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Lisa AI Odia News Anchor

Who is Lisa AI News Anchor?

Lisa is an AI bot developed by Odisha Television Limited (OTV), a well-known Odia news network in India. Lisa is called India’s first AI-powered Odia news anchor. As the pioneering Odia AI, Lisa is envisioned to lead the way into a new era of news broadcasting. In a video posted on Twitter by OTV, Lisa introduces herself with confidence, expressing her enthusiasm for this momentous occasion. The news network disclosed that she would soon begin hosting news updates, demonstrating her capabilities as an AI news anchor. Notably, Lisa possesses an impressive multilingual skillset, enabling her to communicate in Odia, English, and other languages.

Lisa AI – Launch

On 9 July 2023, Odisha Television Limited (OTV) introduced Lisa, the state’s first AI news anchor, joining the growing number of companies employing artificial intelligence (AI) to improve their service offerings. In a press conference that was attended by numerous respected industry dignitaries, Jagi Mangat Panda, the company’s promoter and managing director, introduced Lisa to the guests and extended a warm welcome to her as a new member of the OTV family. During the introduction, Jagi Mangat Panda emphasized Lisa’s significant role in delivering daily news updates, particularly in special segments covering news from Odisha, India, and around the world. Mr. Radhamadhab Mishra, the Senior Editor of OTV, and Litisha Mangat Panda, the head of the digital business joined Jagi Panda at the launch event. They engaged with Lisa, conversing not only in Odia but also in English. The guests were observed applauding the effectiveness and flexibility of AI Lisa in fulfilling her designated role. After Lisa was launched, OTV MD Jagi Mangat Panda said,

The AI anchor is OTV’s gift to television journalism. It is the first AI anchor in the free-to-air regional television broadcasting arena and also the first Odia news anchor.”

Jagi Mangat Panda (sitting centre) at the unveiling ceremony for AI-powered news anchor Lisa in Bhubaneswar

Jagi Mangat Panda (sitting centre) at the unveiling ceremony for AI-powered news anchor Lisa in Bhubaneswar

Jagi Panda added,

AI is going to be a great partner in helping us doing the jobs that are repetitive and are more data analytical. Its us will allow news people to focus more on bringing out new angles and do more creative work to present news in better quality to the people.”

According to Litisha Mangat Panda, the head of OTV’s digital business, the introduction of the AI anchor Lisa marks a significant milestone in the state’s media industry. She said,

We hope that the ongoing AI revolution will sweep television and digital news broadcasting.”

Lisa AI – Developers

Odisha Television Limited (OTV) developed Lisa AI in collaboration with a Mumbai-based startup, and after launching Lisa on 9 July 2023, they said that the AI-powered news anchor Lisa would start presenting news updates for the channel by the end of the month. According to Lisa’s developers, Lisa possesses the ability to communicate in numerous languages, but currently, it will deliver news in Odia and English specifically for the TV network’s channel and digital platforms. Additionally, the AI bot Lisa will maintain an active presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Lisa AI news anchor was introduced by OTV on 9 July 2023

Lisa AI news anchor was introduced by OTV on 9 July 2023

Lisa AI – Development

The creation of the AI anchor Lisa involved the utilization of LLM, learning algorithms, and voice recognition capabilities to develop an anchor that could imitate human-like interactions. These technologies served as the foundation for Lisa, empowering her to analyze extensive information, engage in conversations, and deliver news and content with exceptional accuracy. Lisa’s design is so refined that her voice, appearance, and diction give the impression that she belongs to the cultural fabric of Odisha. According to its developers, Lisa will continue to improve, incorporating user feedback and technological advancements to enhance its capabilities and deliver an exceptional viewer experience.

A newspaper cutting about the launch of India's first AI news anchor, Lisa

A newspaper cutting about the launch of India’s first AI news anchor, Lisa

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