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Sania Saeed

Sania Saeed is a Pakistani actress and host, who predominantly works in the Pakistani film industry. She is known for hosting the 2009 TV show ‘Junoon-E-Gum Gashta’ and acting in films such as Joyland (2022) and Kamli (2022).


Sania Saeed was born on Monday, 28 August 1972 (age 50 years; as of 2022) in Karachi, Pakistan. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. Sania completed her education till 10th standard at St. Joseph’s Convent High School, Karachi. Then, she attended Karachi’s Pechs Government College For Women for 11th and 12th standards. She earned an Honours degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Karachi in Pakistan.

Sania Saeed (middle) during her young days

Sania Saeed (middle) during her young days

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 3″

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Sania Saeed image


Parents & Siblings

Her father, Mansoor Saeed, was born in a well-known intellectual and legendary Marxist family of the Subcontinent (Indo-Pak) on 1 November 1942 in Daria Ganj, Old Delhi. He was a political activist and translated books, documentaries and theatre plays into the Urdu language. He completed his education in Delhi and in 1964, he became a member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist). Comrade Mansoor Saeed worked as the in-charge of the Ideological Section and Central Secretariat until his death. In 1970, he went to Pakistan to marry his cousin, Abida Hashmi, daughter of his uncle Comrade Anis Hashmi. After the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, he decided to stay back in Pakistan. In 1974, he became a member of the Communist Party of Pakistan. In 1982, he formed a theatre group named ‘Dastak.’ He translated a few famous philosophical and literary works into the Urdu language including ‘Cosmos’ by Karl Saigan in 1988, ‘Ascent of Man’ by Jacob Bronowski, ‘Life of Galileo by Bertolt Brecht and Hanns Eisler, ‘Exception and the rule,’ and ‘He who says Yes and He who says No.’ In 1990, he was elected as a member of the Central Executive Committee of the Pakistan Peoples Party after which he represented Pakistan on various national and international forums. On 24 May 2010, Masoor Saeed passed away after suffering from cardiac arrest at the age of 65.

Sania Saeed and her father, Mansoor Saeed

Sania Saeed and her father, Mansoor Saeed

Sania’s mother, Abida Saeed, was also a member of the Communist Party of Pakistan like her father. In 1983, she established the Seedling Montessori School in Karachi, Pakistan.

A picture collage of Sania Saeed's parents

A picture collage of Sania Saeed’s parents

She has a younger brother named Ahmer Saeed who is the former captain of Pakistan’s under-19 cricket team.

A picture of Sania Saeed's brother, Ahmer Saeed

A picture of Sania Saeed’s brother, Ahmer Saeed

Husband & Children

In 1998, she got married to Shahid Shafaat, the Pakistani TV director, writer, producer, and actor who directed the 2017 drama series ‘Tau Dil Ka Kia Hua,’ which aired on Hum TV. When Sania and Shahid were young, they used to do theatre and play together.

Sania Saeed's husband, Shahid Shafaat

Sania Saeed’s husband, Shahid Shafaat


Sania Saeed follows Islam.


Theatre & Plays- Dastak 

The theatre group ‘Dastak’ formed by Sania’s father actively performed street theatre and proscenium. Sania was one of the members of the group. As a member, she volunteered for political activists, students, trade union workers, students, women, and human rights’ activists, journalists, and teachers. From playing child roles to major characters in theatrical plays including The Chameleon (Chekhov)- Girgit, Exception and the rule (Anokhi baat bhi mumkin hai), and Life of Galileo (Galileo ki Daastan), Sania’s acting was highly appreciated. In 1989, Sania made her theatrical debut with the play ‘Aurat,’ which was originally written by Safdar Hashmi. Then, Sania along with the other young theatre artists started protesting against discriminatory laws against women, unemployment, and encouraged education.


In 1989, she made her television debut with the drama serial titled Tapish. She continued to appear in other television dramas including ‘Sitara Aur Mehrunissa’ (1992), ‘Thori Si Mohabbat’ (2004), ‘Kalmoohi’ (2010), ‘Aseerzaadi’ (2013), and ‘Chakkar’ (2018).


In 2015, she made her film debut with the film ‘Manto’ in which she played the role of Safiya Manto.

Sania Saeed as Safia Manto in a still from the drama film 'Manto' (2015)

Sania Saeed as Safia Manto in a still from the drama film ‘Manto’ (2015)

In 2022, she played the role of Fayyaz in the Oscar-nominated film ‘Joyland,’ directed by Saim Sadiq.

Sania Saeed as Fayyaz in a still from the Oscar-nominated film 'Joyland' (2022)

Sania Saeed as Fayyaz in a still from the Oscar-nominated film ‘Joyland’ (2022)

In 2022, she also appeared in Saim Sadiq’s critically acclaimed film titled ‘Kamli’ in which she played the role of Sakina.

Sania Saeed as Sakina in a still from the film 'Kamli' (2022)

Sania Saeed as Sakina in a still from the film ‘Kamli’ (2022)


In 1999, she hosted a TV show titled ‘Sehar Honay Ko Hai,’ which aired on PTV. Other than this, she has also hosted TV programs such as Ariel Maa-season 1 (2000) & season 2 (2012) on PTV. In 2009, she hosted the show along with Lutfullah Khan.


Lux Style Awards

  • 2003: Best Actress for the TV show ‘Shayad Kay Bahar Aaye’
  • 2009: Best TV Actress – Satellite for the TV show ‘Jhumka Jaan’
  • 2010: Best TV Actress – Satellite for the TV show ‘The Ghost’
  • 2011: Best TV Actress – Terrestrial for the TV show ‘Hawa Rait Aur Aangan’

Hum Awards

  • 2013: Best Actress for the TV show ‘Aseerzadi’
  • 2013: Best Actress (Popular) Hum Award for the most impactful character
  • 2017: Sang-e-Mar Mar Hum Award for Best Supporting Actress

PTV Awards

  • 2011: Best Actress Outsource for the TV show ‘Kalmoohi’

ARY Film Awards

  • 2016: Best Actor Female (Jury) for the Drama film ‘Manto’


  • Sania is a pet lover. In an interview, she shared that she had a total of 7 cats but a few of them died due to cancer.

    Sania Saeed with one of her kittens

    Sania Saeed with one of her kittens

  • Sania Saeed has made headlines in many Pakistan-based newspapers.

  • Sania is the brand ambassador of an animal rescue organization called ACF Animal Rescue, Dopasi Foundation, and Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation in Pakistan. [1]Instagram- Sania Saeed [2]Instagram- Sania Saeed During an interview, she shared that,

    I am an ambassador of ACF, SIUT, TCF, Indus Hospital, I actually like and enjoy these things a lot. I believe in missions, things that make me happy and put my mind at peace. I physically go to ACF, play with dogs, clean donkeys and spend time with animals, I also do voice overs for ACF. For Kiran Foundation, Indus Hospital and SIUT, I do all the work they ask me to and I try to be there to help them as much as I can in my capacity.”



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