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Anjali Sud

Anjali Sud is a young Indian-American businesswoman who is the CEO of one of the leading online platforms, Vimeo.


Anjali Sud was born on Saturday, 13 August 1983 (age38 years; as of 2021) in Detroit, Michigan. Her zodiac sign is Leo. Anjali grew up in Flint Michigan in an Indian Community. When Anjali was 14 years, she left Flint and moved to Andover to study at Massachusetts Private Andover Academy in 1997. Anjali pursued graduation in finance and management from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and later, she pursued MBA at Harvard Business School in 2011. [1]India West Anjali started her career by selling diapers and toys online. Anjali always had a desire to work in a bank, she applied for various positions in different big banks, but she was rejected every time.

Anjali Sud


Anjali Sud was born to Punjabi parents.

Parents & Siblings

Before shifting to the United States, Anjali’s parents lived in Punjab. Anjali’s father is a physician and an entrepreneur, he runs a manufacturing plant in Michigan, US. Anjali’s mother is also a working woman. Anjali didn’t get much time to spend with her parents, as her parents worked for long hours.

Anajli Sud's parents

Anjali Sud’s parents

Anjali Sud has one brother and one sister. She is the oldest of the three. Anjali was a very shy girl during her childhood days.

Anjali sud with her siblings

Anjali sud with her siblings

Anjali’s parents always pushed her to follow her ambition, and they always kept her self dependent. Anjali grew up in an environment of work ethics, that always inspired her to do something big that could be recognized by the world. Anjali’s parents sent her to boarding school at the age of 14, so that she could get the best education.

Anjali with her father and 2 siblings

Anjali with her father and two siblings

Husband & Children

Anjali Sud’s husband’s name is Matt. She has one son, whose name is Savaan.

Anjali Sud's husband and son

Anjali Sud’s husband and son


Anjali Sud started her career by selling toys and diapers online. Later, Anjali joined as an Investment Banker in a firm. Anjali applied for various positions in different big banks, but every time she got rejected. Despite the rejection, she never stopped working hard, she gained experience and improved her skills. In 2007, Anjali joined as an associate in Time Warner and she worked there for almost two years.

In Amazon

Anjali Sud applied for a summer internship at Amazon in business development. In 2011, she joined amazon as a Senior Manager for one year and in 2012, she was promoted as an Associate Director in Amazon. Anjali became the director of the marketing team in 2013. She worked in amazon for almost 3 years [2]LinkedIn

In Vimeo

Anjali Sud joined Vimeo in 2014. She was appointed as the director of the marketing team. Anjali always gave the best in her work. She always advised and tried to be as useful as possible to the leaders around her. Anjali helped her colleagues as and when required.In 2016,  she was appointed as the general manager in Vimeo and in 2017, she was promoted as the Chief executive officer of Vimeo. She is known as one of the reasons behind the growth of the company. [3]LinkedIn

Anjali Sud CEO of Vimeo

Anjali Sud CEO of Vimeo

In 2019, Anjali Sud joined Dolby laboratories and the Young designated global leader of the World Economic Forum.

Awards & Achievements

  • In 2019, Anjali Sud was honoured the Muse Award by the New York Women in film and television. [4]NYWIFT

    Anjali Sud awarded the Muse new york women in film televison award

    Anjali Sud was awarded the Muse new york women in film television award

  •  In 2018, Anjali Sud was listed in the “40 under 40 list”.
  •  Anjali Sud was also designated as a Young global leader of the World Economic Forum.


  • According to Anjali, she didn’t get good marks in her first year in boarding school.
  • In an interview, Anjali said that during her childhood, she saw her father working with full dedication and effort that always inspired her to do something big and impactful.
  • Anjali Sud enjoys watching movies and reading articles related to politics in her free time.
  • In 2017, Anjali Sud was named the CEO of Vimeo, in her first 2 months on the job, she led Vimeo’s transaction to a software service business for the content creators, and she pulled nearly $200 million in revenue in 2009.


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