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Laxmikant Mathuranath Dixit

Laxmikant Mathuranath Dixit was an Indian Vedic Karmkand (ritualism) scholar, specialising in Srauta, Smarta, Yajna, concretion, and other rituals. He was known for leading a group of 121 priests at the consecration ceremony (Pran-Pratishtha) of the ‘Ram Lalla’ idol at the Ram temple in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, held on 22 January 2024.


Laxmikant Mathuranath Dixit was born in 1938 (age 86 years; as of 2024) in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. He studied vedas and rituals under the guidance of his uncle Ganesh Dixit Javji Bhatt. After completing his education in Shukla Yajurveda at Sangved Vidyalaya, he started working as a teacher in the same institution.


He belonged to a family originally from Jeur village near Solapur in Maharashtra. His ancestors relocated to Kashi where they devoted their lives to the study of Hindu traditions and rituals. [1]The New Indian Express

Parents & Siblings

There is not much information about his parents and siblings.

Wife & Children

He had two sons named Jai Krishna Dixit and Sunil Laxmikant Dixit. Both of his sons are Vedic scholars.

Laxmikant Mathuranath Dixit (right) with his son

Laxmikant Mathuranath Dixit (right) with his son

Consecration Ceremony of Ram Lalla Idol

In 2023, Dixit was selected by the Shankaracharya Swami Vijayendra Saraswati of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, with the presence of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust’s treasurer Swami Govind Devagiri and general secretary Champat Rai, to lead a group of 121 Vedic scholars from across India to perform the consecration ceremony (Pran-Pratishtha) of the ‘Ram Lalla’ idol at the Ram temple in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh.

Idol of Ram Lalla

The idol of Ram Lalla

In September 2023, the authorities sent a team of scholars including Dixit and Acharya Ganesh Shastri Dravid to Ayodhya to decide the dates of consecration. After the finalisation of the consecration dates, Pandit Dixit presided over a team of Vedic scholars to perform the basic rituals, including Sarva Prayashchit homam and Dashvid snan, which took place on 16 January 2024, leading up to the final ritual of Devpranpratishtha on 22 January 2024.


On 22 June 2024, he took his last breath in Varanasi. He was ill for a very long time. PM Narendra Modi shared his grief on Laxmikant’s demise through Twitter.


  • His family history, known as “vansh parampara,” can be traced back to a well-known Kashi scholar from the 17th century, Gaga Bhatt, who was known for leading the coronation ceremony of Chatrapati Shivaji in 1674. he is the 11th generation of Pandit Gaga Bhatt.
  • In an interview, while talking about getting the opportunity to supervise the consecration ceremony (Pran-Pratishtha) of the ‘Ram Lalla’ idol at Ayodhya’s Ram temple, he said,

    It is because of the blessings bestowed on me by the legendary saints and seers of Kashi that I have been assigned the responsibility of supervising the consecration of Ram Lalla. I will perform my duties with the blessings of Lord Ram.”


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