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Rupesh Rajanna

Rupesh Rajanna is an Indian social activist, actor, businessman, and mimicry artist. He appeared as a contestant in the reality TV show ‘Bigg Boss Kannada’ season 9.


Rupesh Rajanna also spelt as Roopesh Rajanna [1]MetroSaga was born on 1 July in Bangalore, Karnataka. His zodiac sign is Cancer.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 7″

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black

Rupesh Rajanna


Rupesh belongs to a Kannadiga family. [2]Twitter- Rupesh Rajanna

Parents & Siblings

When Rupesh was a kid, his father passed away, and he was brought up by his mother singlehandedly.

Wife & Children

Rupesh is married to Vani Rupesh. Every year on 30 April, he celebrates his wedding anniversary.

Rupesh Rajanna with his wife

Rupesh Rajanna with his wife



Rupesh owns two companies. His company ‘My Own Business Institute’ helps new businesses set up and expand their businesses. He also owns an event management company.

Social Activist

Rupesh has been working as the president of the Kannada group Karunada Sevakaru for a long time. He works for the welfare and upliftment of the Kannada people. He has also organised various protests and rallies in support of Kannadigas.

Rupesh Rajanna in a rally

Rupesh Rajanna in a rally

He once organised a protest against the Karnataka Maratha Communities Development Corporation Ltd. and was even arrested for the same.

Rupesh Rajanna being arrested by the police

Rupesh Rajanna being arrested by the police

In 2018, Rupesh, along with the Kannadiga group, protested against the legendary Indian actor Rajinikanth for his comments on the Cauvery water dispute. His group even asked the theatre owners in Bengaluru to stop the screening of Rajinikanth’s film ‘Kaala’ (2018). In an interview, while talking about the protest. Rupesh said that the protest was against Rajini’s comments and not Tamilians.


He has even started the campaigns #WeDontWantHindiDivas and #WewantBharatabhashadivasa on his Twitter account.

Reality TV Shows

Rupesh has appeared as a host in a few Kannada TV shows. He was one of the contestants to participate in the reality TV show ‘Bigg Boss Kannada’ season 9, hosted by the Kannada actor Kiccha Sudeep.

Rupesh Rajanna in Bigg Boss Kannada (2022)

Rupesh Rajanna in Bigg Boss Kannada (2022)


  • Rupesh is a huge supporter of the Kannada language and has endorsed the language on various platforms. During an interview, while talking about the Kannada language, he said,

    I had love for Kannada before. I was an anchor before. I acted in the movie. Then started fighting in favor of Kannada. Now everyone recognizes me. It is alleged that I hate all languages. But, I am only against imposing another language on our language.”

  • Once, Rupesh was in a reality show where actor Sudeep was a judge. Rupesh shared his gratitude towards Sudeep for raising his voice for Kannadigas. He said,

    You raised your voice about Kannada. It was known to seven crore people at once. You hoisted the Kannada flag on the Burj Khalifa building. I thank you on behalf of all of Karnataka. I am so angry, I can’t cry. But when I get angry, I get angry like no one else.”

    He said,

    I will fight for Kannada. It does not mean that I am against another language. I will not tolerate if another language is imposed. I am not a fool, I am not ashamed to sacrifice like Mangalagouri: Kavyashree Gowda.”

  • Rupesh has been involved in various social activities for a long time.

    Rupesh Rajanna helping the needy people

    Rupesh Rajanna helping the needy people


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