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Cécile Wolfrom

Cécile Wolfrom is a French model known for winning the crown in the Miss Alsace 2021 pageant.


Cécile Wolfrom was born in Bas-Rhin, Strasbourg, and is a student in her sixth year of health studies. She completed her Master’s degree specializing in pharmacy. Before joining the ESSEC Business School to do a double doctorate in pharmacy and business school in 2022, she completed various internships and volunteering work in her field. [1]Cecile Wolfrom – LinkedIn

A childhood picture of Cécile Wolfrom

A childhood picture of Cécile Wolfrom

Physical Appearance

[2]DNA France Height: 5′ 9″

Weight (approx.): 55 kg

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Body Measurements (approx.): 32-25-33

Cécile Wolfrom


Parents & Siblings

Cécile has not shared a lot of information about her parents or siblings.

A childhood picture of Cécile Wolfrom with her father

A childhood picture of Cécile Wolfrom with her father

Husband & Children

Cécile is not married.


Cécile is single.



In 2021, she achieved a remarkable feat by winning the Miss Alsace pageant, showcasing her elegance and talent.

Cécile Wolfrom during Miss France event

Cécile Wolfrom during Miss France event

Building on this success, Wolfrom represented her region in the prestigious Miss France competition in 2022. Her outstanding performance in the national contest earned her the title of second runner-up.

Cécile Wolfrom after her pageants

Cécile Wolfrom after her pageants

Humanitarian Work

She was actively involved as a volunteer in the ‘Fossé des 13’ program, providing essential homework assistance to children facing educational challenges from 2015 to 2017. In 2019, Wolfrom expanded her volunteer efforts by participating in Hacking Health SC, where she engaged with health professionals, business leaders, and developers to explore new technologies with the potential to significantly impact our world. Additionally, she plays a pivotal role in the Emearthgency Nonprofit organization in Tanzania, dedicated to supporting children in need within the education sector.

Cécile Wolfrom during her time with the kids

Cécile Wolfrom during her time with the kids

Other Work

In 2020, Cécile Wolfrom held the position of Marketing and HR Head at Calypse Consulting in Paris, showcasing her expertise in both fields. The following year, in 2021, she furthered her professional experience as an extern at CHRU de Strasbourg – Hôpitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg. She then embarked on a significant career milestone by starting her end-of-study internship. This role was part of her Specialized Master’s program at ESSEC MS® Marketing Management & Digital (MMD) and her Doctorate in Pharmacy. During this internship, she served as an Assistant Product Manager in Marketing Development for the Complexion category at Parfums Christian Dior, marking a pivotal step in her career.


Controversial Weight Loss

In 2022, Cécile Wolfrom courageously shared her personal journey of physical transformation with the world, revealing that she lost over 25 kilograms. She attributed this significant weight loss to maintaining a healthy diet and committing to sports five times a week, achieving her goal in just 12 weeks. Wolfrom eliminated starches, sugar (including fruits), and fats from her diet, as announced on TikTok. She crafted a unique diet, incorporating a homemade sauce of 0% yogurt, lemon, and crushed tomatoes, and opted for steamed vegetables and oil-free cooked meats. Her disciplined regimen led to a loss of 2 to 3 kilograms per week through four sports sessions. However, her approach was notably strict, as she only consumed a piece of bread once and two sushis during the entire 12-week period. This revelation sparked varied reactions among internet users. [3]Oh My Mag

Awards, Honours, Achievements

  • Miss Alsace 2021- Winner
  • Miss Frace 2022 – Second Runner Up


  • Food: Pizza
  • Actor: Brad Pitt
  • Series: Lucifer
  • Film: Untouchables
  • TV Show: Vendredi tout est permi
  • Sportsmen: Kylian Mbappe
  • Dance: Salsa
  • Miss France: Amandine Petite, Sylvie Tellier
  • Song: Goodbye by Post Malone
  • Artist: Nino (rapper)
  • Hobby: Tennis
  • Superpower: Reading minds
  • Outfit: Dress
  • Destination: Maldives
  • Accessories: Earrings


  • She has a food blog by the name of ‘Food and Good.’
  • Registered for the Miss France competition by her best friend, Wolfrom diligently prepared with the support of her committee.
  • She admires notable figures like Simone Veil, Marie Curie, and Nelson Mandela, and is inspired by Marine Ltemporel’s scientific background.
  • Wolfrom, an avid tennis player and pianist, also enjoys running, fitness, and cooking, particularly baking, influenced by her friend Siham.

I played tennis competitively for ten years and was ranked 15/4. Now I play for fun. I also play the piano, especially with my dad. We love to play hands-on and have fun with jazz. I also practice running and fitness. I love cooking with my mom who is a very good cook and I am a very good taster. (Laughs.) Thanks to my best friend Siham, I got into baking. I don’t have her level but I really like doing it and she teaches me a lot of new techniques.

  • She aspires to create her own cosmetics company which is eco-responsible and organic sometime in the future. [4]Le Figaro
  • In an interview, she revealed that she was really stressed about falling off the stage during the Miss France event. In her words, “What stresses me the most in the Miss France adventure is the fall on the evening of the election: a one-way trip to the public. “
  • However, she felt confident in her public speaking abilities, considering it a strong point. In her words “On the other hand, speech doesn’t scare me, I even think that it could be my strong point. I really like expressing myself and I am very comfortable speaking.”
  • In an interview, the model revealed that one of the most intense moments in Miss France was when she had to give the answer after being selected in the top 5 finalists. The judge gave her a look as if saying that the question was very tough which made her feel pressurised.
  • Wolfrom acknowledges her sensitive nature, stubbornness, and occasional airheadedness.
  • She is passionate about pediatric cancer awareness. This cause is close to her heart, having been touched by her proximity to a pediatric cancer department during her pharmacy studies. Wolfrom aims to use the Miss France platform to improve the lives of sick children. She says, “When you are elected Miss France, you have a voice that others do not have. If I had this chance, I would like to shed light on the cause of pediatric cancers. During my years of pharmacy studies, I did an internship at the hospital and I was next to the pediatric cancer department. This touched me a lot. I would like to be able to do something to improve the daily lives of sick children.”
  • Ever since her journey in the beauty pageants, she has done a lot of commercials for big brands like BMW.

  • The model loves to work out in the gym for at least two hours a day to maintain her physique. She does strength and conditioning workouts along with some cardio movements.
    Cécile Wolfrom in the gym

    Cécile Wolfrom in the gym

  • She has a huge sweet tooth and often posts about the desserts she is having on her social media profile.

    A pictur of Cécile Wolfrom eating a dessert

    A picture of Cécile Wolfrom eating a dessert

  • In an interview, the model revealed that she met Anna Hathaway whom she admires deeply at Cannes Festival in 2022.
  • Cecile likes to drink when she is with her friends and family or celebrating an occasion. [5]Cecile Wolfrom

    Cécile Wolfrom with a glass of alcoholic beverage

    Cécile Wolfrom with a glass of alcoholic beverage

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