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Sukha Barewal

Sukha Barewal (1983-2023) was an Indian gangster who was shot dead on 8 May 2023 in Ludhiana, Punjab, India, by his rival Rohit Malhotra. [1]The Times of India


Sukha aka Sukhpreet Singh [2]The Times of India was born in 1983 (age 40 years; at the time of death) in Barewal Awana, Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

Physical Appearance

[3]The Tribune Height: 6’

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black


Parents & Siblings

His father’s name is Baldev Singh.

Wife & Children

On 28 December 2016, he got married to Amita. According to some sources, he had a son named Ankush Singh.

Sukha Barewal's wedding photo

Sukha Barewal’s wedding photo

Sukha Barewal with his wife

Sukha Barewal with his wife

Infamous Gangster

In childhood, he started practising as a wrestler at an akhara in Ludhiana, Punjab. In his teens, a security agency approached the head of the akhara to hire a few boys as security guards and bouncers. In a media conversation, Sukha said,

We have toiled in the “akhara” mud since our childhood. I was conscious of the fact that wrestlers are not on the priority list of the government and sports promoters. Hence, the job here is a dream come true. We came to know about the employment opportunity through our head at the “akhara” who was approached by a local private security agency. The agency was looking for physically fit and good communicators to man malls in the city. The terms of the agreement and the payment suited us and we accepted the job.”

At a very young age, he came in contact with a local goon. He then started getting involved in various criminal activities. Gradually, he formed his own gang and carried on various criminal activities like robbery, murder, extortion, and possessing illegal arms. In 2005, his name came up in the murder case of two men named Deepu and Bhola Ram. According to the local police, he killed the two men and dumped their bodies into Sidhwan Canal, Ludhiana, for which he was arrested. Later, he came out on bail. In 2012, he was arrested by Punjab Police in two ‘attempt to murder’ cases. He had fired bullets on Amandeep Asa in Dhandran Road, Ludhiana and Jagdeep Chahal (NRI) in Model Town, Ludhiana. A year later, he attempted to kill a man named Mani Bhanja at Barewal Road. In December 2013, he had a gang war with one of his rival gangs. He was involved in many more murder cases. In 2014, Sukha, along with his other gang members, was arrested by Punjab Police in a robbery case. Sukha’s gang had robbed a man named Kewal Krishan (Jimmy). At gunpoint, the gang had robbed a Mahindra Verito car, Rs 2 lakh, and gold jewellery from Kewal. On their arrest, while addressing the media, a senior police official PS Gill said,

Sukha was involved in 39 theft cases across the state of which nearly 13 were in Ludhiana, he added. Sub-inspector Harbans Singh in-charge Anti Narcotic Cell, Ludhiana alongwith a police team was on patrolling duty on Hambran Road. Around 5.30 am a Mahindra Verito with registration no PB-09T-4488 was seen coming from village Hambran side. Police signalled the vehicle to stop but instead the accused tried to flee hitting on-duty policemen. However, police arrested them after a chase.”

Sukha Barewal arrested by Punjab Police

Sukha Barewal arrested by Punjab Police

In 2023, Sukha Barewal was on trial in 23 criminal cases. A few cases filed against him were:

  • FIR No.62/2012 u/s 307 IPC PS Model Town, Ludhiana
  • FIR No.197/2005 u/s 302, 307 IPC PS Division No.7, Ludhiana
  • FIR No.49/2010 u/s 353, 186 IPC PS Division No.5, Ludhiana
  • FIR No.97/2010 u/s 308, 323, 324 IPC PS Division No.1, Ludhiana
  • FIR No.78/2005 u/s 457, 380 IPC PS Haibowal, Ludhiana
  • FIR No.116/2005 u/s 454, 380 IPC PS Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana
  • FIR No.47/2010 u/s 307, 382 IPC PS Haibowal, Ludhiana
  • FIR No.234/2013 u/s 382, 398 IPC, 25 Arms Act PS Salem Tabri, Ludhiana
  • FIR No.67/2012 u/s 307 IPC PS Dugri, Ludhiana
  • FIR No.113 dated 23.11.2013 u/s 307 IPC, 25 Arms Act PS Noorpur Bedi, District Ropar
  • FIR No.67 dated 13.08.2012 u/s 307 IPC, 25 Arms Act PS Dugri, Ludhiana
  • FIR No.122/2009 u/s 15 NDPS Act PS Raikot
  • FIR No.129/2008 u/s 307, 452, 323, 324 IPC PS Sadar Jagraon
  • FIR No.79/2006 u/s 326, 324 IPC PS Raikot
  • FIR No.57/2009 u/s 307, 429 IPC, 25 ARms Act PS Mehal Kalan
  • FIR No.34/2008 u/s 307, 323, 324, 148, 149 IPC PS Mehal Kalan District Barnala
  • FIR No.11/2010 u/s 336 IPC, 25 Arms Act PS Mehal Kalan District Barnala
  • FIR No.159/2009 u/s 307 IPC PS City Barnala
  • FIR No.35/2007 u/s 326 IPC PS Kalian Wali
  • FIR No.13/2012 u/s 452, 337, 148, 149 IPC PS Thuliwal
  • FIR No.41/2012 u/s 399, 402 IPC, 25 Arms Act PS Mehal Kalan
  • FIR No.55/2013 u/s 326 IPC, 25 Arms Act PS Rureke District Barnala
  • FIR No.109/2006 u/s 323, 324, 148, 149 IPC PS Raikot, District Jagraon
  • FIR No.15/2007 u/s 336, 341, 427, 506 IPC PS Raikot District Jagraon
  • FIR No.57/2012 u/s 325, 34 IPC PS Sadar Raikot District Jagraon


While Sukha was training at an akhara, he met a wrestler named Sanjiv Sharma aka Sunny who was the son of a deceased sub-inspector Surjit Chand Sharma. Soon, they became good friends. Later, Sukha and Sanjiv started involving in various criminal activities. One day, they had a fight, and in the heat of the moment, Sukha slapped Sanjiv. Sanjiv took it as an insult and from that day, their friendship turned into rivalry. To take revenge, Sanjiv planned Sukha’s murder, and on 22 May 2016, Sanjiv barged into Sukha’s rented apartment in Star Colony of Barewal, Ludhiana. Sanjiv fired six bullets at Sukha out of which four hit him, and he was immediately rushed to Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana. After being treated at the hospital for a few days, he recovered. [4]Hindustan Times While addressing the media in the open fire case, a police official said,

Sukha is a notorious gangster and facing trial in 19 cases including murder, attempt to murder, loot and robbery. Sunny, who was once Sukha’s aide, also possesses criminal record. Three criminal cases have been registered against him at different police stations.”


On 8 May 2023, Sukha was shot dead by a friend-turned-rival Rohit Malhotra in Joginder Nagar, Haibowal, Ludhiana, Punjab, India. Sukha and Rohit had gathered at their common friend’s house to resolve their issues. However, the discussion turned to a spat after which they started firing bullets at each other. In the firing, Sukha was shot dead and Rohit suffered a few injuries to his eye. After firing, both were immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, where Sukha was declared dead and Sanjiv went under treatment. [5]The Times of India


  • In April 2022, he was kidnapped by some goons, and he saved himself by jumping off the running car. [8]The Times of India

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