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Lara Gautier

Lara Gautier is a French model known for winning the Miss C么te d’Azur in 2020 and second runner-up in Miss France 2021.


Lara Gautier was born on Sunday, March 29, 1998 (age 24 years; as of 2023), in Nice, France. Her zodiac sign is Aries.

A childhood picture of Lara Gautier

A childhood picture of Lara Gautierfmiss fran

She earned her bachelor’s degree in 2016. Her aspiration is to get a position as a director of marketing and communications within the hospitality or events industry. By 2020, she had reached her final year of a master鈥檚 program in marketing and communication at IPAG Business School in Nice. Her academic journey included a six-month stay in England, and she pursued a double diploma during her second year of the master’s program in Scotland. Unfortunately, a health crisis delayed the completion of her master鈥檚 degree until 2021. [1]Gala Magazine


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Physical Appearance

[2]Gala Magazine Height: 5′ 7″

Weight (approx.): 56 kg

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Grey

Body Measurements (approx.):聽34-26-34

Lara Gautier


Parents & Siblings

Her mother’s name is Nathalie and her father’s name is Michel. She has not revealed much information about her parents.

Lara Gautier and her mother

Lara Gautier and her mother

Lara Gautier with her parents

Lara Gautier with her parents

Husband & Children

She is not married.


Lara is single as of 2023.



Lara Gautier took part in beauty pageants across the Provence-Alpes-C么te d’Azur region. In her first attempt at the Miss C么te d’Azur competition in 2019, she secured the position of first runner-up. Undeterred, she decided to participate once again in 2020. Out of the 16 participants present at the Center Expo Congr猫s in Mandelieu-la-Napoule, Lara outshone the competition and won the title of Miss C么te d’Azur.

Lara Gautier as Miss Cote D'Azur

Lara Gautier as Miss Cote D’Azur

This victory paved the way for the Miss France 2021 finals, held at Puy-du-Fou on December 19, 2020. In this prestigious event, Lara impressed once again and was named the second runner-up, just behind Amandine Petit, who was crowned Miss France 2021.

Lara as the second runner up in Miss France 2021

Lara as the second runner up in Miss France 2021


She has been dedicating her time as a volunteer at the NGO WWF since 2018, where she actively took part in the “Blue Panda” initiative. This particular mission, conducted on a sailing vessel, is designed to educate the public on the importance of conserving the wildlife and plant life in the Mediterranean region.


  • Miss C么te d’Azur, 2020 (Winner)
  • Miss France, 2021 (Second runner-up)


  • During her leisure time, she enjoys being by the sea or amidst the mountains. 鈥淲e have the advantage of never being far from both here! I am a big fan of nature and escape, that鈥檚 where I recharge my batteries,鈥 she says.
  • Ever since she was a child, watching the pageant has been an annual family tradition. Her grandmother would always suggest that she should participate. It was something that fascinated her too, and she became eager to delve into that world.
  • Lara Gautier has developed a close friendship with Miss Provence, April Benayoum, who has unfortunately been subjected to anti-Semitic attacks on social media. Lara even stood up for the same cause saying, “I have no words… It’s intolerable. She doesn’t deserve this, no one deserves this.聽These people pour out their hatred for free, they must be punished. Whatever it is, she shone during this evening, I hope she will not give them any importance.鈥
  • She is driven and has a strong desire to learn. However, one flaw of hers is that she tends to experience stage fright. She has to work extensively on herself to get to where she is today, considering she was also quite introverted as a teenager. She has gradually learned to believe in herself.
  • The attacks in Nice in 2016 deeply affected her. Her entire family was there on the Promenade des Anglais that night. She had just graduated, and she wanted to celebrate, but that attack cast a dark shadow over everything. It forced her to mature suddenly. Thankfully, she didn鈥檛 lose any loved ones, but it did make her realize just how precious life is.
  • She had the privilege of growing up in the countryside near Nice, surrounded by animals and nature. She also has a deep affection for the sea. She has gone diving in the Mediterranean, and it was an eye-opening experience. It made her aware of the need for environmental protection, a cause that is very important to her and one that she would be dedicated to advocating for. In her household, she uses photovoltaic panels, and compost, practices selective sorting, and uses natural cleaning products. She strives to maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle that respects the environment.
  • She also finds hiking to be a great way to breathe in fresh air and disconnect from everything. It’s vital for her to go on several hikes throughout the year.
  • Some of her hobbies also include water sports and fitness.
  • Lara is extremely close to her grandparents, Albert and Maryse, and spends time with them often.

    Lara with her grandparents

    Lara with her grandparents

  • She endorses a lot of beauty and skincare brands on her social media.
  • The model is a huge fan of having coffee. Besides this, she also drinks alcohol when celebrating with her family and friends. [3]Lara Gautier – Instagram
    Lara Gautier holding a cup of coffee

    Lara Gautier holding a cup of coffee

    Lara Gautier with her co-participant having wine

    Lara Gautier with her co-participant having wine

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