Andrei Koscheev (Shriya Saran’s Husband) Wiki, Age, Family, Biography & More

Andrei Koscheev

Andrei Koscheev is the popular Russian Tennis player and an entrepreneur. He is a motivational speaker and a prominent personality among the people of RussiaAndrei Koscheev is said to have got married to the South Indian actress Shriya Saran on 12 March 2018 in a private ceremony at Shriya’s apartment in Mumbai. Allegedly, the ceremony was attended by only a few family member and close friends. Check out Andrei Koscheev Wiki, Height, Weight, Age, Girlfriend, Caste, Family, Biography & More:

Andrei Koscheev


Andrei Koscheev was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia. He is a famous personality in his country as he along with his brother are national level Tennis player. He has won many awards in this field and is still active in the same.Andrei Koscheev playing tennis

Andrei Koscheev‘s love for cooking led him to start a business related to food in 2005. He opened a restaurant in his hometown named as Domavkusnee (ДомаВкуснее) in 2005. He has launched many branches of his restaurant in a very small period of time. He won the ‘Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year‘ award in 2015 and has also won many other awards.Andrei Koscheev Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Physical Appearance

Andrei Koscheev being a sportsperson has got an athletic body.  He is approximately 5’7″ tall and weighs around 60 kgs. His eyes are grey and hair is golden brown.Andrei Koscheev

He is a fit guy and carries himself properly in every kind of clothes.

Family & Wife

Andrei Koscheev lives in Saint Petersburg, Russia with his mother and brother. He was born on the 15th of April. His mother’s name is Natalya Koscheeva and brother’s name is Nikita Koscheeva. His brother is also a Tennis player and an entrepreneur.

Andrei Koscheev with his mother and brother

Andrei Koscheev with his mother and brother

He tied the knots with his long-term girlfriend and actress Shriya Saran on 19 March 2018, at the Lake Palace Hotel in Udaipur, Rajasthan, at the presence of their family members and a few close friends.

Andrei Koscheev and Shriya Saran wedding pic


Andrei Koscheev completed his education from Stockholm School of EconomicsSweden and got a diploma in General Management. He started his career a Tennis player. He played at the national level and won many matches. He has also played some matches against his real brother who is also a Tennis player.Andrei Koscheev playing tennis

Andrei Koscheev learned cooking from his mother and was always interested in making a career in the same. He started his own restaurant with the name Domavkusnee (ДомаВкуснее) in 2005 in his hometown. Later he expanded his restaurant chain to other cities as well. He has become an inspiration for many people in his country and has won many awards including ‘Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year‘ (2015).Andrei Koscheev


  • Andrei Koscheev is a renowned personality of Russia as a Tennis player and an entrepreneur.
  • He has won many awards in Tennis.Andrei Koscheev with his brother and mother
  • His brother is also a Tennis player.
  • Andrei Koscheev is best known for his business skills and how he has grown his business in a small period of time.
  • He is invited at many educational institutions as a motivational speaker.Andrei Koscheev
  • He loves writing and reading. He mostly reads books on business.
  • Being a sportsperson Andrei Koscheev loves to play other outdoor sports as well. He also loves water sports like scuba diving, jet ski, and swimming.Andrei Koscheev
  • He is active in charity and philanthropic work, being the owner of a chain of restaurants, he donates a certain amount of his profits to charity.

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