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Dr. Daniel Aronov

Dr Daniel Aronov is an Australian medical practitioner who was banned by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHRPA) in 2021 from performing cosmetic surgeries in Australia. Before 2022, he was a TikTok sensation and had many followers on Instagram. In 2021. the AHRPA ordered Aronov to remove all his social media posts.


In 2021, Dr Daniel Aronov became the most-followed cosmetic surgeon on TikTik with 13.4 million followers and 500,000 followers on his Instagram account. He was a senior associate of the controversial Dr Daniel Lanzer, who was a celebrity cosmetic surgeon and was extremely popular on social media. In 2021, Dr Daniel Lanzer resigned as a medical practitioner when investigations were launched against him following the complaints of patients who were traumatized after being treated and operated on by Lanzer and his associates. Aronov also faced serious allegations after the investigations were launched against Dr Daniel Lanzer. Initially, he denied all the allegations and branded them as “misinformation;” however, in 2021, he was banned from performing cosmetic or any kind of surgical procedures including minor surgeries by the Australian Health Practioner Regulation Agency.

Daniel Lanzer (left) and Dr Daniel Aronov (right)

Daniel Lanzer (left) and Dr Daniel Aronov (right)

Physical Appearance

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black

Dr Daniel Aronov (Full size)


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There is not much information about his parents and siblings.

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There is not much information about his wife and children.



Dr Daniel Aronov is an Australian doctor who became famous through TikTok and social media. Aronov was famous for his skits, dances and educational content on medicine posted on social media before November 2021; however, he uploaded many extremely graphic surgical videos, which landed him in trouble. Dr Daniel Aronov is a General Practitioner (GP), but in Australia, cosmetic surgeon does not require specialist training like plastic surgeons. Aronov, like many others, moved to the lucrative field of cosmetic surgery, which is almost a billion-dollar industry in Australia. He was formerly associated with Dr Daniel Lanzer. He faced severe criticism after a joint investigation led by Four Corners, The Age, and Sydney Morning Herald exposed the untold horrors behind the fame of the cosmetic surgeons. Since being banned from performing cosmetic or other surgeries, Aronov has tried to minimize the punishment or limit the ban; however, he has not been given any exemption by the medical association.


Disturbing surgical videos shared on social media

Dr Daniel Aronov had a large number of followers on his TikTok account and Instagram account, he was one of the most popular medical practitioners on social media platforms around the globe. He posted short skits, dance videos and educational clips about medicine and health practices. He also posted videos that show parts of his surgeries, there were nearly-nude women in the videos and Aronov was seen singing and cracking jokes with his colleagues while the patients were undergoing procedures. Aronov once shared a video, in which he was seen throwing the body parts of a patient while the patient was awake, this went viral on TikTok. He was criticised and exposed by the patients who were shocked to find themselves in his videos on public platforms and insisted that they had not permitted him to post the videos. [1]The Age

Dr Lanzer Class Action

Dr Daniel Aronov is a defendant in the class action filed by Maddens Lawyers at the Victorian Supreme Court of Australia, spearheaded by Kathyrn Emeny. The class action is on behalf of everyone who has suffered loss or damage because of cosmetic surgery done at Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Services Pty Ltd (DCSS), or by one or more than one of the defendants. This class action alleges that the cosmetic surgeries were not done with adequate skill and care. It also alleges that the defendants engaged in misleading and deceiving conduct. More than 540 patients have joined in this class action against the defendants. [2]Maddens Lawyers – Website

Allegations of negligence and botched surgeries

After the joint investigation that exposed the untold side of the cosmetic field in Australia, many patients came forward sharing their shocking experiences with the media. A 42-year-old woman from Sydney, who had a tummy tuck and liposuction procedure by Dr Daniel Aronov, was found in critical condition by her husband hours after she had undergone the procedures. She was rushed to St Vincent’s Hospital on 16 November 2021, and the officials from the hospital commented that it was a miracle that she was even alive. The hospital authorities expressed concern over patient care provided at the cosmetic clinic and said they would report it to the officials. Many patients came forward, confirming they had to endure horrendous pain for long periods and even had to seek the help of other hospitals for corrective surgery. [3]The Sydney Morning Herald [4]ABC News [5]Insider


  • In Australia, there is no special training required to be a cosmetic surgeon, unlike a plastic surgeon. Loopholes in the law allow people with a basic medical degree to call themselves cosmetic surgeons and perform major surgeries. [6]ABC News
  • A joint journalistic investigation called “Cosmetic Cowboys” by Four Corners, The Age, and Sydney Morning Herald resulted in the exposing of the severity of issues surrounding cosmetic surgeries in Australia. They exposed and unfolded the mystery surrounding cosmetic surgeons like Dr Daniel Aronov, Dr Daniel Lanzer, and many like them.

  • The Australian Health Practioner Regulation Agency’s (AHRPA) decision to let Dr Daniel Aronov continue as a general practitioner
    (GP) received severe criticism from the public. He was banned from performing cosmetic or surgical procedures in Australia; however, they allowed him to continue as a GP under the supervision of an AHRPA-approved supervisor. In November 2021, his appeal filed at the Federal court against the ban was rejected, following which he resigned. [7]ABC News

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