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Meninder Dhaliwal

Meninder Dhaliwal (1993-2022) was a Canadian gangster, who was a member of the Brothers Keepers gang. He was shot dead on 24 July 2022 in Canada’s Whistler Village. Meninder was a person of Indian origin. [1]News18


Meninder Dhaliwal, also known as Maninder Dhaliwal [2]The Tribune was born in 1993 (age 29 years; at the time of death) in Lopo village of Moga, Punjab, India. He grew up in Abbotsford, Canada. His family owned a farm in Abbotsford.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 7″

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black


Parents & Siblings

Not much is known about his parents. He had two brothers. His eldest brother, Barinder Shrek Dhaliwal, is a gangster and a member of the Brothers Keepers gang. His elder brother, Harpreet Harb Dhaliwal, was also a gangster who belonged to the Brothers Keepers gang. Harb was shot dead on 17 April 2022 in Coal Harbour, Vancouver, Canada.

Meninder Dhaliwal's eldest brother Barinder Shrek Dhaliwal

Meninder Dhaliwal’s eldest brother Barinder Shrek Dhaliwal

Meninder Dhaliwal's brother Harb Dhaliwal (extreme right)

Meninder Dhaliwal’s brother Harb Dhaliwal (extreme right)

Criminal Activities

Meninder Dhaliwal was associated with the Brothers Keepers gang operating in Vancouver, Canada. He became a part of the gang in 2012 after Dhaliwal, along with his brothers, got connected to another trio of notorious gangsters from Abbotsford: Jonathan, Jarrod, and Jamie Bacon. As a member of the gang, he was involved in several criminal activities like illegal possession of firearms, robbery, murder, homicide, and extortion.


On 24 July 2022, Meninder Dhaliwal, along with his friend Satindera Gill, who was not part of the Brothers Keepers gang, was shot dead near the Sundial Hotel in the popular ski town Whistler Village in Canada. While Meninder died on the spot, his friend Satindera succumbed to his injuries at a local hospital. [3]News18 According to some sources, both of them were shot multiple times. During a media conversation, Scott Cargo, an employee at a nearby cycle store, said that he was standing outside the store when he heard the gunshots. He added,

It was like 10 shots, rapid fire. I lived in Kelowna for 30 years, I’ve heard gunshots before.”

Further describing the incident, he said,

Then this 10-year-old kid comes running by our store and says `there’s guys shooting down there’ and he kept on running. I said, ‘You can come in.’ But he just kept on going.”

Later, a burning vehicle was found in the 3300-block of Ptarmigan Place, which was being linked to the murders. A few hours after the incident, a gruesome video of Meninder and his friend lying face down in pools of blood began circulating on social media. Apart from the video, a few shots of a vehicle being pulled over by police near Squamish were also circulated on the internet. The police said that the murders were linked to the on-going Lower Mainland gang conflict. Talking about it during a media conversation, an investigating police official said,

As a result of the dynamic response and rapid evidence collection by officers, Sea-to-Sky RCMP were able to locate and apprehend multiple individuals. Though this was a brazen daytime shooting in a busy village, there is not believed to be any further risk to the public, thanks to the quick response of the Sea-to-Sky RCMP members.”

In a media conversation, talking about the pictures of the murder scene, Vancouver Police Chief Adam Palmer said,

The photos that we’re releasing today represent those who pose significant public safety risks here in the City of Vancouver.”

The picture that went viral after the murder of Meninder Dhaliwal and his friend

The picture that went viral after the murder of Meninder Dhaliwal and his friend


  • In June 2021, Meninder Dhaliwal, along with his brother Barinder Shrek Dhaliwal, was listed in the ‘Most Dangerous Gangsters’ released by the Vancouver Police. The police released a list of six dangerous gangsters including Meninder, his brother Barinder, and four other Indo-Canadians, asking the public to avoid them. [4]Desi Buzz BC

    Vancouver Police's list of Most Dangerous Gangsters in Vancouver

    Vancouver Police’s list of Most Dangerous Gangsters in Vancouver

  • Following Dhaliwal’s murder, the ski town of Whistler was put under lockdown for a few days. [5]News18


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