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San Jaimt

San Jaimt is an Indian rapper, songwriter, and music producer. He is known for his contribution to Hip-Hop in the Indian music scene since 2010. He is one of the early rappers who started rapping in Malayalam and English languages. Some of his popular songs are “We’re Sorry” (2013), “Thee” (2018), “Win” (2017), and more.


San Jaimt was born as Sanju Jaison on Saturday, 1 October 1988 (age 34 years; as of 2022) in Kottayam, Kerala, India. [1]The New Indian Express His zodiac sign is Libra. He shifted to Dubai at a young age with his family, where he found out about rapping. He went to the Indian Community School Kuwait (ICSK). In school, he used to draw and paint, but his interests changed from art to music when his friends introduced him to rap and hip-hop. He came back from Dubai to Kerala and pursued a Bachelor of Engineering degree in electrical, electronics and communications at St. Joseph’s College of Engineering and Technology in Palai, Kerala. Listening to American artists like 2Pac, Eminem, and Rakim influenced him, which developed a desire in him to become a hip-hop artist. [2]San Jaimt

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 8″

Weight (approx.): 65 kg

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black

Body Measurements (approx.): Chest: 40 inches, Waist: 30 inches, Biceps: 14 inches

San Height


San Jaimt belongs to a Christian family in Kerala.

Parents & Siblings

His father’s name is Jaison Thomas. He has a sister named Saumya Jaison.

Sanju with his parents and sister, Saumya

Sanju with his parents and sister, Saumya

Wife & Children

Sanju got married to Nithya Ls on 25 November 2020.

A wedding day photo of Sanju with his wife, Nithya Ls

A wedding day photo of Sanju with his wife, Nithya Ls



At the age of 15, he started to cover songs of popular rap artists to become a rapper. In the mid-2000s, he began to release mixtapes and collaborate with local artists. He uploaded his works under his former stage name Wolfam on Orkut, Myspace, and ReverbNation. His college friend Mahesh Peter, who was a musician and was a part of the college music committee, gave him a chance to rap on a college album titled “6th module,” which was released in 2009. [3]SoundCloud Mahesh introduced San to Alphonse Joseph, who is a Malayalam music director, and since then, he never looked back. [4]San Jaimt Music

Cover of the 2009 album '6th Module'

Cover of the 2009 album ‘6th Module’


In 2013, he released his first single, “We’re Sorry,” as an independent artist; the song has been played on the BBC Asian Network, 9XO, Malayala Manorama, Deccan Chronicle, The Indian Express, Vh1, and various social media sites. On 14 February 2016, his second independent single, “Neeyane,” a rap-fusion song with a love theme, was released. In less than three weeks, the song received over 100,000 views on YouTube.

Official cover picture of San Jaimt's first single song, 'We're Sorry'

Official cover picture of San Jaimt’s first single song, ‘We’re Sorry’


In 2017, he released the first song “Win” from his debut album “Intensity.” On 19 March 2017, he was also featured in the Khaleej Times – City Times edition. A Dubai-based band, “MasterPlan,” featured in the third song of the album, “Walk Alone.” In 2018, he came out with his second Malayalam-language album titled “Munvidhi.” The first song of the album was “Thee,” which was a combination of folk beat and Malayalam rap. He released his 5th single called “Changala,” featuring Vivek G Harry and Apoorva. He released his third album, “Ulka,” in 2021. On 3 April 2021, he released the first song, “Scene,” from his third album, featuring Rzee Purplehaze. “Ottayaal Pattaalam” is the second single of the album, featuring ThirumaLi.

Cover of the 2021 album 'Ulka'

Cover of the 2021 album ‘Ulka’


In 2012, he debuted as a rapper with the song “Kadhakalumezhuthi” from the Malayalam film “The Hitlist.” In the same year, he was offered to work in another film titled “Face to Face.” In 2013, he worked for the Malayalam-language comedy film “ABCD: American-Born Confused Desi.” After that, he was offered to rap for the title track of the 2014 film “Mr Fraud” by the music director Gopi Sundar, which turned out to be one of San’s best works. In the same year, he rapped in the song “Vasudeva” from the film “Koothara.” In the 2022 Malayalam film “Panthrand,” he rapped in the song “Padakal Unare.”


  • Rapper(s): Eminem, Fort minor, Dr Dre, Outlandish, 2Pac, Rakim, Blaaze, Chamillionaire
  • Song: ‘Lose Yourself’ by Eminem


  • Initially, his stage name was Wolfam, which means Ma Flow in reverse, but he later changed it to San Jaimt. [5]San Jaimt Music
  • San Jaimt is a non-vegetarian.
  • He has produced music for commercial jingles for advertisers, individuals, ad agencies, promos, thematic music for TV, and custom music for corporate clients. [6]Linkedin – Sanju Jaison
  • San Jaimt’s song “We’re Sorry” was a tribute to the 2012 Nirbhaya case, the Delhi gang rape case, one of the most brutal incidents that shook India, which inspired San to write this song.
  • In 2015, San Jaimt rapped at St. Therese Cathedral, Abu Dhabi.

    San Jaimt performing at St. Therese Cathedral in Abu Dhabi

    San Jaimt performing at St. Therese Cathedral in Abu Dhabi

  • In 2021, he started a project called “20 beats project” to encourage and enhance the hip-hop and rap scene in Kerala. The 20 beats were created in a period of two months and were available for free. The beats were produced by San to help aspiring rappers create their own songs by using the beats without copyright issues.
  • In an interview, on being asked about what he mostly raps about in his songs, he replied,

    I usually rap about my life -my story, things I have experienced, things that I value and care about, that’s what I believe real hip hop is about. It’s about messages.” [7]Khaleej Times

  • In an interview, he talked about his ambitions and dreams and said that he wanted his songs on every hip-hop lover’s top playlist. He said,

    My ultimate ambition is to have my song on every hip-hop lover’s top playlist. I know those days are not far. I believe in my dreams.” [8]Khaleej Times

  • In the 6th song, “Veendeduppu,” of his second album, “Munvidhi,” he talked about mental health issues, and on 23 July 2020, it was featured in The New Indian Express. In an interview, San talked about depression and said that after he underwent depression, he decided to write a song to express his victory over it, and he wrote his first Malayalam song ‘Thee.’ He said,

    I have gone through depression and struggled a lot to get out of it. I wanted to express my victory through a song and that’s how I wrote my first Malayalam rap song ‘Thee’. This was also the genesis for my second album ‘Munvidhi’. Depression is very underrated in India, many still don’t know how seriously it affects our state of mind. As an artist, I wanted to help those who have been down a similar road.” [9]The New Indian Express

  • According to San, the hip-hop scene is getting huge in India, but Malayalam hip-hop is still not popular. In an interview, he shared his views about the hip-hop scene in South India and his working technique, he said,

    Even though there are a lot of artists coming with singles and albums back to back, still we are not getting the leverage and recognition rap deserves. Rapping is all about picking up the right word, creating your own unique flow. You have to keep on experimenting. When it comes to Malayalam rap, reading and researching is the only way you could pick up the right words. Whatever you do is pretty much new because there has never been a big hip hop scene in Kerala. It’s all about trial and error, you will eventually get to somewhere unique and your music instincts will tell you ‘there it is, sounds good, think we are good to go’. That’s how I do it.” [10]The New Indian Express

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