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Pallavi Shukla

Pallavi Shukla is a normal North-Indian girl and a Bangalore-based mechanical engineer by profession. Till now, she was a sweet young girl with not so much big dreams, who knew she would get a chance to marry a Bollywood singer and steal the show.  She is the one who stole Bollywood Singer- Ankit Tiwari’s heart.

Pallavi Shukla


Ankit Tiwari’s grandmother, Ram Kumari Tiwari, was traveling and was sitting at Jhansi railway station where she spotted this sweet girl Pallavi Shukla.

Ankit’s grandmother got so much chuffed and intrigued by her innocent beauty and sweet nature that she spontaneously decided to bring Pallavi home as her grand-daughter-in-law.

Interestingly, not only Ankit’s grandmother but everybody in his family got impressed by Pallavi in no time and Ankit also agreed to marry her. They got engaged on 19th February as per the media reports.

Physical Appearance

She has a beautiful face with an innocent smile, obviously, she managed to steal the Bollywood’s 21st century’s rock star.

She is approximately 5’3 tall i.e 160 cm,  but yes Ankit and Pallavi together make a beautiful couple.

Pallavi Shukla

Family, Caste, Husband

She comes from a  simple family with Hindu beliefs based in Uttar Pradesh, India. She married Singer Ankit Tiwari on 23 February 2018,  in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh (Ankit’s hometown).Pallavi Shukla with her mother (2)


She worked for some MNC in Bangalore as a mechanical engineer before marrying Ankit Tiwari.Ankit Tiwari with Pallavi Shukla



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