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Vrushali Gokhale

Vrushali Gokhale is an Indian actor, who mainly works in Marathi TV serials and films. She is known for being the wife of the veteran Indian actor Vikram Gokhale.


Vrushali Gokhale was born in Maharashtra.

An old photo of Vrushali Gokhale

An old photo of Vrushali Gokhale

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 4″

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Vrushali Gokhale


Parents & Siblings

There is not much information available about her parents and siblings.

Husband & Children

On 12 May 1975, Vrushali got married to the Indian actor Vikram Gokhale. The couple has two daughters named Nisha Kekar Adav and Neha Gokhale Sundriyal, and both are married.

Vrushali Gokhale with her husband

Vrushali Gokhale with her husband

Vrushali Gokhale with her husband and daughters

Vrushali Gokhale with her husband and daughters

Other Relative(s)

Her father-in-law, Chandrakant Gokhale, was a renowned Marathi actor and singer. Her grandmother-in-law, Kamlabai Gokhale, was the first female child actor in Indian cinema. Her great-grandmother-in-law, Durgabai Kamat, was the first female actor in Indian cinema.

Vrushali Gokhale's father-in-law Chandrakant Gokhale

Vrushali Gokhale’s father-in-law Chandrakant Gokhale

Vrushali Gokhale's grandmother-in-law Kamlabai Gokhale

Vrushali Gokhale’s grandmother-in-law Kamlabai Gokhale

Vrushali Gokhale's great grandmother-in-law Durgabai Kamat

Vrushali Gokhale’s great grandmother-in-law Durgabai Kamat


Vrushali has appeared in a few Marathi films and TV serials. In 1983, she appeared in the Marathi TV series ‘Shwetambara,’ aired on DD Sahyadri. She has also appeared in Marathi films like ‘Aaj Jhale Mukt Mi’ (1986) and ‘Aaghaat’ (2010).

Aaj Jhale Mukt Mi’ (1986)

Aaj Jhale Mukt Mi’ (1986)


  • She loves to travel to different places along with her husband.

    Vrushali Gokhale on one of her trips

    Vrushali Gokhale on one of her trips

  • She follows a non-vegetarian diet.

    Vrushali Gokhale holding a plate full of seafood

    Vrushali Gokhale holding a plate full of seafood

  • In November 2022, her husband Vikram Gokhale’s health deteriorated after which he was immediately rushed to a hospital in Mumbai. Some media sources then started claiming that Vikram had passed away. Later, while talking to the reporters, Vrushali clarified that the news of her husband’s demise was only a rumour. She said,

    He was doing ok a few days ago, won’t say that he was fine as he has multiple health issues. He has been at the hospital for the last few days and was recovering too, but from yesterday he’s critical. We are waiting for the doctors to tell us the way forward, hopefully tomorrow they’ll tell us more, tell us what needs to be done. But he is critical, and that’s all I can say. He slipped into coma yesterday afternoon and post that, he has not responded to touch. He is on ventilator. Doctors will decide tomorrow morning what to do, depending on whether he’s improving, sinking or still not responding.”

    Vrushali Gokhale's note about her husband's health

    Vrushali Gokhale’s note about her husband’s health


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