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Akhil Kutty

Akhil Kutty is an Indian actor who is popularly known for his work in the Malayalam film industry. He has been part of films like Pappante Priyapetta Padmini (2021) and Virgin (2020).


Akhil Kutty was born in 1996, (age 25 years; as of 2021) in Nedumangad, Kerala, India. He attended Government Technical High School Nedumangad for his primary and secoundary education. Later, he got himself enrolled at the Government Polytechnic College, Neyyattinkara to study a  diploma in computer engineering.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 8″

Eye Colour: Black

Hair Colour: Black

Akhil Kutty


Parents & Siblings

Akhil Kutty’s father’s name is Bhunavachandran, and he work as a rubber tapping worker. His mother’s name is Shobha Kumari,


Akhil Kutty steped into the field of acting and drama during his school days. He was very fond of performing mimicry. He was appointed as the secretary of the Arts Club at the college. The actor during an interview recalled that his friend Akhil Chempazhanthi brought him to the field of comedy. Akhil Chempazhanthi was a professional comic actor who competed till the semi-finals in the of ‘Smile Please,’ a comedy competitive show. He joined the Mimicry Troupe, after finishing his studies and working at the Techno Park. His uncle, who works with him, introduced him to the Kalamandir troupe. After seeing that, they invited me to join the group as a dancer. He gradually began to collaborate on sketches. The following year, he debuted on ‘Comedy Express.’ His team was out auditioning for the first time in ‘Comedy Express’. Later he came to the show as a replacement. The ‘Superstars’ team reached the semi-finals but got eliminated later. Soon after the announcement of their elimination, Akhil Kutty  became unconscious and fell down on the stage. When asked about the incident, he replied,

Superstars’ team reached its semi-finals. When the team was eliminated in the elimination, all I could feel was going viral. In fact, I’m not depressed, I’m dizzy due to fatigue. Anyway, it made more people recognize me.”

Kutty Akhil’s first break came through Asianet’s comic reality show ‘Comedy Express.’ His troupe, ‘Black and White,’ went on to win Season 2 of the television show Comedy Stars. While working on Comedy Stars, Akhil also anchored a few episodes. Although the artist has appeared in a number of films, the one that stands out in his career to date is ‘Mohan Kumar Fans,’ starring Kunchacko Boban and Asif Ali.

With the Malayalam short film “Virgin,” he made his feature debut. He also appeared in the television series “Premier Padminii” in 2021. Aside from the film industry, he is an IT employee at “Technopark” (Trivandrum branch). His fame blew off rooftops after appearing in almost all episodes of the top-rated channel on You Tube ‘The Premier Padmini.’ A few of the most famous episodes being – ‘Oru Lockdown Aparatha,’ ‘Palakkadan Thambi,’ ‘Unlock Aparatha’ and the latest one ‘Lollipop’ – a thriller web series. Kutty Akhil even went on to bag the Special Jury Award by the Kalakeralam Gurupriya T.V Award for his roles on the channel. Akhil hopes to, one day, don roles that have grey shades to them, and we hope his hard work and dedication pay off and that we get to see him more on the silver screen.

In 2022, Akhil Kutty  became part of one of the most controversial show’s Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4. Bigg Boss Malayalam 4 continues to captivate viewers with its diverse cast of competitors. Like in previous seasons, TV superstars will make an appearance in the show, this time Kutty Akhil and dancer Dilsha Prasannan. Kutty Akhil, often known as Akhil Nair, is a prominent Malayalam television comedian. He rose to prominence after his team won the second season of ‘Comedy Stars.’ Akhil is well-known for his sense of humour and humorous skits. The television audience like his chemistry with comedians Noby Marcose and Pashanam Shaji. The actor, on the other hand, has played a villain in the famous drama ‘Karuthamuthu.’ Aromal, his persona, is still fresh in the thoughts of TV viewers. Dilsha Prasannan, on the other hand, became a household name after appearing as a participant on the dance reality show ‘D4 dance.’ Some of her breathtaking dancing performances from the show are still making the rounds on social media. Following the dancing show, she appeared as a contestant on the adventure show ‘Dare the Fear.’ She also finished second in the celebrity competition. Later, she tried her hand at acting in the TV series ‘Kanakanmani.’ Dilsha still has a large online fan base for her dance videos.

The number of Bigg Boss viewers is increasing day by day. The differences in the tasks and the excellent performance of the contestants bring the audience to a curious experience. Five weeks have passed since the launch of Bigg Boss Malayalam 4. But as we entered the sixth week, there was still some curiosity as to who the new captain would be. This was the main topic in the last episode. But the new captain was announced, putting an end to all waiting. Akhil became the captain this time with his excellent performance in the captaincy task. With this, Akhil became the captain for the second time. Bigg Boss Malayalam 4 is rich with fun games and tasks. The Captaincy Task will consider the contestants who have received the best ranking from their performance in the Weekly Task over the past two days. Bigg Boss himself informed the contestants about this. Bigg Boss said three people should be selected for the captaincy task.

“We all understood Robin’s play to be seen as the victim here. He is trying to portray that he is alone here and everyone else is against him. He is trying to gain sympathy and win viewers. We have seen this game plan earlier in the show and we are not encouraging it here,” Akhil clarified.


  • Akhil Kutty’s real name is Akhil Nair. Talking about how he got the name of Akhil Kutty, he narrated,

    My real name is Akhil Nair. Now Nair is not used. Instead of ‘child’. There is a story behind it. When I was studying at Neyyattinkara Polytechnic College, there were five or six Akhils in our batch, in many initials. I was more company with the seniors. They started calling me ‘kutty’ in front of my name so that I could recognize them quickly. I was the youngest of the ‘Akhil group’ in form and age. The first was ‘Koch Akhil’. It was later called and it became a ‘child’. With that, everyone in the college, including the principal and teachers, started calling him a ‘kid’. Teachers only called her ‘child’. Became a ‘kid’ for juniors.”

  • Apart from being a comic actor, Akhil is also a graet dancer. His inspiration being dancing is Michael Jackson. During an interview, he said,

    I would do a 7 minute solo dance performance by Michael Jackson. That’s what I did in college. Seeing that, they took me to the troupe as a dancer. Gradually I started collaborating on skits. By the next year, ‘Comedy Express’ had arrived. I came to the show as a replacement. I would do a 7 minute solo dance performance by Michael Jackson. That’s what I did in college. Seeing that, they took me to the troupe as a dancer. Gradually I started collaborating on skits. By the next year, ‘Comedy Express’ had arrived. I came to the show as a replacement.”


  • During the reality show Bigg Boss, a marriage proposal was made for Akhil, a popular member of the Bigg Boss household. Suchitra, Dhanya, Lakshmi Priya and Akhil were invited to the marriage proposal for Akhil. Suchitra was saying that there is a little boy sitting here expecting a hundred pawans, dear friends. Lakshmi and Dhanya said it was our own chicken. But Sooraj’s comment was that 100 sovereigns is not enough. Later, Suchitra teased Akhil by telling him not to buy this money by paying dowry. Akhil’s counter to this was that if you want, you can buy it if you get it on offer. Dhanya says that you can apply if you have good hair and wide lips like a good palm tree without any dowry. Suchitra also said that in that case, it may fall. Akhil was blushing when he heard this. Dhanya and Suchitra made fun of Akhil for pointing this out.

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