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Pradeep Mehra

Pradeep Mehra is an Indian teenage boy, who works part-time at McDonald’s and has been preparing to get selected in the Indian Army. He became an overnight internet sensation when filmmaker Vinod Kapri posted a video of Pradeep running back home after work at night
and refusing to take any help or lift to continue his training for his selection in the Indian Army.


Pradeep Mehra was born in 2003 (age 19 years; as of 2022) in Almora, Uttarakhand. He has been preparing for the Indian Army recruitment medical exam. He relocated to Noida with his elder brother. He lives in Barola and works at McDonald’s in Noida’s sector 16.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 8″

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black

Pradeep Mehra


Parents & Siblings

His parents live in his hometown in Uttarakhand. His mother is hospitalized due to some illness, and his father takes care of her. He has an elder brother, Pankaj, who lives with him in Barola village in Noida and works at night.

Pradeep Mehra with his mother

Pradeep Mehra with his mother

Viral Video of Pradeep Mehra

Pradeep became an overnight internet sensation when filmmaker Vinod Kapri noticed him running on the dark streets of Noida at night with a backpack on his shoulders. The filmmaker offered Pradeep a lift, but he denied it. The filmmaker then asked Pradeep the reason for running and not accepting the offer for a lift. To this, Pradeep replied with humility that he runs a stretch of approximately 10 km every night from his workplace in sector 16 Noida to his home in Barola after his shift at work to continue his practice and to follow a routine for physical exercise to prepare for the Indian Army recruitment medical exam. Vinod Kapri then invited him for dinner which he refused again and said that he needs to go home and make dinner for his elder brother, who works at night. Vinod asked Pradeep the reason for not working out in the day to which the 19-year-old answered that he had to wake up, cook breakfast, and leave for work early in the morning. Vinod posted the video on Twitter on the evening of 20 March 2022, which got viral within 24 hours of it being posted on social media.

Fame & Recognition

The video was widely circulated on social media for his sheer dedication and hard work. He was appreciated by various actors and sportspersons. Manish Sisodiya, the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi also retweeted the video and said that a lot of IAS officers and politicians would stand nowhere in terms of the dedication and passion shown by Pradeep. Retired General Satish Dua came forward to personally help Pradeep in his training.

A spokesperson for the opposition Samajwadi Party said that they were ready to take the initiative of funding Pradeep’s education and providing aid for his mother’s treatment.


  • In an interview, Pradeep disclosed that since childhood, he has been listening to the life stories of soldiers, which inspired him to join the Indian Army.
  • He said that after his video got viral, he was bombarded with calls and messages. He also said that people including his friends and media reached his house to talk to him and take his interview.
  • When Pradeep was interviewed outside his workplace after his video got viral, he said,

    I feel extremely motivated and my zeal to join the army has increased manifold. Other people who want to join the army have also got the motivation to move forward because of this. Moreover, many people have offered to help me. I feel very good.”

  • In the midst of all the people reaching out to Pradeep for helping him or for wishing him luck, News18 Uttar Pradesh also invited him to their studio for an interview. Pradeep’s brother said that he was missing, and his mobile phone was also switched off for hours. He later found out that the media crew had visited their house, and they took his brother for an interview. During the interview, Pradeep was asked to run in the studio, which was played on loop on the channel. Reportedly, Pradeep was kept waiting at the newsroom for a few hours, which caused him to miss his shift at work as well. This act of the media house was criticized by many people on social media and was termed as a mockery of Pradeep’s will and determination.

    Pradeep Mehra at News 18's studio for an interview

    Pradeep Mehra at News 18’s studio for an interview

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