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Adrit Roy

Adrit Roy is an Indian Bengali actor, who worked in many Indo-Bengali movies and tv series.  He is known for the tv serial, Mithai.


Adrit Roy was born on Monday, 25 May 1992 (age 31 years; as of 2023) in Kolkata, India. His Zodiac sign is Gemini. He did his schooling at La Martiniere Calcutta school, Kolkata.

Adrit Roy during his school days

Adrit Roy during his school days

During his school days, he actively participated in theatre plays and singing.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5’10”

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Body Measurements (approx.): Chest40″, Waist 32″, Bisceps 14″

Adrit Roy


Adrit Roy belongs to an Indian Bengali family. His grandfather was an event manager in the Mumbai film industry. Adrit was very close to his grandfather, he used to call him dadai. After the demise of his grandfather, he was completely shattered.


Adrit’s mother is a teacher. According to Adrit, his mother always wanted him to join the corporate sector after completing his studies.

Adrit Roy with his mother

Adrit Roy with his mother


In 2012, Adrit came into a relationship with Supriya Mandal, the daughter of a renowned art director in the Mumbai film industry. In 2022, they both broke up as Adrit was not ready for the marriage. Later, Supriya got engaged to someone else.

Adrit Roy with Supriya

Adrit Roy with Supriya


As a Singer

Adrit Roy started his career as a musician. Adrit worked as a backup vocalist when he was in Mumbai. Adrit Roy performed many live music concerts.

Adrit Roy during a live performance

Adrit Roy during a live performance

His band name is PosterBoyzz.

As an Actor

In Film 

Adrit was in Mumbai for almost two years. He worked as the manager of Bollywood actors Ranbir Kapoor and Ritesh Deshmukh. Later, he started giving auditions. In 2018, Adrit Roy made his film debut in director Abhimanyu Mukherjee’s Indo-Bangla joint production film, Noor Jahan, in which he played the role of Noor. In 2019, he worked in the Indian Bengali-language action thriller film, Password and in the film Parineeta.

Adrit in movie Parineeta

Adrit in movie Parineeta

In 2021, Adrit appeared in a Bengali movie, Lockdown.

Adrit Roy in movie Lockdown

Adrit Roy in movie Lockdown

In 2020, Adrit appeared in the movie, Ami Didi No. 1.

Adrit Roy in movie Ami Didi No.1

Adrit Roy in the movie Ami Didi No.1

In TV Series

In 2021, Adrit made his tv debut in a lead role, Siddharth Modak, in the Zee Bangla serial, Mithai.

Adrit Roy in serial Mithai

Adrit Roy in the serial Mithai

Apart from acting, Adrit has also worked for some Bengali fashion magazines and for designers like the late Sharwari Dutt.

Adrit poses for designer late Sharwari Dutt

Adrit poses for designer late Sharwari Dutt


  • In 2022, Adrit received the West Bengal Tele Academy Award for best actor for the serial Mithai.

    Adrit Roy recieved best actor award

    Adrit Roy received the best actor award


  • Food: Pastries, Biryani
  • Song: Channa Mereya

Bike Collection

Adrit Roy owns a Royal Enfield.

Adrit Roy poses with his Royal Enfield

Adrit Roy poses with his Royal Enfield


  • In an interview, Adrit said that during his school days he actively participated in all cultural activities including singing.
  • In an interview, Adrit said that he likes to stay away from the limelight and also revealed that after coming back from his work he enjoys going for a ride alone.
  •  Adrit does not like sweets.
  • In an interview, Adrit said that he considers director Raj Chakraborty as his mentor.
  • According to Adrit Roy, he is an introvert by nature.
  • Adrit always desired to work in an OTT platform, as according to Adrit, an OTT platform gives more recognition and opportunities to the artists.
  •  Adrit is not so active on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
  • Adrit also joined the theatre group of the Bengal club.
  • In 2022, a rumour about Adrit’s relationship with Kaushambi Chakraborty came into the highlight, to which Adrit replied that

    Kaushambi and I are friends, not only that, but the equation of everyone’s relationship with everyone in our whole set is also very clear. Those who are spreading these things about us are parasites in real life so they are spreading these things. I can take necessary action against them if I want to but I don’t want to do that.”

  • In an Instagram post, Adrit revealed that when he was in sixth class that was the first time he entered the music studio and met Bollywood singer, Shaan.

    Childhood picture of Adrit with singer Shaan

    Childhood picture of Adrit with singer Shaan

  • In an interview, Adrit revealed that for the movie Noor Jahan he had put on 9 kg weight. [1]Times of India


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