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Danish Zehen

Danish Zehen was aย lifestyle Vlogger, Rapper, and YouTuber who came into limelight after his participation in the MTV’s Ace Of Space Season 1. He died at an early age of 22. Here is the detailed information aboutย Danish Zehen.


Danish Zehen was born onย 16 March 1996ย (aged 22; as in 2018) inย Kurla, Maharashtra, India. Since childhood, he was inclined towardsย singing, dancing, fitness, hairstyling, and video blogging. He was quite popular among the youth. He even changed his hairstyle and hair colour every month. Zehen had a habit of changing his looks regularly. He used to call himself #coolestbadboi. He had different YouTube channels for rapping, video blogging, and fitness videos. His fans used to call him asย Fambruh.

Physical Appearance

He was approximatelyย 5โ€™ 6โ€ tall and weighed aroundย 70 kg. He was a fitness enthusiast and his chest was to be around 40 inches, waist 30 inches, and biceps 14 inches. He had dark brown eyes and black hair.

Danish Zehen

Family & Girlfriend

He was born in a middle-class Muslim family. He had a brother named Gufran.


Danish Zehen did his schooling from Kedarnath Vidya Prasarini’s English High School, Kurla East, Mumbai. He started his career, as a rapper, by uploading his rap songs on his YouTube channel, Danish Zehen, which he started in October 2012. He gave live performances at various events as a rapper and hip-hop dancer. He worked as a model for some famous fashion designers.

Danish Zehen during a live show

Danish Zehen during a live show

He also worked as a lifestyle Vlogger and uploaded his video blogs on his YouTube channel. Apart from that, he also used toย run another YouTube channel,ย Danish Zehen Fitness, where he uploaded his fitness videos.

In 2018, Danish participated in MTV’s reality TV show, Ace Of Space Season 1, hosted by Vikas Gupta. He left the show twice because of some emergency.

Danish Zehen in MTV's Ace Of Space Season 1 (2018)

Danish Zehen in MTV’s Ace Of Space Season 1 (2018)

Death Cause

While returning from a wedding, on 20 December 2018, he met with a car accident on Vashi Highway in Mumbai. He was immediately taken to the Mumbai’s Fortis Hospital where he was declared dead.


  • Danish Zehen was theย digital brand ambassador of Gillette.
  • He used to smoke and drink alcohol.

    Danish Zehen smoking and drinking alcohol

    Danish Zehen smoking and drinking alcohol

  • He hadย various tattoos on his body.

    Danish Zehen tattoos

    Danish Zehen tattoos

  • He had a Benelli TNT 600i bike and Honda Jazz car.

    Danish Zehen poses with his Benelli TNT bike and Volkswagen car

    Danish Zehen poses with his Benelli TNT 600i bike and Volkswagen car

  • He was a hookah lover.

    Danish Zehen loves hookah

    Danish Zehen loved hookah

  • Danish was also a cat lover.

    Danish Zehen loves cats

    Danish Zehen loved cats


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