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Rozina is a Bangladeshi actress who acted in films in Kolkata, Nepal, and Karachi.


Rozina was born on Thursday, 12 April 1955 (age 66 years; as of 2021) in Rajbari, Faridpur District of East Pakistan. Her zodiac sign is Aries.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 3″

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Eye Colour: Black



Not much is known about her family.

Religion/Religious Views

She was a Muslim by religion. In an interview she said,

 I am Muslim, I have to fear Allah, I have to be responsible, I have to pray.”


From her childhood, she always dreamt to see herself on the silver screen. She started her acting career as a theatre artist. After moving to Dhaka, she played a character in the drama “Shaistaganj”. Through her theatre projects, she met some film directors and was offered a small role in the movie “Janwar”. From this project, she earned Taka 10. Later on, she signed a film, “Mintu Amar Naam”, but unfortunately she was dropped out of the film. She was dropped out of two more films, but she didn’t lose hope and carried on working with Fakhrul Hasan Bairagi and Chatku Ahmed in plays. In 1977, she got her first film, Rajmahal.


When Rozina was just 16, she made her debut in the film Rajmahal with the co-actor Wasim. This movie was a super hit. After this movie, she was starred in more than 300 films. In 1985, Hindi film director, Shakti Samanta, made a Bengali movie, casting Rozina in the lead role. This movie was dubbed in Hindi as “Aar Paar” featuring Rozina and Mithun Chakraborty in the lead role. In 1988, she got the National Film Best Actress award for the movie Koshai. She became a leading actress in West Bengal in the early 1990s but after that, she was offered character roles. Till 1993 she did several movies in the industry of Kolkata, Nepal, Karachi, and Dhaka. Some of her superhit films till 1993 include, “Chokher Moni”, “Sonar Cheya Dami”, “Matir Manush”, “Shohor Theke Dure”, “Abhiman”, “Anarkali”, “Bini Sutar Mala”, “Rakhe Allah Mare Ke”, “Sohag Milon”, “Sath Maa”, “Taser Ghar”, “Goli Theke Rajpath”, “Shiri Farhad”, “Bhaggalipi”, “Daku o Darbesh”, “Warish”, “Rangin Rupban”, “Hasu Amar Hasu”, “Rosher Baidani”, “Razia Sultana”, “Kosai”, “Jibon Dhara” and “Sabuj Mia”. After 1993, she took a long break and marked her return by a Bangladeshi movie, “Rakkhushi” in 2005 opposite actor Ferdousi.


After her last movie in 2005, she directed two TV dramas Mejdidi and Borodidi, inspired by the novels of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. Along with direction, she played the title role in the serial Mejdidi. She also made TV serials based on the story of Kazi Nazrul Islam. She directed a play named, Badnaam on Bangladesh TV, based on the story of Rabindranath Tagore.

Rozina’s TV Show ‘Nana Ranger Dinguli’

Rozina was a famous actress of the 90s, and have a curious fan base. Keeping in mind the interest of the Bangladeshi audience, Banglavision made a show ‘Nana Ranger Dinguli’ based on the life of Rozina that shows how she has grown up to such a successful actress. This show is produced by Mamun Khan. In this show, Rozina will visit her favourite places those been significant in her life so far. While talking about her show, Rozina said,

I have really enjoyed taking part in such an episode of a programme. It is really something different. I felt well to present own information to the viewers by this programme. I hope viewers will enjoy the programme.”


  • In 1988, National Film Awards for Best Actress
  • In 2004, Meril Prothom Alo Awards for Critics Choice Best Film Actress
  • In 1998, Best supporting actor for the movie Jibondhara


  • She earned the title of Dream Girl of the Bangladeshi Film Industry.
  • Her co-actor Ferdousi, from the movie Rakkhushi, was 12-13 years younger than her. It happened for the first time in the Bangladeshi Film Industry that a co-actor is younger than the actress by more than 10 years.
  • She did modelling for the brand Lux.
  • Reportedly, she now owns a restaurant named Mithu’s kitchen and is settled down in London.
  • She changed her name from Renu to Rozina.

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