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Agneya Singh

Agneya Singh is an Indian filmmaker, screenwriter, photographer, and journalist who got recognition for his writing and direction of the Hindi road film ‘M Cream’ (2014).


Agneya Singh was born on Friday, 21 July 1989 (age 33 years; as of 2023) in Delhi. His zodiac sign is cancer. Agneya attended school in Delhi and to pursue his interest in films, he went to the New York University Tisch School of the Arts and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film/Cinema/Video studies. During his time in TISCH, Agneya assisted the famous experimental filmmaker Lynne Sachs as a projectionist in the Film/TV department of NYU.

Agneya Singh

Agneya Singh’s (right) childhood picture with his sister

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 7″

Hair Colour: Natural Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Agneya Singh


Parents & Siblings

Agneya Singh’s father is an Indian businessman, and his mother, Seema Mustafa, is an Indian print and television journalist. She is the founder and currently the editor-in-chief of the digital newspaper ‘The Citizen.’ His parents met in their college days, and they later got married and had two children, Agneya and Gayeti Singh. A few years later, both Agneya’s parents parted ways and got divorced.

Agneya Singh

Agneya Singh’s parents

Agneya Singh’s elder sister, Gayeti Singh, is the co-founder and associate editor of the digital newspaper ‘The Citizen’ and helps her mother with their in-house journalism company.

Agneya Singh

Agneya Singh with elder sister, Gayeti Singh



Agneya Singh’s first official break in the movies was ‘M Cream’, a 2014 Indian independent feature film which was directed by Agneya himself. The film received various international awards, like the prestigious Grand Prize for Best Feature Film at the Rhode Island International Film Festival. M Cream starred the famous Imaad Shah and Ira Dubey along with many others.

Agneya Singh

Agneya Singh with director Aban Raza at the screening of ‘M Cream’

Agneya Singh

Agneya Singh’s directorial and screenwriting debut movie ‘M Cream’

Agneya Singh has also contributed to the screenwriting of different and multiple projects, such as ‘C’est la Vie’ (2007), ’21st Century Love’ (2009), ‘Dancing Upstream’ (2009), ‘Sugar Hill’ (2010) and so many more.


Agneya Singh has created magic with his creative filmmaking skills in numerous documentaries, such as ‘A City Lost in Time’ (2006), ‘Christopher Street’ (2007), ‘Magick All Around’ (2008), ‘A Roadmap towards Peace’ (2010) and the list goes on. His passionate and observant nature clearly reflects in his work and brings glory to his name.


Agneya Singh has been a part of so many projects where his amazing cinematography skills have done the magic. His few phenomenal works are ‘Dear Delhi’ (2010), ‘Lonesome Whistle’ (2010), ‘NYC Lights’ (2010), ‘Gone’ (2010), and more.

Agneya Singh

Agneya Singh in his element


  • Agneya Singh is the managing director of Marigold Media Limited since 2018.
  • Agneya Singh was the managing director of the production house Agniputra Films from 2010 until 2018.
  • Agneya Singh is top-skilled in digital strategy, strategic planning, screenwriting, creative writing, and film direction.
  • Agneya Singh supports various important causes, such as human rights, animal welfare, civil rights, poverty alleviation, health, education, and economic empowerment.
  • Agneya Singh also writes blogs on political topics.
  • Agneya Singh loves to travel and often shares photos of different travel destinations on social media.
  • Agneya Singh loves dogs and often shares photos with him on social media.
  • Agneya Singh is also a photographer, and he displays his work on his official website.[1]Agneya Singh
  • Agneya Singh drinks alcohol.

    Agenya Singh at a restaurant with his friend

    Agneya Singh at a restaurant with his friend


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