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Sanjay Jog

Sanjay Jog was an Indian actor who is best known for portraying “Bharat” in Ramanand Sagar‘s epic television series “Ramayan” (1987). He is also known for his work in Marathi cinema.


Sanjay Jog was born on Saturday, 24 September 1955 (age 40 years; at the time of death) in Nagpur, Maharashtra. He spent most of his childhood in Pune and adolescence back to Nagpur where he completed his 10th grade. Thereafter, he went to Mumbai for further studies and attained a B.Sc. degree from Elphinstone College. [1]Maitri Manthan Sanjay Jog also did a course in acting from Filmalaya Studio in Mumbai. Sanjay wanted to become an Air Force pilot, but his parents were sceptical about his choice; as his family had lost many relatives who were in the services during the 1971 Indo-Pak War.

Family & Caste

Sanjay Jog belonged to a Marathi-speaking family.

Parents & Siblings

There is not much information about his parents and siblings.

Relationships, Wife & Children

Sanjay Jog was married to Neeta, a lawyer’s daughter (a lawyer herself) from Nagpur. The couple is blessed with two children – Ranjeet and Natasha. Ranjeet was in his 10th grade when Sanjay jog passed away. After the demise of Sanjay, Neeta moved to Nagpur with her kids, where she started practising law. Ranjit has also opted acting as a career and has worked in many Marathi films and theatres.

Ranjeet Jog with his mother, Neeta Jog

Ranjeet Jog with his mother, Neeta Jog



After completing a course in acting from Filmalaya Studio in Mumbai, he made his debut with the Marathi film “Sapla” (1976) in which Anupama was the leading lady while Ramesh Deo was playing the Villain. Sapla didn’t do well at the box office, and the disappointed Sanjay Jog returned to Nagpur where he dedicated himself to farming. When he came back to Bombay for some farming related work, he was landed with an offer to act in a multi-starrer Marathi Film called ‘Jidd.” He got the leading role in “Jidd,” which had every possible famous name in Marathi Cinema in its cast.

Sanjay Jog in Jidd

Jidd went on to become a hit, and the film also established Sanjay Jog as a bankable actor in the industry. Thereafter, he went on to do almost 30 Marathi films, such as Gondhalat Gondhal, Maay Baap, Khara Kadhi Sangu Naye, Dista Tasa Nasta, Navri Mile Navryala, and Sage Soyre. Sanjay also did a few Gujarati films, including Dikri Chali Sasariye (1985), which was very successful and in which he played an anti-hero.

Sanjay Jog in Dikri Chali Sasariye

Sanjay Jog in Dikri Chali Sasariye

He made his Hindi film debut with the film Apna Ghar (1989). Some of his other Hindi films include Jigarwala (1991), Humshakal (1992), Naseebwala (1992), and Beta Ho To Aisa (1994). Beta Ho To Aisa (1994) was possibly his last release.

Sanjay Jog in Jigarwala (1991)

Sanjay Jog in Jigarwala (1991)


Sanjay Jog made his television debut with Ramanand Sagar‘ epic mythological series Ramayan (1987) in which he played the role of “Bharat,” a role that made him a household name in India. In an interview, while talking about how did he get the role of Baharat, he said,

I played the role of Abhimanyu in a Gujarati Film called ‘Maya Bazar.’ Gopal Dada was the makeup man of this film. He was also handling the make-up department for Ramayan. He suggested that I should meet Papaji (Ramanand Sagar). Later, on meeting Papaji, he put in a good word for me. Papaji had also seen my pictures in Abhimanyu’s getup.”

Sanjay Jog as Bharat in Ramayan

Sanjay Jog as Bharat in Ramayan


Sanjay Jog died on 27 November 1995 (Monday) due to Liver failure in Mumbai. He was just 40 when he bid his final adieu to the world.


  • He came to Mumbai for further studies and eventually became an actor.
  • In his career, he had many hits to his credit, including five golden jubilees and two diamond jubilees.
  • Initially, he was offered the role of ‘Laxman’ in Ramanand Sagar‘s Ramayan; however, later he was settled with the role of “Bharat.” He explained why he chose Bharat’s role –

    Lakshman’s character is important for its length. Also among all the brothers he is always remembered for the ideal Ram-Lakshman pairing. But people tend to forget that when it comes to duty and sacrifice for a brother, the pair of Ram-Bharat is remembered. No doubt if I had enacted the role of Lakshman I would have got more screen time but then I would have missed on the opportunity of working in the sensitive scenes as Bharat.”

    Sanjay Jog in a scene from Ramayan

    Sanjay Jog in a scene from Ramayan

  • He was very religious and described himself as ‘super-superstitious.’
  • Apart from Hindi and English, he was well-versed in Gujarati and Punjabi too.
  • He had a plot of land in Pune where he loved to do farming. In an interview, while talking about it, he said,

    I have a Poultry farm and some land in Pune. While taking care of them, I wish to continue doing films in whatever good work I am offered.”

  • Even after becoming a star, he was very grounded and followed his similar lifestyle throughout his life. In an interview, he said,

    I still eat the same food, smoke, drink and meet my friends. I don’t believe in giving ‘messages’ for my fans. I’m just a normal human being, no supernatural.”



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