj Sharma holding the Indian Idol Runners Up Trophy

Anuj Sharma stated that Guru Ravikant Verma was his guide when he was pursuing his master’s in music at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. After that, he went to Delhi to take advice from Guru Baldevraj Verma. While he was pursuing a diploma in music recording, he gave Indian Idol auditions in New Delhi. Anu Malik, Farah Khan, and Sonu Nigam were the judges of that season.

Singer Anuj Sharma

Singer Anuj Sharma

Anuj sang “Tuje Dil Main Basa to Loon par Payar Jaroori Hai” during the piano round in the Indian Idol show. He had to leave the show as he could not clear the piano round, but the judges brought him back through a wild card entry in the show. Anuj reached the top 3 in the last round but could not win the show. The winner of Indian Idol Season 2 was Sandeep Acharya. Anu Malik praised Anuj and said,

Anuj your voice is as sweet as himachali Apple.”


In 1996, his first folk song ‘Rat Payee Gume De Naale’ was released. Anuj Sharma released his first solo album ‘Khwaab’ on 25 February 2010 and this was released under Universal Music Label. Anuj has stated that the album ‘Khwaab’ comprises eight Hindi songs and the title song is shot in Thailand. Gaurav Dayal, Shabana Azmi, and Saibal Vasu are the music composers of this album. He has recorded over 40 albums of the Himachali folk songs. After that, Anuj released an album ‘Thandian Hawawan Himachale Diyan.’ Anuj’s music director, Gaurav Dayal guided him to do something new apart from singing folk songs. So, Anuj tried rock music, which was entirely different from folk music. His music director had given him some CDs to get some idea about rock music and told him the voice modulations on different music platforms. Anuj followed his director’s advice and started singing the song without knowing that the director was actually recording the song. The song was finally recorded in two takes.

Anuj Sharma Performing Live

Anuj Sharma Performing Live


  • Apart from his interest in singing, Anuj was also a very good cricket player.
  • He maintains his health by following a good fitness routine and loves to explore fresh places.
  • Anuj Sharma follows Sukhwinder Singh, a famous Indian singer.

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