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Tarun Sagar was an Indian Jain monk. Belonging to the Digambara sect of Jainism, the spiritual leader, who died on 1st September 2018, was also a great critic of the worldly as well as socio-political issues. Let’s get to know more about Tarun Sagar, his personal life and journey towards spirituality.

Biography/ Wiki

Tarun Sagar, also known as Muni Tarun Sagar, Shri Pawan Kumar Jain, and Jain Muni Tarun Sagar Ji Maharaj, was born on 26 June 1967 (51 years) in the village Guhanchi, Damoh, Madhya Pradesh, India. He was a Digambara Jain monk. Frequently catching the eye of the media, Muni Tarun Sagar was always vocal about his views about the common practices of the society and contemporary socio-political matters through his Kadve Pravachan, better known as Bitter Discourses. His views have also been published in a number of leading national newspapers and his discourses have been compiled in the book titled Kadve Pravachan. Tarun Sagar was also often invited by state governments on various occasions to address their assemblies. The Jain monk had a massive fan following from all around the world and not just people from the Jain commune.


Muni Tarun Sagar was born to Pratap Chandra Jain and Shanti Bai Jain in Madhya Pradesh, India. He was named Pawan Kumar Jain at the time of his birth. He remained unmarried throughout his life.

Due to his Bitter Discourses, he was often referred to as the Revolutionary Saint.

Religious Journey

According to some sources, he left his home at the age of 13, on 8th March 1981 and his education was taken care of in Chattisgarh whereby he initiated as a Kshullak. He became a Digambara Monk at the age of 20, on 20 July 1988, in Bagidora, Rajasthan. His predecessor was Acharya Pushpdant Sagar.

He became immensely popular with a program called Mahavira Vani. Mahavira Vani was initiated by GTV. He was always a propagator of peace and non-violence. He was influenced by Mahatma Gandhi so much that he, on 2nd October 2012, along with the international trainer, author and motivational writer, Dr. Ujjwal Patni, organized 1000 Gandhi program. The 100 Gandhi Program is also recognized by the Guinness World Records as the only event in the world where 891 people were dressed as Mahatma Gandhi.

Muni Tarun Sagar with Dr. Ujjwal Patni (encircled)


Despite being a prominent Digambara saint, Muni Tarun Sagar openly voiced his concerns about different issues of the world as well as contemporary socio-economic-political affairs of the society. Although we can say that Tarun Sagar was not much active in politics but we can never totally ignore the fact that he was interested in the area of politics.  He has also been invited by Vidhan Sabhas to address the assemblies. Muni Tarun Sagar was beckoned by the Delhi and Haryana Vidhan Sabhas to voice his opinions.

Tarun Sagar often caught the attention of the media with his non-conventional opinions on Love Jihads, Triple Talaq, Terrorism and Muslims, Female Foeticide and many more.

He also joined the Svetambara monks during Chaturmas in Jaipur, India. Tarun Sagar even inspired Dharma Saansad and the Acharyas of Svetambara Terapanth, Sthanakavasi and Murtipujaka sects also attended the event.

Newspaper Articles & Discourses

The spiritual leader wrote about his views and many of them appeared in national newspapers. His famous articles are as follows:

  • Jealousy fetches you nothing
  • Don’t be egoistic because of your money
  • Dharma seems necessary?
  • I am not Anti-Pandit but Anti-Hypocrisy

His discourses included:

  • Take good care of God and death
  • Stay away from the trap of 100
  • Jain Muni Tarun Sagar made it a point to put forward his opinions in a straightforward and bitter way
  • Stop consumption of alcoholic beverages and non- veg food items.


  • He spoke openly on terrorism in India. Once he said that there were not many terrorists in Pakistan compared to the number of traitors in India. He further said that many Muslims of India do not even to want to live in his country who should be sent to Pakistan, and the Hindus, living in Pakistan, who do not wish to live there anymore should come back to India.
  • He termed Love Jihad¬†as a conspiracy of Muslims to lure innocent Hindu girls to convert to Islam in the name of fake love. Muni Tarun Sagar even said that if this conspiracy is not stopped then India will become second Pakistan.
  • Maharaj Tarun Sagar openly talked about the policy of reservation. He said that reservation should be based on capability and character.
  • He often compared Dharma to husband and politics to wife. Tarun Sagar participated in many political events. He termed it the duty of a husband to protect his wife and duty of every wife to obey her husband.
  • The famous musician Vishal Dadlani once tweeted against the spiritual leader. At the time, Dadlani was a member of the political party, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Even the chairman of the party, Arvind Kejriwal, felt sorry for the incident. In the end, Vishal Dadlani had to apologise to Tarun Sagar.
  • Tarun Sagar openly referred to the self- styled godmen in India as mere hypocrites who just want to accumulate wealth. He said that every third self- styled godman in India is a cheat whose sole purpose to divide the nation. He also blamed the common people for following these self-styled godmen.
  • On Triple Talaq, he said that the ones advocating Muslim women’s rights are doing it just for the sake of gaining political publicity out of the issue. Such individuals have no regard for the rights of the Muslim women.


The revered spiritual leader, Maharaj Tarun Sagar died on 1st September 2018 around 3 a.m. after a prolonged illness in Delhi, India. He was 51 years old. He was already suffering from jaundice and had stopped taking medications for the past few days.

He took to Santhara or Sallekhana in Radhepura Jain Temple. Santhara is the Jain ritual of fasting to death.

Muni Tarun Sagar a few days before his death


  • Tarun Sagar’s hobbies included reading and writing.
  • His favourite colour was white.
  • Muni Tarun Sagar liked visiting religious places.


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