Interview: Real Indian Matchmaking by Priya Shah The Matchmaker

Note: This article has been written by Priya Shah herself


hey hi, everyone, I have been watching Netflix special Indian matchmaking and I am very much aware of all the negative publicity and memes i have gathered. It breaks my heart the way they have portrait the Indian matchmaking and I can tell you one thing that they have misinterpreted the Indian matchmaking. I am titled to comment on this because i have been working in this industry for more than 30 years of my life and Indian matchmaking does not work like the way they have portrait it in the show.

but before anything I will share my personal life story with you guys, I got married when I was 18 years old and I got married to 1st person my family showed me. At that time i did not have a choice but when I started matchmaking i started it with only one goal that every person whether boy or girl should have options instead of 1,2 persons back in the day. I was blessed and fortunate with my life partner but not everyone gets to be fortunate.

I won’t say that things shown in the show have never happened but they use to happen 2 decades back when people were bounded and had limited thoughts with the cocooned mindset. they wanted everything according to their wishes but nowadays in the 21st-century Indian matchmaking is very different and people their kids are more aware of what they want and its all about compatibility then height, color, or features of a person.

kids choose their life partners, not their parents. we just don’t do arrange marriages, we call it arranged love marriages. here we help people to find the right life partners along with we set-up multiple dates where people get a chance to know their future life partner in a better way. we don’t give 1 or 2 options we provide them with more than 9 or 10 options because in today’s time we believe in no one should compromise not girl or boy. because marriages are forever things and if it does not work out then it leaves great scar and regret.

so we never settle for less than perfect and I have zero divorce rate in my matches. we try till our client gets the right life partner and we stay with them start to end of everything.

our all clients are from very influential families and they just want best for their children and they seek their child’s happiness along with we always get a special request that finds a match according to our kid’s choice rather than ours. I have studied astrology and i don’t promote it because all astrologers have a different opinion on the same Kundli and I believe kundli’s are just things of past they don’t provide any clarity or guarantee on any match.

what if all of your Kundli matches with a person but you don’t get that love connection with your partner so astrologers shown in the show was a misinterpretation of Indian matchmaking.

real matchmaking is all about companionship, understanding, and love. at last, we don’t support people who ask for dowry and we don’t take clients who demand it.

Indian matchmaking is a very poorly made show which tells you about old matchmaking practices that died decades ago and we put kid’s companionship before anything.


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